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March 2012 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following March real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Glasser & Glasser to The Bank of New York, Cuckoo, 0.957 acre, Lot 35, Seclusion Shores SD, $195,700 (DTF)

Jeffrey Lee Adams to Kathleen Ann Smith, Mineral and Cuckoo, Lot 28, Section I, Shorewood SD, $327,500 (DBS)

Patricia S. Ammons to Aaron Bonovitch, Jackson, 1.041 acres, Gum Spring Manor SD, $135,000 (DBS)

Jeremy Anderson to Michael P. Sollecito, Recorded in wrong county, 2.153 acres, Lot 255A, Section 3, Phase 2, Mountain View Estates SD, $361,900 (DBS)

Michelle L. Atkinson to Donald W. Jones Sr., Green Springs, Lot 21, Green Springs Acres SD, $159,200 (DBS)

Bank of New York Mellon to Ronald K. Weintz, Cuckoo, 0.94 acre, $184,100 (DBS)

The Bank of New York Mellon to Randall L. Tingler, Jackson, 1.46 acres, Lot 3, Block A, Willow Brook Estates SD, $60,000 (DBS)

Frank P. Belloni to Robert L. Nolda Jr., Cuckoo, 3.026 acres, Lot 1, Sorbie Cove SD, $239,000 (DBS)

Branch Banking and Trust to Thomas D. Mirabile, Cuckoo, Lot 263, Phase 3, The Waters of Lake Anna SD, $76,200 (DBS)

Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Kevrol Energy Holdings LLC, Cuckoo, Lot 279, Phase 2, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $64,000 (DBS)

Kenneth S. Buynak to Joseph S. Ray, Green Springs, Lot 112, Phase I, Shenandoah Crossing SD, $240,000 (DBS)

CitiBank to Majed Atawneh, Louisa, 3 acres, $44,000 (DBS)

CMH Homes, Inc. to Sidney J. Jasper, Cuckoo, 5.83 acres, Lot L, $195,000 (DBS)

CMH Homes, Inc. to Timothy B. Cecil, Jackson, 8.573 acres, Lot 5, Briar Patch SD, $227,000 (DBS)

Commonwealth Property Investment to Mark A. Harris Jr., Jackson, 1.519 acres, Lot 3, $137,700 (DBS)

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to LPP Mortgage Ltd, Jackson, 1.53 acres, Lot 11, Section B, Payne Mill SD, $209,130.19 (DTF)

Gerard A. Dabney to Russell E. McGuire, Louisa, 1.13 acres, Lot 17, $391,600 (DBS)

Lanny L. DeCamp to David Gerhardt, Mineral and Cuckoo, Lot 15, Section I, Shorewood SD, $70,400 (DBS)

Don P. DeMyers to Barry Wayne Patterson, Louisa, 11.09 acres, $78,800 (DBS)

Dodson Homes, Inc. to Gerald I. Bischof, Jackson, 0.69 acre, Lot 2, Noah’s Landing SD, $1,004,900 (DBS)

E.D. & Enterprises LLC to Jennifer L. Wolfe, Jackson, Lots 2, 156 and 9, $240,800 (DBS)

Equity Trustee LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, Louisa, DB 856, PG 958, $138,901.13 (DTF)

Estate of Frances M. Landgraff to Karl David Glasscock, Louisa, 1.748 acres, Lot 7, $117,800 (DBS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Richard Hajtun, Cuckoo, 1 acre, Lot 160, Section I, Cuckoos Nest SD, $219,400 (DBS)

FM 611 Ltd to Wayne K. Purdy, Green Springs, Lots 165 and 166, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $32,000 (DBS)

John David Gibson to David W. Shaw, Green Springs, 5.37 acres, Lot 8B, $29,800 (DBS)

Daisy L. Goodnough to Garyt R. King, Green Springs, 0.2 and 1.36 acres, Tracts 3 and 7, $121,500 (DBS)

Bonnie Lynne Gramling to Jack D. Matthews, Louisa, Interest in 7.24, 7.24, 5.68 and 26 acres, $105,000 (DBS)

Ralph L. Grayson to Todd R. Ferrara, Cuckoo, Lot 270, Phase 3, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $76,500 (DBS)

Sean D. Gregg to Virginia Ann Watkins, Louisa, DB 1184, PG 84, $51,000 (DTF)

Sean D. Gregg to Virginia Community Bank, Louisa, DB 966, PG 442, $122,876.83 (DTF)

Gordonsville Preservation LLC to Robert L. Carter, Green Springs, 3 acres, $56,300 (DBS)

John H. Grose to James A. Ruffner, Mineral, 37.095 and 37.095 acres, Parcels 1 and 2, $485,000 (DLF)

Barbara J. Gustine to Nancy M. Burrer, Louisa, 0.526 acre, Lot 737B, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $149,900 (DBS)

Wayland V. Harris to Wayland V. Harris Jr., Jackson, 5 acres, $145,000 (DBS)

Gerald A. Henson to Selene RMOF II Reo Acquisition, Cuckoo, 1.5 acres, Lot 27, Long Creek Ridge SD, $178,500 (DBS)

Louis H. Hoelman III and Frederick D. Hurst, Mineral, 0.094 acre, Lot 1, $35,000 (DBS)

Max W. Jackson to John L. Hoffman, Green Springs, 11.231 and 5.61 acres, Lots 4 and 5, $72,500 (DBS)

Sherelle Jackson to Everette R. Johnson, Jackson, 10.84 acres, Lots 1 and 2, $60,400 (DBS)

John A. Rife Esq. to Ernest E. Spaur, Louisa, $1,900 (DBS)

Kerry L. Johnson to Gregory J. Hess, Mineral, 1.844 acres, Lot 45, $925,000 (DBS)

Kenvaga Farms, Inc. to Amanda M. Darnell, Green Springs, 2.024 and 1.706 acres, Parcels A and B, $58,700 (DBS)

Richard W. Lensis to John R. Lensis, Cuckoo, 0.923 acre, Lot B2, $96,640 (DBS)

The McGurn Co., Inc. to Todd A. Steeley, Cuckoo, Lot 8, Rolling Path Farms SD, $159,950 (DBS)

Joyce N. Melton to Neil D. Fowler, Green Springs, 3.529 acres, Parcel C, $198,000 (DBS)

Jaramie Menje to Noah J. Madden, Louisa, Lot 7, Byrd Point SD, $278,900 (DBS)

Isaac Meredith to Daniel L. Nuckols, Jackson, 4 acres, $36,500 (DBS)

Mill Run, Inc. to David R. Peterson, Cuckoo, 0.934 acre, Lot 65, Mill Run SD, $495,000 (DBS)

Keith S. Myers to Robert B. Oxendine, Cuckoo, Lot 73, Section II, Windwood Coves SD, $351,700 (DBS)

Elgin H. Nininger to Virginia Vermiculite LLC, Green Springs, 800 acres, $3,948,953.60 (DBS)

NVR, Inc. to Donna Burkey, Louisa, Lot 8, Phase B, Section 2, $283,979 (DBS)

NVR, Inc. to Ralph L. Hathaway, Louisa, 0.2296 acre, Lot 40, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $383,300 (DBS)

NVR, Inc. to Arthur E. Wheatley, Louisa, Lot 45, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $403,000 (DBS)

J. Randolph Parks to Fox Branch LLC, Louisa, Lots 1-8, 9R and 17R, Oakland Crossing SD, $368,100 (DBS)

Christopher B. Prather to Keith G. Prather, Louisa, 1.08 acres, Section II, $50,000 (DBS)

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to JP Morgan Chase Bank, Louisa, Inst. No. 12000493, $40,972.20 (DTF)

Michael M. Ray to Glenn E. Sixkiller, Cuckoo, 1.339 acres, Lot 94, Section II, Edgewood Bay SD, $389,000 (DBS)

Recontrust Co. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Louisa, DB 1148, PG 690, $128,858 (DTF)

Recontrust Co. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Cuckoo, 5 acres, Parcel A, $166,504 (DTF)

Samuel I. White PC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, DB 1125, PG 255, $107,337 (DTF)

Samuel I. White PC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Mineral, Lot 27, Section I, Bluewater SD, $237,830 (DTF)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Franklin D. Overstreet, Louisa, Lot 159, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $148,000 (DBS)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Eric E. Pritchett, Cuckoo, Lot 6, Halwick Estates SD, $135,500 (DBS)

Shenandoah Investment to Anthony J. Wilson, Cuckoo, 1.0147 acres, Lot 5, Shenandoah Shores SD, $270,000 (DBS)

Michael J. Snow to Ralph A. Martin, Jackson, 7.81 acres, Lot 7A, Cedar Hill SD, $178,200 (DBS)

Mary A. Spoviero to William A. Steinhour, Mineral, Lot 224, Bluewater SD, $184,600 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Christine M. Coquery, Green Springs, Lot 68, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $382,586 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Monty G. Mathews, Louisa, Lot 56, Section 1, Phase D, $511,708 (DBS)

Jennifer Story to Glen Coves Farms, Inc., Green Springs, 2.057 acres, $157,000 (DBS)

Clifton W. Tilman to Krystal M. Tester, Jackson, 2.73 acres, Lot 21, $185,700 (DBS)

Seth E. Twery PC to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Louisa, DB 727, PG 936, $128,400 (DTF)

US Bank National Assoc. to Eric Norby, Louisa, 0.98 acre, Lot 1, Block IV, Aspen Hill SD, $236,400 (DBS)

Virginia Community Bank to John Steven Fisher, Jackson, 4.3141 acres, Parcels I and II, $203,200  (DBS)

Wells Fargo Bank to Laura V. Reiter, Mineral, Lot 1, Foster Ridge SD, $117,800 (DBS)

Wells Fargo Bank to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Cuckoo, 4.272 acres, Lot 4A, East Branch SD, $158,126.35 (DBS)

Wells Fargo Bank to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jackson, 1.39 acres, $143,600 (DBS)

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Brian R. Morrison, Green Springs, 26.015 and 12.601 acres,  PB 9, PG 007, $103,000 (DBS)

Dwane Winant to Vincent Oliveri, Louisa, 1 acre, Parcel A, $95,300 (DBS)

Zane Construction, Inc. to Edward C. Jones, Louisa, Lot 64, Section 1, Lake Forest SD, $56,100 (DBS)

9700 LLC to Liberty Homes, Inc., Green Springs, 2.6581 and 2.6209 acres, Lots 6 and 7, Bunch Creek SD, $26,000 (DBS)

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale

DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure

DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner

DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

DG- Deed of Gift

DP- Deed of Partition

DQC- Deed of Quit Claim

DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce

DIT- Deed In Trust

DISC- Disclaimer

DBSLE- Deed of Bargain and Sale with Life Estate