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Louisa Real Estate Sales and Transfers


Want to price your home or land? Need some data to make a strong offer? Every month, The CV publishes the land transfers recorded in the Louisa County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.  On this page, we’re bringing that information right to your fingertips. In the coming weeks, we will continue to update these records, expanding the amount of data you can use to help you in the market.

Real Estate Transfer Legend

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale
DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure
DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner
DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
DG- Deed of Gift
DP- Deed of Partition
DQC- Deed of Quit Claim
DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce
DIT- Deed In Trust
DISC- Disclaimer
DBSLE- Deed of Bargain and Sale with Life Estate