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April 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following April real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Samuel I. White PC to Federal National Mortgage Association, Louisa, DB 1034, PG 284, $134,456 (DTF)

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Virginia Housing Development, Louisa, DB 829, PG 97, $84,150 (DTF)

Christopher E. Freed to Diana L. Nuckols, Louisa, 11.73 acres, $262,900 (DBS)

Melissa P. Wills to Jason E. Hyer, Louisa, 3.710 acres, $147,100 (DBS)

Evan T. Edwards to Mitchell G. Forst, Louisa, 0.16 acre, Lot 21, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek Subdivision

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, Louisa, DB 1131, PG 349, $105,757 (DTF)

Karen E. Wilkens to Dennis F. Branner, Cuckoo, 0.935 acre, Lot 61, Overton Fork Subdivision, $65,000 (DBS)

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Green Springs, Lot 2 , Rocky Ridge Subdivision, $165,429.95 (DBS)

Heather Taylor Miller to William Jeffrey Wardla Miller, Cuckoo, Lot 12, Section II, Lakewood Landing Subdivision

James K. Logan to Richard N. Rice, Mineral, Lot 9 & 40’R/W, Oak Grove Estates Subdivision

Chadwick Jason Moore to Barbara Gladhill, Louisa, 1.104 acres, Lot 22, Section I, Scott Subdivision

Virginia Community Bank to Countryside Land Company LC, Mineral, 4.399 acres, $30,000 (DBS)

Virginia Community Bank to Countryside Land Company LC, Cuckoo, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, Fredericks Landing Subdivision $44,000 (DBS)

Craig E. Nickel to Bend of River LLC, Mineral, 4 acres, Lot 29, Bend of River Subdivision, $119,400 (DBS)

Richard E. Lane to David Fawley, Louisa, 2.814 acres,Lot 1, $215,000 (DBS)

CGT3 LLC to Richard Kleperis, Louisa, 0.93 acre, Lot 11, Section II, Georgetown Subdivision, $395,000 (DBS)

Garland W. Ray to Bobby D. Martin Sr., Louisa, 2.035 acres, $55,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Piedmont Neighborhoods LP, Green Springs, Lot 41, Phase B, Spring Creek Subdivision, $561,780 (DBS)

Franklin Markell Henderson to Salvatore Luciano Jr., Louisa, 2.115 acres, Parcel A, $78,000 (DBS)

Surety Trustees LLC to HSBC Mortgage Service Inc., Louisa, DB 946, PG 915, $127,800 (DTF)

Royce Woodson Woolfolk Jr., to Michael K. Yancey, Jackson, 11.395 acres, $52,600 (DBS)

Samuel I. White PC to Federal National Mortgage Association, Louisa, DB 1107, PG, 159, $256,123 (DTF)

SSH Corp. to Joshua C. Iszczenko, Jackson, 6.512 acres, Lot 7, $18,000

Jami L. Curry to Andre Slonopas, Green Springs, 0.4 acre, Lot 639, Blue Ridge Shores Subdivision, $87,000 (DBS)

Rebkee Partners Zion LLC to JFS Holdings LLC, Louisa, Parcel 4C, Phase 2, The Shoppes at Spring Creek, $550,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR Inc., Louisa, 0.1722 acre, Lot 7, Section 2, Phase D, $75,000 (DBS)

Michael Lee Roto to Jabez P. Massie, Louisa, DB 1206, PG 2, $30,200 (DLF)

Equilty Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Louisa, DB 1129, PG 793, $179,400 (DTF)

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kaja Holdings LLC, Town of Mineral, 0.434, Parcel A, $76,700 (DBS)

Shawn Renee Chisholm to Kevin C. Rolph, Jackson, 10.056 acres, $52,600 (DBS)

Anthony W. Clough to Gary Mullin, Jackson, 5 acres, $44,000 (DBS)

Frederick T. Cordano to Armando Zambardi, Louisa, 0.3593 acre, Lot 75, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek Subdivision, $355,000 (DBS)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jarred C. Soles, Town of Louisa, Lot 25, Phase 1B, Countryside Subdivision, $139,770 (DBS)

Edna Grant to David B. Cleal, Cuckoo, 8.22 acres, Lot 3, $54,100 (DBS)

Lucille B. Johnson to David Chance, Cuckoo, 15 acres, $147,700 (DBS)

Losi H. Carney to Brent S. Jones, Louisa, Lot 6, Payne Mill Subdivision, $120,000 (DBS)

Michael A. Strong to Jeffrey K. Ashworth, Green Springs, 0.566 acre, $45,000 (DBS)

Ethel H. Pockington to Janice M. Delaura, Mineral, 11.095 acres, Windover Subdivision, $117,300 (DBS)

Cardinal Point LLC to Gillian H. Jenkins Jr., Green Springs, Lot 4, Flairwood Farms, $211,500 (DBS)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Corp. to Dameron Investments LLC, Louisa, 3.168 acres, Lot 4, $254,100 (DBS)

Anna M. Weathers to Lucio M. Castillo, Green Springs, 3.36 acres, Lot 1, $31,000 (DBS)

Evelyn Carter to Lawrence E. Darr, Louisa, 0.5 acre, $55,000 (DBS)

Wallace L. Tingler to William E. Cherry Jr., Cuckoo, 28.821 acres, Parcel K, $ 63,000 (DBS)

Gerald C. Despain to Thomas A. Trucks, Cuckoo, Lot 45, Tara Woods Subdivision, $ 905,000 (DBS)

Jeremy L. Street to Lisa P. Bryner, Jackson, 2.1 acres, Lot 2, Bella Woods Subdivision, $ 160,000 (DBS)

Elise J. Arnold to Martin L. Bammann, Louisa, 1.88 acres, Lot 26 & 27, Section I, $260,000 (DBS)

CMH Homes Inc. to Ernest Butler, Jackson, 3 acres, Lot 5, $121,500 (DBS)

James Gonzalo Austrick to Joseph Coopersmith, Cuckoo, Lot 46, Section I, The Waters at Lake Anna Subdivision, $250,000 (DBS)

Ronald W. Bennett to Richard R. Wax, Cuckoo, 1.748 acres, Lot 72, Section I, The Waters at Lake Anna Subdivision, $400,000 (DBS)

Eddie R. Fish to David R. James, Jackson, 5.05 acres, $23,500 (DBS)

J&N Associates LLC to Johnson Construction Company Inc., Jackson, 2.54 acres, Lot 14, $50,000 (DBS)

James Kane to Donya Bauer, Green Springs, Lot 830, Blue Ridge Shores Subdivision, $49,900 (DBS)

Stacey L. Berland to Kevin C. Berland, Mineral, Lot 8, Long View Shores Subdivision, $222,500 (DBS)

Teresa H. Stearns to Christopher L. Wade, Jackson, 5.41 acres, $190,100 (DBS)

Lewis R. Shifflett to Richard L. Trainum, Green Springs, 2.215 acres, Lot A, $28,000 (DBS)

Donna Crull to Nancy S. Stemmle, Green Springs, Lot 51, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek Subdivision, $315,000 (DBS)

Olivia H. Ryan to Brad Warren Gibson, Cuckoo, Lot 5, $224,900 (DBS)

Ruth A. Hubbard to James M. Staney Sr., Cuckoo, 3 acres, $19,965.04 (DBS)

Wanda Brown to Mary Butler, Cuckoo, 3 acres, $30,000 (DBS)

James A. Spruill to Nicholas B. Brown, Louisa, Lot 131, Phase 1B, Countryside, $168,000 (DBS)

William A. Cooke Inc., Michael L. Randolph, Green Springs, 2.871 acres, Lot 1, $32,700 (DBS)

Equity Trustee LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Mineral, 24.098 acres, $112,550.90 (DTF)

Surety Trustee LLC to US Bank National Association, Louisa, BK 845, PG 697, $68,250 (DTF)

US Bank National Association to Scott J. Engelbrecht, Green Springs, Lot 813 & 814, $109,600 (DBS)

Poore Substitute Trustee LTD to Deutsche Bank National Trust, Louisa, DB 982, PG 506, $85,332.56 (DTF)

Donna L. Martin to LRW Investments & Property Management, Louisa, Lot 600 & 601, Blue Ridge Shores Subdivision, $24,000 (DBS)

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Ashby L. Thompson III, Cuckoo, Lot 262, The Waters at Lake Anna, $68,500 (DBS)

Jason Lawson to Roy D. Merryman Jr., Green Springs, Lot 52, Phase 2, $260,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR Inc., Louisa, Lot 64, Section 1, Phase D, $88,800 (DBS)

Lake Anna Development Corp. to Elizabeth L. El-Nattar, Jackson, 0.779 acre, Lot 28, Noahs Landing Subdivision, $256,000 (DBS)

Christopher E. Fox Jr. to Gospova Radakovic, Louisa, Lot 1, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek Subdivision, $222,700 (DBS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Commonwealth Property Investments, Jackson, 4.91 acres, Lot 11C, $171,000 (DBS)

Steven K. Giorgis to Jason D. Shupp, Cuckoo, Lot 134, Section I, Lake Forest Subdivision, $400,000 (DBS)

Kenneth R. Kritzer Sr. to Dennis L. Conrad, Jackson, 2.525 acres, $147,000 (DBS)

CRM Midatlantic Properties LLC to Commonwealth Property Investments, Mineral, 1.5014 acres, Hidden Farms Subdivision, $47,500 (DBS)

Blue Ridge Property Owners Association to Brandon Lee Gore, Green Springs, Lot 671, Blue Ridge Shores Subdivision, $2,250 (DBS)

First Savings Mortgage Corp. to David Warren, Cuckoo, Lot 33, Section I, Shorewoods Subdivision, $52,200 (DBS)

Richard P. Baker to Peggy Morgan, Mineral, 10 and 9/10 acres, $58,500 (DBS)

Audrey S. Donovan to James E. McGrogan III, Green Springs, 4.93 acres, Lot 1, 3.275 acres, Lot 1A, $79,000 (DBS)

Keith D. Rotts to Tatyana I. Menshikova, Louisa, 5.142 acres, $90,000 (DBS)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gerald Thomas, Green Springs, 7.48 acres, Tract I, $60,000 (DBS)

Surety Trustees LLC to HSBC Bank USA National Association, Jackson, 2.898 acres Parcel 1, 4.19 acres Parcel 2, $125,000 (DTF)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stacy Pugh, Louisa, 1.002 acres, $122,300 (DBS)

Citi Financial Inc. to Todd Martin, Jackson, 1.812 acres, $122,800 (DBS)

Gary D. Wright to Mark N. Copenhaver, Cuckoo, 0.927 cres, Lot 41, Section I, Freshwater Estates Subdivision, $567,300 (DBS)

CHM Homes Inc. to Ronald Mallory, Cuckoo, 2.071 acres, $143,500 (DBS)

David McDerment to Charles F. Bradshaw, Cuckoo, 0.927 acre, Lot 20, Block V, Aspen Hill Subdivision, $340,000 (DBS)

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale

DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure

DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner

DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

DG- Deed of Gift

DP- Deed of Partition

DQC- Deed of Quit Claim

DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce

DIT- Deed In Trust

DISC- Disclaimer

DBSLE- Deed of Bargain and Sale with Life Estate