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June 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following June real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Robert Patrick Hopewell to Nancy L. Hunt, Green Springs, 4.924 acres, Lot 2, Greenbriar SD, $170,000 DBS

Daniel L. Odom to Franklin W. Hart, Green Springs, Lots 722 and 723, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $130,000 DBS

John M. Barry to Molly Porter Kirk, Cuckoo, 6.098 acres, Lot 12, High Bank SD, $319,950 DBS

Fannie Mae to Catherine A. Reynolds, Green Springs, 6.204 acres, Lot 106, Section II, Mountian View Estates SD, $203,500 DBS

James J. Uchno to Michael Allen, Jackson, 1.04 acres, Lot 9, Section 1, $164,000 DBS

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to JP Morgan Chase Bank, Jackson, 1.593 acres, Parcels B1 and B2, $168,900 DQC

JP Morgan Chase Bank to James Kane, Jackson, 1.593 acres, $168,900 DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to William D. Mann, Jackson, Lot 14, Moorefields Landing SD, $203,100 DBS

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to John E. Reiter, Mineral, 1.5014 acres, Lot 62, Hidden Farm Estates SD, $115,000 DQ

Z605 LLC to Six-O-Five Mobile Home Group LLC, Louisa, 33.74 acres, 2.88 acres, 0.48 acre, 1.5 acres, 1.501 acres, $2,500,000 DBS

Ronald W. Jewell to Christopher Jones, Green Springs, Lot 75, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $131,400 DBS

New Boundaries LLC to James R. Howard, Town of Mineral, Lots 9-11, Block 54, $165,400 DBS

Patricia Elizabeth Carter to Christopher William Buddendeck, Town of Louisa, 0.58 acre, Lot A, $165,000 DBS

Justin M. Shimp to Steven E. Nestler, Louisa, Lot 147BC, Section III, Phase I, Mountain View Estate SD, $361,900 DBS

James B. Bagby to Susan Ordway Pfaltz, Mineral, 4.28 acres, Parcel B, $124,900, DBS

Hallmark Real Estate LLC to Three Notch Rd LLC, Louisa, 3.027 acres, Lot 2 and 40’ R/W, $400,000 DBS

A. Pieerce Stone to Weaverly Place Apartments LLC, Louisa, 5.743 acres, $850,000 DBS

Robert M. Lloyd to JJL III Farm LLC, Jackson, 146 acres, 0.17 acre, 144.92 acres, 0.8 acre, Parcel A and B, $607,700 DBS

Blaine J. Derryberry to Wayne O. Cannon, Green Springs, 2.83 acres, Lot 180, Section III, Phase III, Mountian View Estates SD, $305,000 DBS

Nina V. Karpets to Aleksey L. Karpets, Jackson, 2.228 acres, Tract 1D, $100,000 DBS

Gilbert S. Hawkins to Ralph P. Bookwalter, Jackson, 2.357 acres, Lot 1, Foxwood Manor SD, $475,000 DBS

Dennis Behrensen to Joshua R. Tate, Jackson, 27.499 acres, $110,000 DBS

Ascent Community Redevelopment to Veterans Marketing LLC, Green Springs, 0.528 acre, Lot 86, Phase I, $105,700 DBS

Fannie Mae to Harold Otis, Cuckoo, B9, Lake Anna Plaza, $300,900 DBS

Jason L. Wesbey to Walter Donald Stinger, Green Springs, Lot 655, $116,000 DBS

Daniel S. Breeden to Travis Morrison, Louisa, Lot 13, Section I, Spring Creek SD, $490,000 DBS

Traditional Homes of Albermarle to Brian J. Mchugh, Green Springs, 2.698 acres, Lot 1, $203,550 DBS

William J. Taylor to Paul Antoine Schwartz, Cuckoo, Lot 381, Phase 3, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $1,525,000 DBS

Dameron Investments LLC to William L. Smith, Jackson, 3.281 acres, Lot 32, Section 2, $128,500 DBS

LPP Mortgage LTD to Mark III LLC, Louisa, 2.723 acres, Parcel A, 0.277 acre, Parcel B, $113,300 DBS

Northwest Federal Credit Union to Terry Thornton, Mineral, Lot 220, Section V, Bluewater SD, $132,000 DBS

Alice D. Barton to Shema T. Von Tye, Town of Mineral, Lot 1, 2, 3, Block 83, $74,100 DBS

Jeffrey L. Boward to Ronald E. Bobo Jr., Cuckoo, Lot 103, Section II, Edgewood Bay SD, $48,000 DBS

Monarch Land LLC to Sena Nicole Becton, Louisa, Lot 7, Bays Farm SD, $160,750 DBS

William P. Burns to Larry W. Heffley, Green Springs, Lot 24, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $408,200 DBS

James C. Jamieson to Thad Jamieson, Cuckoo, Lot 27, Section 1, Shorewood SD, $225,000 DBS

James Allison Perkins Jr. to Sandy Au Harris, Louisa, 0.978 acre, $145,000 DBS

Brett T. Stadler to James Muller, Louisa, 0.262 acre, Lot 75, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $284,500 DBS

Richard Thomas to Michael Reed Marquardt, Green Springs, Lot 36, Section 1, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $305,000 DBS

Fannie Mae to Roger E. Fisher, Green Springs, 2.479 acres, $111,000 DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to Kathryn H. Carpenter, Louisa, 0.173 acre, Lot 34, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $75,000 DBS

Steven Shareff, Substitute trustee to Middleburg Bank, Louisa, 11 acres, $39,600 DBS

Phillip T. Spencer Jr. to John H. Grose, Mineral, 0.493 and 0.542, Lots 4 and 5, $80,000 DBS

Trumble Builders, Inc. to Johnathan Halperin, Louisa, 1.74 acres, Lot 6, $366,000 DBS

I & J Home Builders LLC to George T. Williams, Green Springs, 2.809 acres, Lot 4, Meltons Forest SD, $203,325.96 DBS

Kenny M. Harris to Thomas W. Nicholas Sr., Jackson, 1 acre, $20,000 DBS

Jeffrey J. Harrington to Blaine M. Martin, Louisa, DB 1308, Page 316, $274,975 DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR, Inc., Louisa, 0.2576 acre, Section 2, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $75,000 DBS

Michael G. Vose to Billy Ray Alford, Cuckoo, 3.748 acres, Lot 300, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $319,900 DBS

Doris Taylor Carroll to Michael P. Kotowski, Mineral, 26 acres, 11.728 acres, $294,300 DBS

James G. Dixon to Jose V. Garrabura, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Lot 170, Section III, Phase I, $235,000 DBS

Randolph F. Pleasents to Barry Conwell, Jackson, 2.51 acres, Lot 10, Pleasant Acres SD, $119,950 DBS

Amy M. Loggans to Sun-Sang J. Sung, Louisa, 1.74 acres, Lot 55, Section 1, Reedy Creek SD, $28,530 DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC to Beneficial Financial I Inc., Louisa, DB 1035, Page 635, $127,400 DTF

NVR, Inc. to Gail Landry, Louisa, Lot 5, Phase D, Section 2, Block B, Spring Creek SD, $325,742 DBS

Fannie Mae to Daniel J. Tucker, Louisa, 1.5 and 1.5 acres, Lots 2A and 2B, $155,000 DBS

Lewis M. Lautenslager to Phillip Sparta Sr., Louisa, 1.886 acres, Lot 57, Section I, Bien Venue Plantation SD, $194,500 DBS

F. G. Fitzsimmons Jr. to Ashley C. Sumner Young, Jackson, 2.1 acres, $182,000 DBS

Wade C. Hawkins to Bruce W. Hawkins, Louisa, 1.644 acres, Lot 124, $12,500 DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to I & J Home Builders LLC, Green Springs, Lot 18, Meltons Forest SD, $58,500 DBS

Thomas M. Basile to Hui Long Lin, Mineral, Lot 225, Section V, Bluewater SD, $290,000 DBS

Marsha Compton to Allen Bruce Michael, Cuckoo, Unit E-1, Lake Anna Plaza, $400,000 DBS

Samuel C. Harris Jr. to Walter D. Madison, Cuckoo, 201.07 acres, $500,000 DBS

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to David R. James, Jackson, 3 acres, $48,299 DBS

Snyder & Schneider Property to Jamie Antonio Marquez, Mineral, Lot 142, Phase 1-A, $69,900 DBS

Barbara Mandell to Thomas J. Mockbee, Jackson, 1.561 acres, Lot 7, Sailaway Bay SD, $455,000 DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Pamela Davis, Louisa, 1.43 acres, $25,000 DBS

Peggy A. Sheehan to Robert Lee Anderson, Green Springs, 5.058 acres, Lot 22, $215,000 DBS

NVR, Inc. to Timothy Smith, Louisa, Lot 25, Phase C, Section 1, Spring Creek SD, $381,538 DBS

West Street Partners LLP to Dameron Investments LLC, Town of Louisa, 0.82 acre, Lot A, $205,300 DBS

South Coast Investments LLC to Robert N. Daniels, Green Springs, 29.68 acres, Parcel 8, $210,000 DBS

William A. Cooke Inc. to James Barberio, Mineral, 20.34 acres, $71,200 DBS

Paul E. Cupka to Frederick G. Fitzsimmons, Louisa, 28.23 acres, Tract 1, $211,000 DBS

James A. Nunnally to Michael T. Moore, Green Springs, Lots 238B and 239, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $197,000 DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to Edward Robert Lewandowski, Louisa, 0.173 acre, Lot 35, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $464,270 DBS

Richard K. Rogers to Thomas W. Barrow, Cuckoo, 3.792 acres, Lot 108, $333,400 DBS

Russell W. Mullins to Joseph Kairys, Jackson and Cuckoo, 2.198 acres, $492,000 DBS