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Mineral farm celebrates National Alpaca Farm Day

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 10:01 am

Shirley and Willie Kincheloe invited the public to their farm to celebrate National Alpaca Day on Sept. 29.

Willie and Shirley Kincheloe, of Mineral, celebrated National Alpaca Farm Day by inviting the public to their farm, Suits Us Farm, to experience their alpacas Sept. 29.

The Kincheloes have been raising alpacas approximately four years and enjoy the lifestyle and sharing their knowledge and expertise.

“Anything you can make with wool, you can make with alpaca fiber,” Willie said.

“If an individual is allergic to wool they can wear alpaca fiber,” Shirley said.  “Alpaca baby fiber is softer than cashmere.”

According to the Kincheloes, alpacas are easy to care for, non-aggressive animals that do not need a barn or stall.  A three-sided run through is a typical shelter for these animals.  They eat hay, grass and grain, but according to Willie, their biggest love is alfalfa, but orchard grass is what’s best for them.

Alpacas do not have top teeth, but instead have a pad and have bottom teeth. According to Willie, alpacas will get “fighting” teeth, which are razor sharp, top and bottom teeth that are typically cut.

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