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December 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following December real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Spring Creek Land Development to Richard T. Eveland, Louisa, Lot 1, Phase C, Section 1, Spring Creek SD, $488,002, DBS

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Mikhail Karpets, Jackson, 4.39 acres, Lots 5 and 5A, $131,500, DBS

Virginia Housing Development Authority to Trevilians Square LLC, Green Springs, 9.16 acres, Lots 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 1.166 and 0.417 acres, Parcel A2, $1,560,000, DBS

Brent Meadows to Ryan Dean Hines, Louisa, Lot 9, Mallory Glen SD, $161,900, DBS

Vanderbuilt Mortgage and Financing to Jeri Lynn Riddick, Jackson, 4.884 acres, Cedar Ridge SD, $144,400, DBS

John A. Romano to Elizabeth Lu El-Nattar, Jackson, Lot 38, Noahs Landing SD, $565,000, DBS

Lake Anna Development Corp. to John A. Romano, Jackson, 0.693 acre, Lot 71, 1.984 acres, Lot 79, 0.93 acre, Lot 99, 0.87 acre, Lot 100, 1.025 acres, Lot 172, $470,135, DBS

Louisa Family Limited Partners to Pine Ridge Apartments Limited, Louisa, DB 459, PG 171, $1,061,325.45, DOA

Household Realty Corp. to Darcy, Green Springs, 0.6 acre, $59,800, DBS

Deitrik Real Estate LLC to James B. Byiers, Jackson, 3 acres, $38,000, DBS

Pamela L. Thompson to John E. Thomasson – Trustee, Cuckoo, 1.717 acres, Lot 8, Thomasson’s 775 SD, $29,400, DBS

ALG Trustee LLC to Wells Fargo Bank National, Louisa, DB 1065, PG 886, $177,100, DTF

Bank of America National to Stephen Treiber, Green Springs, Lots 583, 584, and 585, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $64,900, DBS

Calvin T. McGhee Jr. to Calvin T. McGhee III, Louisa, 25.8 acres, $87,000, DBS

R.G. Purcel & Daughters Land to Kenneth Lucas, Jackson, 0.938 acre, Lot 3, Tricorner SD, $25,000, DBS

Branch Banking & Trust Company, Louisa, Lot 1, South Ridge II SD, $53,200, DBS

Nectar Projects, Inc. to NationStar Mortgage LLC, Louisa, DB 1052, PG 152, $194,100, DTF

John C. Bennett to StellarOne Bank, Louisa, DB 1086, PG 296, $47,900, DTF

Samuel I. White – PC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, DB 1113, PG 211, $119,000, DTF

Linda A. Torres to Donnie R. Dalton, Mineral, 3.35 acres, Parcel A5, $30,000, DBS

Charlene A. Kirk to Steven M. Whetzel, Louisa, 6.255 acres, $48,1000, DBS

Sharon E. Ford to Barbara L. Fisher, Cuckoo, 0.926 acre, Lot 82, Section II, Edgewood Bay SD, $60,900, DBS

Lillian N. Holmes to Blue Ridge Property Buyers LLC, Louisa, 16 acres, $64,000, DBS

Nellie Dawson to Blue Ridge Property Buyers LLC, Louisa, 16 acres, $64,000, DQC

Wayne F. Vucovich to Joseph Matysek Jr., Cuckoo, Lot 207, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $360,000, DBS

Alfred O. Jones Jr. to Earl P. Wheeler, Louisa, 0.899 acres, Parcel 1, 6.956 acres, Parcel 2, 4.956 acres, Parcel 3, $52,400, DBS

Philip D. Gaddy to Martin J. Knizner, Green Springs, 10 acres, Parcel 1, $65,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to William H. Yates, Green Springs, 0.4976 acre, Lot 1, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $163,000, DBS

MGR Development Corp. to Wade S. Gould, Green Springs, Lot 3, Hopehill Estates SD, $200,000, DBS

Nancy Richardson to Louis Arrington, Louisa, DB 1169, PG 75, $37,720.21, DLF

Mill Run, Inc. to Michael A. Renzi, Cuckoo, 0.92 acre, Lot 63, Mill Run SD, $395,000, DBS

Deitrick Real Estate LLC to Soldd LLC, Green Springs, 10.326 acres, Lot 1, $55,300, DBS

Kathryn M. Fields to Commonwealth Property Investments, Mineral, 3.95 acres, Lot 3, $92,422.24, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Monarch Land LLC, Louisa, Lots 2, 3, 14, 52, 58, 61, 63, and 69, $547,900, DBS

Samuel I. White – PC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1163, PG 357, $205,505.37, DLF

Dennis J. Gauthier to Christopher G. Steel, Lot 1, Bunch Creek SD, $335,000, DBS

Denita M. Rhodes to Randy Douglas Gibbons, Louisa, 25.705 acres, $375,000, DBS

Margaret V. Davis to Lee Donna Dunning, 178 Buckner Rd., $108,800, DBS

Donna J. Bobbish to David A. Good, Lot 40, Tara Woods SD, $285,000, DBS

Eddie E. Owens to Paola A. Casanova, Cuckoo, 0.918 acre, Lot 15, Section I, $215,000, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gregory Folkins, Town of Louisa, 0.18 acre, $117,300, DBS

Household Realty Corp. to Commonwealth Property Investments, 1.502 acres, Lot 3C, $114,600, DBS

Torrance B. Houlihan to Peter Warren King, DB 1346, PG 903, $321,200, DBS

Virginia Community Bank to Anita L. David, Lot 4, Lake Anna Crossings SD, $42,500, DBS

Equity Trustees LLC – Sub. Trustee to Citi Mortgage, Inc., Louisa, DB 985, PG 236, $130,300, DLF

Mark IV LLC to Mark A. Stanton, Lot 78A, Section A, McCoy SD, $70,000, DBS

Douglas Duncan to Allen Troy Hurst, Jackson, 1.53 acres, Lot 18, Kirby Ridge SD, $175,400, DBS

Bernard E. Martin to Max W. Jackson Jr., DB 1347, PG 76, $70,000, DBS

Ryan Gulino to Johnny R. Chilton, 2.766 acres, Tract 4A, $167,000, DBS

Jesse B. Lumsden III to Sunset Cove Lake Anna LLC, Mineral, 17 acres, $125,000, DBS

William W. Waldren Jr. to Timothy J. Waldren, 2.06 acres, Lot 2, $79,500, DBS

Borden Estates LLC to Angela Ann Williams, Lot 24, Winding Ridge SD, $155,500, DBS

Albert J. McGhee Jr. to Albert J. McGhee Jr. – Trustee, Green Springs, 130 acres, $315,800, DBS

Steven A. Carlton to Tiffin Fritz, 4.0358 acres, Lot 7, Oak Forest SD, $167,000, DBS

Kim M. Greenfest – Co. Trustee to Judith Kelly Cleary, Lots 60 and 61, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $4,000, DBS

Kenneth Randall Forrest – Trustee to Danny L. Donovan, Town of Mineral, 0.057 acre, Lot 2, Block 40, $4,000, DBS

Countryside Land Company LLC to Saint James Company LLC, Louisa, Lots 10 and 11, Boulder Springs SD, $99,800, DBS

Thomas C. Hauser Jr. – Co. Trustee to Charles W. Underwood, Jackson, 43.9 acres, $259,600, DBS

Edward J. Albrigo to Whitney A. Michener, 1.476 acres, Lot 17, Cats Paw SD, $315,000, DBS

Soldd, LLC to Joseph E. Mangum, 1.03 acres, State Route 703, $142,549, DBS

Robert A. Kirby to Donald M. Johnson, Green Springs, 3.139 acres, Lot 4, $120,000, DBS

Jonathan M. Powell to James W. Pender, Louisa, 2.627 acres, Lot 3, Amanda Acres SD, $172,000, DBS

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Louisa, DB 1237, PG 682, $121,317.60, DTF

Heather D. Boswell to James T. East, Jackson, 3 acres, $235,000, DBS