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October 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following October real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

James V. Daniels to Village Bank, Louisa, DB 769, PG 692, $122,200, DLF

Garland Andrew Cox to Richard D. Burch, Louisa, Lot 13, Ivy Cliff SD, $392,400, DBS

Barton H. Cameron III to Sue A. McGill, Cuckoo, Lot 62, Tara Woods SD, $262,700, DBS

Stefanie H. Colson to Troy W. Robinson, Cuckoo, 1.203 acres, Lot 51, Tall Pines SD, $220,000, DBS

Dennis M. Reed to Eric E. Pritchett, Jackson, 1.52, 2.04, and 1.76 acres, $245,000, DBS

Lauren Victoria Sieg to George F. Baskerville, Mineral, 5.11 acres, Lot 5, Foxbrook Forest SD, $145,000, DBS

Basil Lukianoff to Douglas A. Bowman, Green Springs, 3.673 acres, $38,400, DBS

Betty J. Colberg to Jose Luis  Cordero, Mineral, 2 acres, $266,700, DBS

Baldwin J. Wood – Trustee to Tonya M. Brown, Louisa, 1.822 acres, Lot 15, Holly Springs SD, $149,900, DBS

Emmett E. Ford to John L. Mills, Jackson, Lot 7, Oak Knoll SD, $250,000, DBS

Barry N. Spodak to Douglas E. Colton, Cuckoo, 1.004 acres, Lot 60, Section I, $612,800, DBS

Betty A. Baumgartner to Kathleen M. Poerce, Town of Louisa, Lot 25C, Tanyard SD, $205,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to Timothy D. Tangen, Cuckoo, 0.93 acres, Lot 2, Section 1, Shorewood SD, $175,300, DBS

William E. Gorny to Robert C. Whaley, Cuckoo, Lot 31, Pine Harbour SD, $424,900, DBS

Samuel I. White -Sub. Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Green Springs, 1.858 acres, Lot 15, Green Forest SD, $217,294, DTF

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, Lot 11, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $143,000, DBS

Bank of New York Mellon to Christopher C. Woolheater, Green Springs, 1.269 acres, Lot 18, Green Springs Acres SD, $297,400, DBS

Gerald W. Kane Jr. to Richard A. Binns, Cuckoo, Lot 191, Section VI, Windwood Coves SD, $330,000, DBS

John A. Romano to Mary Swan Jassen, Cuckoo, Lot 1A, $415,000, DBS

Redus VA Housing LLC to MDG Contracting & Design LLC, Jackson, 9.774 acres, Lot 4, Briar Patch SD, $27,500, DBS

Joshua D. Elmore to Patrick H. Mema, Town of Louisa, Lot 162, Phase A1, Countryside SD, $230,000, DBS

Lake Anna Development Corp. to John A. Romano, Jackson, 0.922 and 0.69 acres, Lots 174 & 176, $280,000, DBS

Marguerite C. Green to Brett Mills, Cuckoo, 5.13 acres, Lot 25, Warbonnet Estate SD, $172,000, DBS

Ethan A. Call to Danna C. Sipe, Jackson, 1.61 acres, Lot 7, Westshire SD, $176,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to Jonas Dale Lutz, Louisa, 0.99 acre, Lot 6, $131,400, DBS

Samuel I. White to Wells Fargo Bank National, Louisa, DB 1275, PG 444, $64,384, DTF

William A. Cooke, Inc. to James E. Patterson III, Green Springs, 5.589 and 4.11 acres, Lots 4 and 5, $87,100, DBS

Rebecca Schorr to Tracey Watson, Green Springs, 0.86 acre, $125,500, DBS

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 951, PG 676, $255,669.29, DTF

US Bank National Assoc. to Jacob Whitley, Mineral, 1.53 acres, $93,500, DBS

Mark I LLC to Hobert J. Bourne, Louisa, 5.72 acres, $145,000, DBS

Lyndon Byers to Tommy L. Anderson, Louisa, 16.09 acres, Tract II, $47,000, DBS

Bank of America to Foundation Commercial LLC, Town of Louisa, 0.33 acre, Tract I, II, III, IV, $162,900, DBS

Butler & Butler Enterprises, Inc. to Traditional Homes of Albermarle, Louisa, 1.71 acres, Lot 5, Harris Creek SD, $29,400, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, Lot 6, Section 1, Phase D, $154,000, DBS

David M. Erwin to Shilen P. Thakrar, Louisa, Lot 19, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $384,900, DBS

Robert Allen Drye to Thomas A. Graham, Cuckoo, 0.918 acre, Lot 5, 50’ R/W, $282,500, DBS

Frank Dietrich to Lee Robert Noschese, Cuckoo, 0.92 acre, Lot 28, Section I, Lakeshore Woods SD, $50,000,DBS

US Bank National Assoc. to Roman A. Gortman, Jackson, 1.99 acres, $111,500, DBS

Jess C. Reed to Steven M. Roach, Cuckoo, Lot 51, Section I, Pine Harbour SD, $680,000, DBS

Leslie S. Newman to Nathan L. Newcomb, Jackson, 4.741 acres, Parcel 4, $225,000, DBS

Graham T. Kearney to Jack W. Herndon, Louisa, 2 acres, Lot 18, Castle Park SD, $178,000, DBS

David F. Pouliot to Michael P. Hagen, Cuckoo, 1.37 and 1.312 acres, Lots 27, Section II, Overton Fork SD, $880,000, DBS

Dewey W. Griffin to Ray A. Louk, Jackson, 3.9 acres, $58,000, DBS

Nancy Daniel Somoza – Trustee to Sheps Point LLC, Green Springs, 263.11 acres, $850,000, DBS

Andrea A. Moreau to Matthew C. Anderson, Green Springs, Lots 987 and 989, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $123,900, DBS

Bank National Assoc. to Andrew Duke, Town of Mineral, Lots 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25, Block 58, $98,300, DBS

Rodney W. Madrill to Edwin M. Helquist, Mineral, 6.984 acres, Lot 5, $216,900, DBS

John J. Twomey III to Scott Taylor, Cuckoo, 0.939 acre, Lot 33, Section 1, Cuckoos Nest SD, $398,800, DBS

NVR, Inc. to William Thornton, Louisa, Lot 62, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $424,820, DBS

Snyder & Schneider Property Development to Craig Disesa, Mineral, Lot 144, Phase 1-A, Cutalong SD, $70,000, DBS

James M. Christian to Hunter J. Christian, Cuckoo, 1.05 acres, $125,000, DBS

John W. Friday to Charles E. Darwin, Jackson, 1.8183 acres, Lot 1, $571,600, DBS

Mark A. Thomas to Howard J. Scheurenbrand Jr., Town of Louisa, 0.431 acre, $13,000, DBS

Timothy A. Lovelace to Roy Lee Harris, Mineral, 4.62 acres, $41,800, DBS

Equity Trustees LLC to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Louisa, DB 1087, PG 230, $72,165, DTF

Andrew P. Heilman to Hodari K. Hamilton, Louisa, 0.344 acre, Lot 17, Section 1, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $350,000, DBS

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Dihawk LLC, Green Springs, Lot 103, Section II, Mountain View Estates SD, $213,000, DBS

Houston 1 LLC to Judith Fleming, Jackson, 18.5 acres, Lot 3C, Belsches Farm SD, $115,000, DBS

Daniel E. Wilson to Raymond F. Prescott, Louisa, 2.7641 acres, $760,000, DBS

Alan B. Shelton to Gilbert R. Jones, Jackson, Lots 22 and 22A, Oakleigh SD, $478,100, DBS

Gregory H. Harvey to Lindsey Scott Rheaume, Cuckoo, 0.933 acre, Lot 66, Section 1, Cuckoos Nest SD, $635,000, DBS

Thomas D. McDougal to William M. Briggs, Cuckoo, 2.138 acres, Section II, Freshwater Estate SD, $302,600, DBS

US Bank National Assoc. to Charles Eugene Witmer, Mineral and Cuckoo, Lot 72, Section 1, Shorewood SD, $202,800, DBS

Josephine Rudolph to Frederick J. Getty, Cuckoo, Lot 387, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $959,200, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to Bruce B. Stougger, Louisa, Lot 2, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $79,000, DBS

David Adam Bell to Anthony M. Barni, Cuckoo, 1.598 acres, Lot 41, Brandywood Estate SD, $225,000, DBS

Jeffery D. Schultz to Joseph R. Aniel Jr., Louisa, Lot 20, Woodland Shores SD, $600,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, 0.1791 acre, Lot 24, Section 2, Phase D, Block B, $75,000, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Dustin W. Grizzle, Louisa, Lot 73, Reedy Creek SD, $236,200, DBS

I & J Home Builders LLC to Paul Cecil Knee, Green Springs, 10.418 acres, Lot 18, Meltons Forest SD, $226,565, DBS

Frank S. Pincoski Jr. to Keith Meyer, Mineral, Lot 132, Section III, Bluewater SD, $149,900, DBS

David C. Benckert to Louis R. Lautieri Jr., Jackson, 2.244 acres, Lot 2, $179,400, DBS

Gregory P. Minns to Chun Zin Huang, Louisa, 0.194 acre, Lot 62, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $215,000, DBS

Clyde W. Herring to Andrew Lloyd Thacker, Green Springs, 3.013 acres, Lot 10, $35,100, DBS

Gary S. Yarno to Caroline Elizabeth Timmerman, Green Springs, 241.074 acres, $2,037,800, DBS

Irwin J. Fehlberg to James G. Brandely, Green Springs, Lot 85, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $335,000, DBS

Snyder & Schneider Property Development to Donald A. Stadtler, Mineral, Lot 125, $102,900, DBS

James K. Miller to Kenneth J. Tunney, Jackson, Lot 9, Hickory Landing SD, $56,000, DBS

Mark K. Carr to Donnie W. Bowmaster, Green Springs, Lots 1145 and 1146, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $145,000, DBS

Harry B. Brenner to David G. Landry, Cuckoo, 1.312 acres, Lot 101, Section III, Overton Fork SD, $645,000, DBS

Darrell L. Wise to David A. Bell, Cuckoo, Lot 19, Block A, Section A, Longway SD, $439,900, DBS

Chad Taylor to Christian G. Waller, Cuckoo, Section 1, Unit 9, Tara Shores Townhouse SD, $253,300, DBS

D.D. Perkins Jr. to Quaker Hill Farm LLC, Green Springs, 437.9668 acres, $1,400,000, DBS

David D. Dennis to Thomas MacKay, Green Springs, Lot 253, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $340,000, DBS

Virgie Mae Small to Robert E. McKlveen III, Mineral, 36.26 and 2.36 acres, Parcels A and B, $145,000, DBS

Aldea, Inc. to Krystal Jernigan, Louisa, 31.31 acres, $12,000, DQC

Houston 1 LLC to Kenny J. Harper, Jackson, 10 acres, Lot 3A, Belschers Farms SD, $56,500, DBS

Mary Tyler Faruki to David P. Sundstorm, Jackson, 2.407 acres, $350,000, DBS

Surety Trustee LLC to Household Realty Corp., Louisa, DB 1022, PG 842, $165,233.24, DTF

Surety Trustee LLC to HSBC Consumer Lending Mortgage, Louisa, DB 1016, PG 599, $115,000, DTF

Michael L. McCaffrey to William Newberry, Louisa, Lot 10, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $345,000, DBS

Steven W. Houchens to Erik Backe, Louisa, 0.2738 acre, Lot 69, Section 1, Phase D,Spring Creek SD, $381,000, DBS

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Backus Home Investments LLC, Town of Mineral, Lots 9-12, Block 137, $126,200, DBS

Steven C. Seay to Ronald D. Cutright, Mineral, 0.82 acre, $26,000, DBS

Jeff L. Vanzile to Jeffrey T. Bridges, Louisa, 0.94 acre, Lot 61, $584,000, DBS

Jeffrey A. Cox to Timothy J. McDonald, Cuckoo, Lot 24, Millpond Coves SD, $148,000, DBS

Jeffrey A. Snyder to Curtis F. Gibson Jr., Mineral, Lake Anna Plaza Building, $310,000, DBS

Brian T. Valeski to Miguel C. Davis, Cuckoo, Lot 175, Section VI, Windwood Coves SD, $76,500, DBS

Steven B. Barnes to Robert G. Eichinger, Cuckoo, Lot 155, Section VI, Windwood Coves SD, $240,000, DBS