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Mineral rapist convicted

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Leroy Francis George, Jr., of Mineral, was sentenced for the July 2012 rape of his then-girlfriend in Louisa County Circuit Court on April 15.

According to authorities, George and the victim had been drinking with another male at George’s residence in July 2012.  While drinking, George also took a Xanax pill, which caused him to black out.

The victim had apparently gone into a spare bedroom with the visiting male and had relations.

According to Louisa Commwealth’s Attorney Rusty McGuire, after he woke up, George got aggressive with the victim, ripping off her clothes and causing physical harm to her arms and body before raping her.

In court, George admitted to raping the victim, stating he raped her to see if she had been with someone else.

Defense attorney Jeffrey Everheart presented to the court letters from family and friends giving testimony to George’s personality, background and concern over his predicament.

While family and friends also filled the circuit court benches in support of George.

A letter from the victim that was sent to George while incarcerated at Central Virginia Regional Jail was presented by Everheart and read by Honorable Judge Timothy Sanner and McGuire.

Everheart said that the defendant had a problem with steroid use and drinking, along with anger control issues.

“Its an unusual set of circumstances, almost a perfect storm,” Everheart said.

According to McGuire, George assaulted the victim, placed a gun to her head, beat on her, pulled the phone out so she could not contact help and proceeded to rape her.

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