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February 2012 Louisa Property Transfers

The following February real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Admirals Realty Holdings LLC to Darcy, Green Springs, 1.479 acres, $110,000 (DBS)

Donna K. Bevins to Ernest Dingus, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Parcel 1B-1, $38,000 (DBS)

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited to Vacation Trust, Inc., Green Springs, Interest in Unit 705M, 705M, 706M YURT WK 14, 44, 1 F, $30,660 (DBS)

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Lance J. Luttschwager, Cuckoo, Lot 357, Phase III, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $66,700 (DBS)

Colonial Farm Credit ACA to Frederick S. Richardson, Jackson, 168.43 acres, $608,300 (DBS)

Commonwealth Property Investments to Jackie R. Donivan, Green Springs, 3 acres, $99,200 (DBS)

F. Blake Cox Jr. to Gerald R. Thomas, Jackson, 1 acre, $48,000 (DBS)

Sanford H. Daniel to James W. Hawk, Town of Louisa, 0.33 acre, Lot 3, Loch Lane SD, $97,000 (DBS)

Robert E. Delarouge to Joseph Edward Jaworski, Mineral, Lot 216, Section V, Bluewater SD, $192,000 (DBS)

Spencer Horton Dicken Jr. to Ryan G. Davis, Jackson, 5 acres, Parcel D, $68,100 (DBS)

Equity Trustees LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Louisa, DB 1035, PG 298, $300,000 (DTF)

Fannie Mae to Gary W. Griffith, Cuckoo, 0.92 acre, Lot 1, Eagles Cove SD, $155,100 (DBS)

Fannie Mae to F. Blake Cox Jr., Jackson, 1 acres, $105,600 (DBS)

Fannie Mae to Dustin Sprouse, Mineral, 3.278 acres, Lot 2, Bend of the River SD, $112,400 (DBS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Twanda L. Thomasson, Louisa, 3.1567 acres, Lot 3 and 50’ Right of Way, $163,000 (DBS)

Fifth Third Bank to Dusty Dean Camphuysen, Cuckoo, Lot 1, Rolling Path Farm SD, $188,200 (DBS)

Humphrey G. Gilbert to Shirley A. Martin, Trustee, Cuckoo, 1.38 acres, Lot 20, Bearcastle SD, $120,000 (DBS)

John B. Gilmer to John B. Gilmer Jr., Jackson, Lot 9, Tyler View SD, $25,833 (DBS)

Gary W. Griffith to Shelly C. Strickland, Jackson, 2.017 acres, Lot 4, Beechwood Estates SD, $715,000 (DBS)

Thomas Guggino to John Binder, Louisa, Lot 69, Beinvenue Plantation SD, $1,000 (DQC)

Geral F. Hadlock to John L. Bronson Jr., Jackson, 3.195 acres, Lot 5, Busbees Point Cove SD, $750,000 (DBS)

W. Richard Hairfield to Colonial Farm Credit, Louisa, Instrument 08002862, $85,000 (DBS)

William V. Hall to Jorge L. Mazariegos, Mineral,  3 acres, Lot 30, Bend of the River SD, $35,000 (DBS)

Hanley LLC to Michael R. Arthur, Mineral, 6.005 acres, Lot 81, Anna Coves SD, $100,700 (DBS)

Heirs at Law of Walter M. South to Michael P. Courtney, Jackson, 20.17 acres, $80,400 (DBS)

Helping Homes LLC to David J. Harris, Cuckoo, 3.01 acres, $134,900 (DBS)

Erma Jackson to William R. Moody, Jackson, Undivided Interest 4.532 acres, Parcel A, $5,000 (DBS)

Robert C. Jett to Kelly P. Toole, Jackson, 2.425 acres, Lot 3R, $840,000 (DBS)

Ashley W. Kenny to Byrd Mill Investments LLC, Town of Mineral, 0.753 acres, Parcel A, $151,000 (DBS)

David E. Kronander to Alexander Augustus MacCormack, Green Springs, 3.04 acres, Lot 1, $27,850 (DBS)

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Cardinal Point LLC, Mineral, 1.912 acres, Lot 5, Double L Acres SD, $210,000 (DBS)

Mack Investments, Inc. to Robert L. Clark III, Town of Louisa, Lot 109, Phase 1A, Countryside SD, $194,600 (DBS)

Mack Investments, Inc. to Michaela S. Curry, Jackson, 2.02 acres, $170,000 (DBS)

Michael D. Mahieu to Alexander A. Mikutin, Jackson, Lot 2, Rockville SD, $176,500 (DBS)

Maple Springs Investments LLC to Keith M. Papanicolas, Mineral, 2.148 acres, Lot 23, Maple Springs SD, $307,000 (DBS)

Timothy A. Mihalik to Michael A. Haden II, Cuckoo, 0.918 acre, Lot 79, Edgewood Bay SD, $336,500 (DBS)

Rosa Lee Minor to Gregory Kapp, Cuckoo, 14.17 acres, $98,300 (DBS)

Patricia M. Pague to Charles C. Grimes, Cuckoo, Lot 87, Section 1, Pine Harbour SD, $60,000 (DBS)

Piedmont Realty & Construction to Arthur N. Muthiora, Louisa, 0.088 acre, Lot 30A, Section 3, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $275,000 (DBS)

Darlene M. Pitts to Luis Morales-Munoz, Louisa, Lot 864, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $142,400 (DBS)

PNC Mortgage to Joseph Y. Maisonneuve, Mineral, 27.163 acres, $212,800 (DBS)

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1097, PG 812, $234,287.37 (DTF)

Eric F. Purcell to Janet V. Purcell, Green Springs, 4.526 acres, Lot 88, $60,000 (DBS)

R. W. Arnold Jr. to Irene Y. Clarkson, Louisa, DB 699, PG 42, $95,900 (DTF)

T. O. Rainey to Branch Banking & Trust Co., Louisa, DB 1262, PG 957, $56,100 (DTF)

Recontrust Co. to The Bank of New York Mellon, Louisa, DB 1017, PG 531, $108,900 (DTF)

Recontrust Co. to Bank of New York Mellon, Louisa, DB 1045, PG 140, $130,000 (DTF)

Keith D. Richards to Michael W. Phillips, Green Springs, Lot 22A, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $340,000 (DBS)

David G. Ridgley to Martin D. Baran, Cuckoo, 1.006 acres, Lot 97, Section II, Edgewood Bay SD, $272,800 (DBS)

Ernest E. Richardson to Martha S. Richardson, Louisa, 34.262 acres, $95,000 (DBS)

SC609 LLC to C. Douglas Branch and Jefferson, Cuckoo, 3.46 and 4 acres, Parcels A and B, $58,000 (DBS)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Donna D. Matthews, Jackson, 2 acres, Lot 21, $126,700 (DBS)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mack Investments, Inc., Jackson, 1.659 acres, Lot 3, Section 1, $165,500 (DBS)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Batyr Imamutdinov & Ekaterina, Louisa, Lot 7B, Paynes Mill SD, $164,100 (DBS)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin Johnson, Jackson, 3.5 acres, Lot 21 and 50’ Right of Way, $126,000 (DBS)

Secretary of the United States to Richard C. Hawk, Louisa, 11.26 acres, $77,000 (DBS)

Shenandoah Investments LLC to Ricky L. Oyler, Cuckoo, 1.526 acres, Lot 1, Wood Duck Cove SD, $323,000 (DBS)

Est. of Clar Annie Giles Smith to Brian Long, Jackson, 20 acres, Parcel C, $70,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Michael Adelman, Louisa, 0.4648 acre, Lot 57, Phase D, Section 1, $107,500 (DBS)

John G. Stewart Jr. to Edward William Heany, Louisa, 20 acres, $30,000 (DBS)

Cynthia E. Straughn to Angela D. Brooks, Louisa, 1.853 acres, $130,000 (DBS)

Eunice P. Strickland, Trustee, to Christopher W. Clements, Cuckoo, 10.67 acres, $265,000 (DBS)

U.S. Bank National Assoc. to Katherine A. Waggaman, Louisa, 0.194 acre, Lot 65, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $241,200 (DBS)

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to Commonwealth Property Investment, Louisa, 2 acres, $82,100 (DBS)

Colleen M. Vann to Glenn W. Ritchey Jr., Green Springs, 0.3 and 13.202 acres, Parcels A and B, $260,000 (DBS)

Brenda S. Walker to Richard L. Shenton, Cuckoo, Lot 60, Section I, Windwood Coves SD, $325,000 (DBS)

Crissie E. Wamsley to Jon E. Martin, Jackson, 2.07 acres, Lot 5A, $165,000 (DBS)

L. Warren West to Donald R. Manley, Louisa, 2.5977 acres, Lot 10B, Thalia Shores SD, $190,000 (DBS)

Jerry L. White to Margaret A. Davenport, Cuckoo, 1.09 acres, Lot 2, Seclusion Shores SD, $512,000 (DBS)

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Alexander K. Paszly, Green Springs, Lot 23, Bowlers Mill Lake Estates SD, $161,100 (DBS)

William Cooke, Inc. to Samuel Thomas Thawley, Green Springs, 5.51 acres, Lot 1, Bowlers Mill Lake Estates SD, $72,600 (DBS)

James A. Yergin to Village Bank, Louisa, DB 1033, PG 853, $185,000 (DTF)

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale

DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure

DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner

DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

DG- Deed of Gift

DP- Deed of Partition

DQC- Deed of Quit Claim

DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce

DIT- Deed In Trust

DISC- Disclaimer

DBSLE- Deed of Bargain and Sale with Life Estate