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October 2012 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following October real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Springleaf Financial Services, Louisa, DB 1275, PG 934, $75,000 (DTF)

Bank of New York Mellon to Bank of America, Green Springs, $82,300 (DBS)

Betty Jean Bazzanella to Samuel Bazzanella, Louisa, 3 acres, $27,200 (DQC)

Dennis Behrensen to James H. Derrington Jr., Cuckoo, 26.71 acres, $50,700 (DBS)

Kim David Blake to Brian J. Barnard, Mineral, 1.446 acres, Lot 51, Anna Coves SD, $353,300 (DBS)

Timothy R. Blomberg to Trevor J. Leutscher, Jackson, 1.71 acres, $135,000 (DBS)

Borden Estates LLC to Frank Laird Wysor II, Jackson, Lot 22, Winding Ridge SD, $156,083 (DBS)

Verne D. Bossie to Richard S. Rusin, Cuckoo, 1.42 acres, Parcel B1, $727,500 (DBS)

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to David P. Riley, Louisa, 2.972 acres, Lot 5, $32,400 (DBS)

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Randall W. Dyke, Louisa, 5.985 acres, $373,700 (DBS)

Lewis G. Byrd to CMH Homes, Inc., Jackson, 3 acres, Lot 5, $75,600 (DBS)

Commonwealth Property Investment to Antonio Johnson, Jackson, 1.494 acres, Lots C & D, $17,892.97 (DBS)

Commonwealth Trustee LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1095, PG 665, $230,498.29 (DTF)

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 980, PG 781, $112,618.83 (DTF)

Jason Davis to Stephen G. French, Green Springs, Lot 1055, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $146,100 (DBS)

Dickens Woods LLC to Land South LLC, Louisa, DB 1067, PG 788, $200,000 (DLF)

Martin Van Diggs III to Sandra D. Gibson, Jackson, 10.97 acres, Tract 3, $53,700 (DBS)

Evans & Bryant PLC to The Secretary of the US Department, Louisa, DB 1228, PG 345, $112,547.26 (DTF)

Fannie Mae to Commonwealth Property Investment, Cuckoo, 2.06 acres, $94,800 (DBS)

Fannie Mae to Carreen E. Sylvester, Green Springs, 1.807 acres, Lot 38, Mountain View Estates SD, $143,800 (DBS)

Fannie Mae to Wallace Vangosen, Cuckoo & Mineral, Lot 9, Section I, Shorewood SD, $218,000 (DBS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Brian E. Maddox, Louisa, 0.507 acre, $50,000 (DBS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ryan Wall, Jackson, 5.1 acres, $187,800 (DBS)

First Capital Bank to Stephen M. White, Cuckoo, 1.519 acres, Lot 12, Pendleton Estates SD, $160,000 (DBS)

R. Donald Ford Jr., Sub. Trustee, to Gerald J. West, Green Springs, 55.73 acres, DB 951, PG 495, $194,000 (DTF)

Glasser & Glasser PLC to SunTrust Bank, Louisa, DB 911, PG 401, $94,014.43 (DTF)

Robert L. Graumann to Mark Determan, Cuckoo, Lot 192, Section VI, Windwood Coves SD, $444,000 (DBS)

Sean D. Gregg to Virginia Community Bank, Louisa, DB 1125, PG 334, $91,757.84 (DTF)

Steven C. Haerbig to Casey M. Hollins, Jackson, 5.49 acres, Lot 3, $209,000 (DBS)

James M. Hairston Jr., Trustee, to David R. Buckwalter, Cuckoo, 4.88 acres, Parcel 5A, $152,000 (DBS)

Brian A. Hardy to Bobby F. Jones, Cuckoo, 1.114 acres, Lot 100, Section II, $45,500 (DBS)

Eric Hathaway to David A. Fitzgerald, Jackson, 4.65 acres & 50’ right of way, $80,000 (DBS)

Douglas R. Jensen to Leonard Gregory Pawlson, Cuckoo, 0.929 acre, Lot 63, $655,000 (DBS)

Carlton Johnson Jr. to Sara E. Talley, Cuckoo, 11.03 acres, $250,000 (DBS)

Judith M. Kelly to Johnny A. Bowers, Green Springs, 5 acres, Lot 12, $107,000 (DBS)

Esther S. Kent to Jonathan Bankert, Louisa, Lots 53 & 54, $68,000 (DBS)

Karen Krusemark-Stratman to Charles S. Farmer III, Cuckoo, 1.301 acres, Lot 11, Section I, Contrary Forest SD, $185,000 (DBS)

Michael W. Lawson to Max C. Chapman Jr., Cuckoo, 98.9 acres, $261,700 (DBS)

Penney Alice Leyshon to Gary Paul, Louisa, 10.067 acres, recorded in Louisa and Fluvanna, all state tax in Fluvanna, $62,000 (DBS)

Judith R. Lichter to Kimberly El Amrani, Cuckoo, Lot 84, Section I, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $298,000 (DBS)

Danny Keith Lloyd to Cava Capital LLC, Green Springs, 3.119 acres, Lot 2A, $117,500 (DBS)

Mack Investments to Devona J. Sykes, Jackson, 1.659 acres, Lot 3, Section 1, Rock Creek Estates SD, $135,000 (DBS)

Crellon D. Maddox to Shirley R. Weatherholtz, Louisa, Lot 19, Dogwood Lake Estates SD, $193,000 (DBS)

Gladys L. Marker to James A. Soyars Jr., Louisa, 4.79 acres, $46,900 (DBS)

Jamie A. Miguel to Kent S. Roddy Sr., Cuckoo, Lot 299, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $62,100 (DBS)

James P. Murphy to Timothy M. McCann, Green Springs, Lots 343 & 344, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $83,000 (DBS)

NVR, Inc. to Steven Vincent Baker, Louisa, Lot 42, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $385,574 (DBS)

NVR, Inc. to Linda J. McDonnell, Louisa, Lot 43, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $417,718 (DBS)

William E. Pelter to Purcell Land & Timber LLC, Louisa, Lot 6, $10 (DBS)

Barbara D. Perry to Jerome Perry, Mineral, 1.093 acres, $160,000 (DBS)

Piedmont Realty & Construction to Michael Andrew Danzi, Green Springs, Lot 28, Section 1, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $385,265 (DBS)

Piedmont Realty & Construction to James L. Fletcher, Louisa, Lot 29A, Section 3, Phase 3, Spring Creek SD, $297,742 (DBS)

PNC Bank National Assoc. to John C. Williams, Green Springs, Lots 55 & 76, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $103,000 (DBS)

Project Philanthropy, Inc. to Gerard Vidale, Green Springs, Interest in unit 4849D, $500 (DBS)

Recontrust Co. to Bank of America, Louisa, DB 1164, PG 17, $100,026.65 (DTF)

Recontrust Co. to Bank of America, Louisa, DB 1123, PG 445, $168,405.04 (DTF)

Recontrust Co. to Bank of America, Louisa, DB 1153, PG 839, $165,429.95 (DTF)

Recontrust Co. to The Bank of New York Mellon, Mineral, 3.38 acres, Lot A8, $89,550 (DTF)

Samuel I. White, PC, to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1142, PG 839, $205,951 (DTF)

Mark Sarbacker to Wells Fargo Bank, Louisa, DB 923, PG 754, $288,000 (DLF)

Harry Shaia Jr. to Roland Joyal Jr., Louisa, 2.101 acres, Lot 40, Bien Venue Plantation SD, $48,100 (DBS)

Harry Shaia Jr. to Chad R. Hiner, Louisa, Lot 12, Bien Venue SD, $42,100 (DBS)

Harry Shaia Jr., Trustee, to Gregory A. Lofton, Louisa, Lot 38, Bien Venue Plantation SD, $14,000 (DBS)

Shenandoah Investments LLC to James Michael Thompson, Cuckoo, 1.0009 acres, Lot 3, Shenandoah Shores SD, $362,500 (DBS)

Charles T. Smith to Joseph G. White, Louisa, 2.02 acres, Lot 6, $173,000 (DBS)

Arthur T. Snotts to Franklin L. Barbour, Louisa, Lot 106, Phase 1A, $150,000 (DBS)

Soldd LLC to Joshua Bavetz, Mineral, 0.441 acre, Lot 8, $115,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to John P. Blake, Green Springs, Lot 31, Section 1, Phase C, $75,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to William R. Dandridge Jr., Louisa, Lot 36, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $416,080 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Marc G. Mates, Louisa, Lot 8, Section 1, Phase C, $366,623 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, Lot 66, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $85,000 (DBS)

Springleaf Financial Services to Aldea, Inc., Louisa, 31.31 acres, $24,000 (DQC)

Seward F. Stoneburner to Arthur Wayne Boyd Sr., Louisa, 0.72 & 0.07 acre, Lot 3, $143,000 (DBS)

Harry S. Taylor to Claudie Tad Alexander, Cuckoo, Lot 2, Section I, Lakewood Landing SD, $56,000 (DBS)

Helen C. Taylor to Amanda Y. Gill, Mineral, 10 acres, $55,000 (DBS)

Lynn M. Tunney to William A. Jaeger, Cuckoo, 1.149 acres, Lot 3, Overton Fork SD, $249,900 (DBS)

Seth E. Twery, PC, to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Louisa, DB 585, PG 271, $136,200 (DTF)

US Bank National Assoc. to Aleksander Golovin, Jackson, 12 acres, $176,200 (DBS)

Virginia Electric & Power Co. to L.A.C.D. LLC, Louisa, 0.2886 acre, Lot 25, Stonewall Estates SD, $1 (DBS)

Russell A. Wright to Elizabeth Bass, Green Springs, 1.6 acres, Lot 58, Section II, Mountain View Estates SD, $224,900 (DBS)

Jeffrey S. Yarbrough to Brian F. Morris, Cuckoo, Lot 10, Section 1, Windwood Coves SD, $215,000 (DBS)

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale

DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure

DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner

DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

DG- Deed of Gift

DP- Deed of Partition

DQC- Deed of Quit Claim

DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce

DIT- Deed In Trust

DISC- Disclaimer

DBSLE- Deed of Bargain and Sale with Life Estate