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August 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following August real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Emil Paul Denk to Robert E. Weissenberger, Cuckoo, 0.92 acre, Lot 35, Section I, Edgewood Bay SD, $246,000, DBS

Norma L. Trice to Alonza D. Coleman, Cuckoo, 1 acre, $14,000, DBS

Jack W. Sanford Jr. to Shanandoah Crossing LLC, Green Springs, Lot 274, Phase II, Shenandoah Crossings Country Club SD, $63,000, DBS

Daniel E. Wilson to James G. Hughes III, Jackson, 0.9751 acre, Lot 2, Hawks Point SD, $590,000, DBS

ALG Trustee LLC to Fannie Mae, Louisa, DB 977, PG 334, $156,307.21, DTF

Anthony Charles Matino Jr. to Robert Melvin Martino, Jackson, 2.5 acres, $11,249, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Donald Hunt, Louisa, 1.525 acres, Lot 115, Section I, Bien Venue Plantation SD, $32,000, DBS

HSBC Bank to OCWEN, Louisa, 2.96 acres, Lot 16, $117,300, DBS

Samuel I. White PC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 888, PG 114, $46,809, DTF

Anthony H. Duverney to Thomas L. Beasley, Louisa, 29.917 acres, Lot 3, Denbeigh SD, $113,700, DBS

David L. McCoy to Kenneth D. Kirk, Cuckoo, Lot 79, Section I, Pine Harbour SD, $14,824.91, DBS

Donald G. Hornbeck to Robert J. Corcoran, Green Springs, 69.3846 acres, 10.5299 acres, $685,000, DBS

R. W. Arnold Jr. to Clyde W. Wray, Cuckoo, 1.26 acres, $115,000, DSC

Dorothy G. Bickley to Dale J. Turner, Louisa, 50.963 acres, $235,600, DBS

Oscar Boetticher to Oscar Boetticher, Cuckoo, 1.029 acres, $4,950, DBS

Francis G. Herbert to Roger Lee Clark Jr., Green Springs, 6.5 acres, Lot 6, $61,000, DBS

Francis G. Herbert to Roger Lee Clark Jr., Green Springs, 4.08 acres, Lot 2, $16,000, DS

Ethan A. Call to Jessica Shaffer, Jackson, 2.13 acres, Lot 2, $155,000, DBS

Nicholas J. Levay to Orice Collins, Jackson, 4.026 acres, $214,950, DBS

Janes E. Culley Sr. to Michael J. Burdyck, Jackson, 48.26 acres, $170,000, DBS

Robert B. Biddle to David J. Akers, Louisa, 1.04 acres, Lot 5, Section II, Scott SD, $269,900 DBS

Fannie Mae to Lewis Tingler, Town of Louisa, Lot 41, Section II, Tanyard SD, $161,500, DBS

Samuel I. White, Sub Trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Cuckoo, 3.21 acres, Lot 1, $133,583, DTF

ALG Trustee LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, 4.35 acres, Lot 18, Section 2, Heather Glen SD, $242,158.90, DTF

Michael A. Deadrick to Joanne C. Tangred, Green Springs, Lot 106, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $85,000, DBS

Spring Creek Development LLC to Richard Westphal, Louisa, 0.3219 acre, Lot 35, Section 2, Phase D, Block B, Spring Creek SD, $593,831, DBS

Butler & Butler Enterprises Inc. to Traditional Homes of Albemarle, Louisa, 1.55 acres, Harris Creek Estates SD, $28,600, DBS

Monarch Land LLC to Ryan D. Wilson, Louisa, Lot 1, Bays Farm SD, $161,800, DBS

James Robert Campbell to Valerie McPhee, Mineral, 3.018 acres, $112,500, DBS

Vincent Oliveri to Tanya A. Daniel, Green Springs, 2.041 acres, Lot 5, Fordham Ridge SD, $169,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to William M. Tragert, Louisa, Lot 42, Section 2, Phase A, $20,000, DBS

Synder & Schneider Property to Michael P. Groton, Mineral, Lot 136, Phase 1-A, $75,000, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Joshua R. Chapman, Louisa, 5.83 acres, Lot 7, 50’ R/W, $65,000, DBS

Margaret Averill Trapani to Joseph A. Schniebs, Louisa, 224 acres, $437,000, DBS

Margaret Trapani to Joseph A. Schniebs, Louisa, DB 119, PG 419, $38,000, DBS

Margaret Averill Trapani to Joseph A. Schniebs, Louisa, 4 acres, $31,100, DBS

Ashcor LLC to Jorge Calderon-Herrejon, Louisa, 0.917 acres, $137,000, DBS

Nectar Projects, Inc. to Duetsche Ban National Trust Company, Louisa, DB 1071, PG 200, $105,000, DTF

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, 2.85 acres, Lot 1, $76,000, DBS

Louie E. McKown to Harry D. Shelton Jr., Louisa, 5 acres, Lot 33, Lakeside SD, $155,300, DBS

Byron F. David to Todd Cochrane, Cuckoo, Lot 76, Section VI, Both Waters Estates SD, $315,000, DBS

Monarch Land LLC to Geraldine M. Beasley, Louisa, Lot 9, Bays Farm SD, $222,300, DBS

Virginia Community Bank to Lawrence B. Harrison, Cuckoo, 16.7991 acres, $45,000, DBS-PM

Teddy D. Null to Arianna Walters, Jackson, 2.567 acres & 11.172 acres, $282,500, DBL

Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Cava Capital LLC, Green Springs, 5 acres, $127,400, DBS

J. P. Morgan Chase Bank to Shane Voorheis, Green Springs, Lot 10, Block C, Melton Manor SD, $156,400, DBS

Scott P. Anderson to James J. Mikolashek, Cuckoo, Lot 41, Tara Woods SD, $410,000, DBS

Timothy S. Cordell to Timothy J. Brown, Mineral, Lot 145, Section IV, Bluewater SD, $189,900, DBS

Calvin G. Perkins to Billy Joe Shifflett, Louisa, 11.337 acres, $37,375, DBS-PL

Commonwealth Property Investments to Margaret Averill Trapani, Cuckoo, 0.918 acre, Section I, Cuckoo Nests SD, $189,000, DBS

Surety Trustee LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Louisa, DB 984, PG 486, $162,000, DTF

Crossroads Land and Development to EMD Holdings LLC, Green Springs, 0.5027, Lot 5, Spring Creek Business SD, $200,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Daryl Jackson, Green Springs, Lot 64, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $445,519, DBS

University of Virginia Physicians to Rector and Visitors of the UVA, Louisa, 4.799 acres, Lot 6, Section 2, Spring Creek Business SD, $17,600,000, DBS-PL

Michael C. Bolduc to Brian P. Colin, Cuckoo, 1.76 acres, $185,000, DBS

James H. Pellick to Richard D. Bradley, Mineral, 1.989 acres, Lot 91, Section II, Anna Coves SD, $302,800, DBS

Linda Luck to Timothy Ganous, Jackson, 45.40 acres, $299,600, DBS

Leonard A. Mobley to Julia S. Scharf, Town of Louisa, Lot 25E, Lots 23A & 25A, $210,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Charles G. Wood, Louisa, Lot 41, Section 1, Phase D, $452,543, DBS

Russell Bell to William E. Cherry, Trustee, Cuckoo, 18.16 acres, Lot 3, Warbonnet Estates SD, $69,500, DBS

J. P. Morgan Chase Bank to Homes for Our Troops, Jackson, 2 acres, Lot 4, $183,100, DBS

Deutshe Bank National Trust Company to Anthony E. Best Jr., Louisa, 1.5 acres, Lot 2, $148,200, DBS

Manuel W. Shumake to Randy Bevins, Louisa, 6 acres, $36,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to David L. Hetrick, Louisa, 0.173 acres, Lot 44, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $441,512, DBS

H. Ross Bryant, Trustee to Starr R. Havens, Louisa, 5 acres, Parcel 2, $198,700, DBS

John L. Mills to Jesse Struart Howard, Jackson, 2.875 acres, Lot 11, Bent Creek SD, $175,000, DBS

Alice Trainham Jenkins to Charles W. Walton Jr., Mineral, Lots 15 & 15, Block 132, $10,000, DBS

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Shawn M. Hodges, Jackson, 5.79 acres, $179,400, DBS

Samuel I. White to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, 2.34 acres, Lot 2, $129,583, DTF

Samuel I. White Sub. Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Green Springs, 15 acres, Lot 5, $301,959. DTF

Meagan Ashleigh Bushong to ACO Properties LLC, Louisa, DB 1223, PG 778, $87,211.40, DLF

Gary Steve Yarno to Richard E. Shiflett, Green Springs, 1.14 acres, Lot 1, $143,500, DBS

McKenry Dancigers Dawson to Thomas William Nicholas, Louisa, DB 901, PG 45, $35,000, DBS

Cathy L. Gibney to Hicham Bennis, Cuckoo, Lot 121, Section II, Pine Harbour SD, $180,000, DBS

Erika L. McGrory to Karla M. Burchett, Louisa, 3.52 acres, $151,000, DBS

Thomas D. Freeman to David R. James, Mineral, 2.01 & 0.33 acres, $55,000, DBS

Adam W. Bryant to James Freeman, Mineral, 0.85 acre, Lot 1, 0.84 acre, Lot 2, $186,900, DBS

John Jerl Purcell Jr. to John Jerl Purcell III, Town of Louisa, 11/12 Int. in 12.89 acres, $41,220, DBS

John Jerl Purcell Jr. to John Jerl Purcell III, Louisa, 5 acres at 50% undivided Int. in, $22,500, DBS

Charles F. Tinney to HSBC Mortgage Service Inc., Jackson, Lot 7, Willow Farm SD, $260,824, DLF

Snyder Virginia Properties LLC to Mudi Huang, Louisa, Unit 104, $235,000, DBS

Robert W. Lawrence to Kenneth P. Ramage, Mineral, Lot 7, Foster Ridge SD, $149,900, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Gail P. Mohahan, Louisa, Lot 29, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $332,259, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to David S. Firth, Louisa, 3.94 acres, Lot 10, $206,735, DBS

Sally R. Taylor to R. Garnett Smith, Cuckoo, 32.5 acres, $113,400, DBS

Virginia Housing Development Assoc. to Jody H. Floody, Cuckoo, 2.12 acres, Parcel A, $109,600, DBS

Gloria M. Talley to Calvin T. McGhee, Louisa, 25.8 acres, $80,000, DBS

Commonwealth Property Investments to Josh A. Matteera, Jackson, 4.91 acre, Lot 11C, Meadowood SD, $219,000, DBS

Patricia J. Coakley to Joseph M. Udia, Jackson, 18.76 acres, Parcel A, $349,900, DBS

John S. Billingsly to Edward D. Sandridge Jr., Green Springs, Lot 231 Blue Ridge Shores SD, $369,000, DBS

Charles F. McClay to John D. Weber, Jackson, 2.327 acres, Lot 13. Sailors Rest SD, $455,000, DBS

Surety Trustees LLC to FFC Properties LLC, Green Springs, Lot 1197, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $98,499.73, DTF

David Lloyd Exec. to Brenda D. Wharton, Louisa, 3 acres, $20,000, DBS