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September 2012 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following September real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

ALG Trustee LLC to Fannie Mae, Louisa, DB 1016, PG 228, $245,436.45 (DTF)

David Allen Anderson to Gerald L. Strevig, Cuckoo, 1.084 acres, Section VI, Bothwaters SD, $267,000 (DBS)

Janice Lorraine Ayers to James G. Austrich, Cuckoo, Lot 101, Section 1, Waters at Lake Anna SD, $200,000 (DBS)

The Bank of New York Mellon to Joshua Cassell, Jackson, 5.03 acres, Lot 3, $114,000 (DBS)

Branch Bank and Trust Co. to Darrell L. Campbell, Cuckoo, Lot 34, Section 1, Lake Forest SD, $48,100 (DBS)

Don E. Burch to Victorian Properties LLC, Green Springs, 5 acres, Lot 13, $259,000.31 (DLF)

Irene A. Cain to Melinda G. McCall, Green Springs, 9.9 acres, $180,000 (DBS)

Commonwealth Property Investments to Murray R. Corbi III, Louisa, 1.548 acres, Lot 1, $128,000 (DBS)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Richard Ragland, Green Springs, 1.38 acres, $65,300 (DBS)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Jackson, 1.25 acres, $115,900 (DQC)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Balsa Ncm LLC, Jackson, 1.25 acres, $115,900 (DQC)

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. to Kyle Oliver Morgan Leach, Jackson, 2.342 acres, Parcel B, $82,000 (DBS)

John W. Diggs, Tr., to Dick Purcell Cattle & Land, Jackson, 67.16 and 55.7 acres, Parcels I and II, $419,700 (DBS)

Marietta Jeanne Eastham to Robert Frank Johnston Jr., Cuckoo, one half interest in 3 acres, Lot 2, $26,450 (DBS)

Fannie Mae to Richard Dekeyser, Cuckoo, 10.68 acres, Lot 6, $221,400 (DBS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to William J. Laporte, Green Springs, 21.067 acres, Lot 10, $289,900 (DBS)

Faith D. Garrett to Sidney G. Marsh Jr., Louisa, 0.353 acre, $136,600 (DBS)

Darren S. Gerlach to Michael T. Bakin, Mineral, Lot 6, Section I, Bluewater SD, $362,900 (DBS)

Michael L. Gladhill to Gerald F. Gaouette, Louisa, 0.94 acre, Lot 10, Section I, Scott SD, $195,000 (DBS)

Gwynn A. Gould to Norman O. Dean Jr., Cuckoo, Lot 128, Section III, Windwood Coves SD, $216,300 (DBS)

William S. Hensley to Charles Kayser, Mineral, 51.66 acres, $221,300 (DBS)

Ashley W. Kenny to Gaspare Ruggeri, Louisa, 1.598 acres, Lot 1, Boulder Springs SD, $245,000 (DBS)

Cynthia Kulenguski to Jimmy A. Lamb, Green Springs, Lots 121-123, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $88,600 (DBS)

Mark V. Longo to Kelley Beth Hopkins, Jackson, 2 acres, $135,000 (DBS)

LPP Mortgage Ltd. to Carole C. Dassonville, Jackson, 1.53 acres, Lot 11, Section B, Paynes Mill SD, $132,800 (DBS)

Quenton H. Mathis to Sarah A. Ramirez, Green Springs, 2.076 acres, Lot 3, Phase I, Hunters Hill SD, $160,300 (DBS)

Mill Run, Inc. to George Mark Hamby, Louisa, Lot 23, Mill Run SD, $91,300 (DBS)

Robert B. Nelson Jr. to Daniel J. Rogers, Green Springs, 3.02 acres, Lot 4, Dogwood Lake Estates SD, $195,500 (DBS)

NVR, Inc. to Vincent Nadeau Bellavance, Louisa, Lot 42, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $302,197 (DBS)

NVR, Inc. to Gerald T. Huml, Louisa, Lot 59, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $242,631 (DBS)

Thomas A. Pace to Jennifer Denise Marshall, Louisa, 2.806 acres, Lot 254A, Section 3, Phase 2, Mountain View Estates SD, $55,000 (DBS)

Raymond H. Perrin III to Andrew Johnson, Mineral, 1.12 acres, Lot 28, Lakeview SD, $158,000 (DBS)

Piedmont Realty LLC to Jon N. Woodfield, Cuckoo, 1.558 acres, Lot 73, Section I, Freshwater Estates SD, $641,000 (DBS)

Barry W. Powell to David R. Gillespie, Louisa, 3.05 acres, Lot 10, $175,500 (DBS)

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Bank of New York Mellon Trust, Louisa, DB 1235, PG 3, $82,000 (DTF)

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1068, PG 615, $164,560 (DTF)

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 898, PG 672, $138,066 (DTF)

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to FFC Properties LLC, Louisa, DB 1286, PG 203, $115,100 (DTF)

John E. Quinlan to John Paul Dunnivan, Mineral, 2.17 acres, $128,000 (DBS)

Recontrust Co. to The Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Louisa, DB 1129, PG 626, $57,284.50 (DTF)

Recontrust Co. to Bank of America, Louisa, DB 1166, PG 266, $285,490.82 (DTF)

Samuel I. White PC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, DB 1081, PG 800, $95,000 (DTF)

Dolores E. Sargent to Donald F. Clune Jr., Jackson, 2.5 acres, Lot 4B, Louisa Farm SD, $92,500 (DBS)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Helping Homes LLC, Cuckoo, 5 acres, Parcel A, $25,499 (DBS)

Shenandoah Investments LLC to Kenneth A. Houghton, Cuckoo, 1.8609 acres, Lot 1, Shenandoah Shores SD, $450,000 (DBS)

Edwin C. Sloan to Jo Ann Bowers, Tr., Cuckoo, 1.017 acres, Lot 41, $221,400 (DBS)

Spring Creek Development LLC to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, Lot 40, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $105,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Nancy Stemmle, Green Springs SD, $75,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Steven J. Marshall, Green Springs, Lot 39, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $105,000 (DBS)

Susanne Stotsky to Marion Lee Kestler Jr., Cuckoo, 1.349 acres, Lot 93, Section II, Cuckoo Nest SD, $685,000 (DBS)

Gerald L. Streving to David Allen Anderson, Jackson, 1.02 acres, Lot 3, Moorefield’s Landing SD, $585,400 (DBS)

Suntrust Mortgage, Inc. to Larce E. Lawhorne, Cuckoo, Lot 27, Section III, Cuckoo’s Nest SD, $271,800 (DBS)

Joseph Steven Susulske to James R. Byiers, Cuckoo, 5.056 acres, Lot 7, Meadowview Estates SD, $50,900 (DBS)

Nancy L. Tate to Joseph A. Parrott, Green Springs, 2 acres, $73,700 (DBS)

Lynn L. Tavenner to Derek Andes, Louisa, 1.38 acres, Lot 7, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $60,900 (DBS)

Virginia Milliken LLC to Polly A. Gammon, Louisa, 1.22 and 0.186 acres, $168,600 (DBS)

James A. Yergin, St., to WW Whitlock Agency, Inc., Louisa, DB 1050, PG 668, $595,000 (DTF)

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale

DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure

DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner

DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

DG- Deed of Gift

DP- Deed of Partition

DQC- Deed of Quit Claim

DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce

DIT- Deed In Trust

DISC- Disclaimer

DBSLE- Deed of Bargain and Sale with Life Estate