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Mineral man chokes son after accusing him of stealing

Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 5:00 am

A Mineral man who said his 13-year-old son has anger management issues was convicted last week of strangling and assaulting the boy.

“He wasn’t going to disrespect me or any adult who was talking to him,” Jean Paul Million, 45, said in Louisa Circuit Court.

The incident occurred while Million’s two sons were staying with him and his girlfriend on March 18. Million accused his son, who was 12 at the time, of taking a bottle of Henry’s Hard Soda, an alcoholic drink, from the girlfriend’s refrigerator.

When his son denied it, Million put his hands on the sides of the boy’s head and lifted him off the floor. During their confrontation, which lasted a few minutes, Million’s hands pressed into his son’s ears and scalp.

Million’s ex-wife took her son to St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond after she saw signs of injury on his ears and neck. A nurse there identified discoloration on the boy’s neck as consistent with broken blood vessels.

Million’s son also testified in court that he had trouble breathing while his father was holding him. The boy’s 10-year-old brother, who screamed at his father to stop, was also a court witness and backed up his brother’s account.

To read the entire story, see the July 6 edition of The Central Virginian.

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