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March 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

Leslie Haughton to Ronald E. Baron, Louisa, Lot 199, Section III, Phases II-III, Mountain View Estates SD, $389,000 (DBS)

John C. Rogers to William V. West Jr., Jackson, 1.821 acres, Lot 2, $674,000 (DBS)

Joann F. Jefferson to Elaine L. Kirby, Green Springs, 4.91 acres, Lot 3, $187,600 (DBS)

Surety Trustees LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, $142,649.74 (DTF)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Erica Contreras, Mineral, 2.13 acres, $91,000 (DBS)

Wittstadt Title and Escrow Company to Deutsche Bank National Trust, Louisa, DB 997, PG 814, $258,100 (DTF)

Fannie Mae to Thomas Michael Radtke, Jackson, 2.507 acres, Lot 6, $156,400 (DBS)

Marjorie W. Quisenberry to Rene L. Gutierrez, Louisa, 29 acres, $118,400 (DBS)

Wayne F. Vucovich to Richard T. Gillespie, Cuckoo, Lot 13, Section 1, Lakeshore Woods SD, $65,000 (DBS)

Michael Konopatsky to Erik A. Nelson, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Lot 81, Section II, Mountain View Estates, $258,000 (DBS)

Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Green Springs,  2.052 acres, Lot 3, $119,900 (DBS)

Springleaf Financial Services to James C. Tucei, Louisa, 1.85 acres, $125,600 (DBS)

John C. Wiger to Leroy E. Myers Jr., Mineral, 1.344 acres, Lot 32, Cats Paw Cove SD, $805,000 (DBS)

Jeremiah Gibson to Mary L. Beacon, Louisa, 1.506 acres, Lot 7, Jumping Branch SD, $165,000 (DBS)

ALG Trustee LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1119, PG 773, $204,758.36 (DTF)

Travis E. Degen to Gary Mullin, Jackson, 16.68 acres, $303,300 (DBS)

Vanderbuilt Mortgage and Finance to Timothy E. Sterner, Mineral, 3 acres, Lot 24, Bend of the River SD, $137,300 (DBS)

Timothy Easton Morris to Ronnie Jackson Batman, Green Springs, 18.091 acres, $90,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR Inc., Louisa, 0.1722 acre, Lot 5, Section 2, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $75,000 (DBS)

Shirley C. Holtzlander to Wells Fargo Financial, Louisa, DB 1137, PG 103 $168,863.23 (DLF)

Bank of New York Mellon to Mason S. Brugh, Jackson, Lot 7, $191,300 (DBS)

Ashley Dare Miller to Joseph Barnes, Jackson, 5.72 acres, Lot 6, $159,300 (DBS)

Lloyd Greenville Hale to Sara Sale, Green Springs, 2.169 acres, Lot 4, Hickory Creek Estates SD, $139,200 (DBS)

William A Cooke, Inc. to Barbra Wagner-Melnikov, Green Springs, 3.444 acres, Lot 3, Meltons Forest SD, $33,150 (DBS)

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Mark V. Dalton, Green Springs, 5.722 acres, Lot 14, Meltons Forest SD, $35,500 (DBS)

Logan Sinclair LTD Partnership to Mary E. Alexander, Louisa, 1.5 acres, Lot 2, DB 1075, PG 489, $250,000 (DBS)

Phillip A. Rine to Citi Financial, Inc., Louisa, $166,701.24 (DLF)

Jeanette Napper to Faulconer Construction Company, Louisa, 57.547 acres, $325,000 (DBS)

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Vuong Pham, Cuckoo, 3.092 acres, Lot 2, Meadowview Estate SD, $114,400 (DBS)

James S. Kane to Peter J. Van Maenen, Cuckoo, 0.937 acre, Lot 10, Lake Anna SD, $47,500 (DBS)

Faith M. Balita to Christopher L. Williamson, Jackson, 5.1 acres, Lot 7, $145,000 (DBS)

Janet V. Purcell to Stephen Detwiler, Green Springs, 4.526 acres, Lot 88, $77,000 (DBS)

Robert F. Clemmons to Carols L. Hart, Jackson, Lot 14, Beagle Run SD, $269,000 (DBS)

Diane M. Mitchell to Jason B. Hall, Jackson, 2.41 acres, Lot 6, $127,100 (DBS)

EH Pooled Investments LP to Gina D. Steppe, Louisa, 0.579 acre, $64,800 (DBS)

Fannie Mae to Claudine Morgan, Louisa, Lot 27, Green Springs Acres SD, $111,200 (DBS)

James Canfield to James M. Whalan Jr., Green Springs, 1.79 acres, Lot 1, $50,000 (DBS)

Carl E. Tate to Brian C. Sharpe, Cuckoo, 5 acres, tract 6A, $107,000 (DBS)

Mary D. Ellis, Trustee to Vuong Pham, Cuckoo, interest in 3.4 acres,  $46,300 (DBS)

Dru S. Josline to Jane A. Myers, Cuckoo, 10.09 acres, $62,718 (DBS)

Michael S. Kinzer to Christopher S. Houser, Cuckoo, 2.372 acres, Lot 1, Hidden Acres SD, $166,000 (DBS)

Cecil G. Moore to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Louisa, DB 1306. PG 888, $162,455.53 (DTF)

Leroy W. Bauserman to Paul C. Bacon, Jackson, 2.96 acres, Lot 14, Bella Woods SD, $224,400 (DBS)

Kenny J. Harper to Rick Pergande, Mineral, 3 acres, $185,000 (DBS)

Barbara C. McManus to Barbara Kean Cassidy, Cuckoo, Lot 5, $213,200 (DBS)

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, DB 1051, PG 871, $187,464 (DTF)

George C. Kern to Mathew Goodloe, Jackson, 5.008 acres, Lot 9, Country Day Estates SD, $177,500 (DBS)

Robert E. Smith to William P. Storer, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Lot 8, Phase V, Green Springs Estates SD, $354,000 (DBS)

Equity Trustees LLC to US Bank National Assoc., Mineral, 1.53 acres, $93,500 (DTF)

Fannie Mae to James F. Austin III, Green Springs, Lot 605, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $52,000 (DBS)

Wells Fargo Bank to Grayson A. Hoffman, Louisa 1.39 acres, Lot 5, Reedy Creek SD, $285,300 (DBS)

Tauhida B. Ahmad to Glenn L. Mouritzen, Cuckoo, Lot 334, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $334,100 (DBS)

Michael K. Bolton to Samuel M. Jones, Jackson, 3.038 acres, Lot 5R, $395,100 (DBS)

Fannie Mae to Bryant O. Taylor, Louisa, 3.318 acres, Lot 18, $131,800 (DBS)

Joseph D. Gammon to Kenneth L. Gammon, Jackson, 0.496 acre, $117,100 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, 0.148 acres, Lot 25, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $85,000 (DBS)

Lee S. Nunnally to Leonard A. Bailey, Green Springs, Lot 118, Section III, Phase I, Mountian View Estate, $325,000 (DBS)

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Brian W. Love, Jackson, Lot 4, Sandy Point SD, $775,400 (DBS)

Suntrust Bank to Jordan B. Hawkins, Jackson, 1.26 acres, Lot 124, Noah’s Landing SD, $67,400 (DBS)

Ella M. Flatt to William A. Cooke, Inc., Green Springs, 3.01 acres, Parcel A1C, $75,000 (DBS)

Roger Wombold to William E. Conley, Green Springs, Lots 586, 587, 588, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $145,000 (DBS)

Branch Banking and Trust to John D. Divine, Louisa, 0.917 acre, $111,800 (DBS)

Alice R. Crothers to Marshall Wade Wilson II, Green Springs, 9.127 acres, $45,000 (DBS)

Commonwealth Property Investment to Karl Hartenstine, Green Springs, Lot 656, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $71,000 (DBS)

Brian W. Mark to Robert Hanlon, Cuckoo, Lot 58, Pine Harbour SD, $556,000 (DBS)

Seth E. Twery to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Louisa, DB 682, PG 236, $143,400 (DTF)

Commonwealth Property Investment to Bobby L. Eddy, Jackson, 2.088 acres, $79,000 (DBS)

Jennifer L. Waldrop to Brandon Klaty, Cuckoo, 2.87 acres, Lot 4, $140,800 (DBS)

Samuel I. White to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Louisa, DB 1133, PG 276, $211,483 (DTF)

Houston LLC to Wanda D. Alexander, Jackson, 10 acres, Lot 5, Belschers Farms SD, $56,500 (DBS)

Samuel I. White to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1036, PG 671, $190,468 (DTF)

Victorian Properties LLC to Anthony S. Duncan, Green Springs, 5 acres, Lot 13, $215,000 (DBS)

Thomas E. Clune Jr. to Crystal Nicole Clune, Jackson, 5.003 acres, Parcel A, $145,000 (DBS)

PNC Bank to Troy Sacra, Cuckoo, Lot 363, Phase SE2, The Waters at Lake Anna, $53,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Michael L. Dalton, Green Springs, Lot 38, Section I, Phase C, Spring Creek SD $431,955 (DBS)

Surety Trustees LLC to JP Morgan Chase Bank, Louisa, DB 1205, PG 800, $156,400 (DTF)

William Lobosco to Lloyd J. Wilson, Louisa, 0.351 acre, Lot 23, Section N, Spring Creek SD, $417,400 (DBS)

Paul S. Bliley to Virginia Community Bank, Cuckoo, 3.9 acres, Lot 6, $52,400 (DBS)

Stephen K. Christenson to Virginia Housing Development, Louisa, $127,000 (DTF)

Brittany N. Snoddy to Allen S. Parrish Jr., Louisa, 1.5 acres, Lot 9, $104,000 (DBS)

Commonwealth Property Investment to Vicki L. Jones, Jackson, 2.41 acres, Lot 3, $129,000 (DBS)

Shannon Radtke to John Giles Speh, Louisa, 2.767 acres, Lot A, $222,000 (DBS)

Monarch Land LLC to Reggie O. Brown, Louisa, Lot 6, Bays Farm SD, $141,200 (DBS)

Jeff T. Chapman to Jessie Benjamin Strickland, Mineral, 11.75 acres, $275,100 (DBS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to James Kane, Green Spings, Lot 830, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $30,000 (DBS)

James Scott Leonard to James S. Leonard, Jackson, 0.9234 acre, Lot 2, $10 (DBS)

Thomas B. Fitzgerald Jr. to Shawn and Stephanie Knight, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, $122,000 (DBS)

Traditional Homes of Albermare to John and Robbie Davis, Green Springs, 15.946 acres, Lot 4, $219,650 (DBS)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Debra Kay Archer, Jackson, 2.009 acres, Lot 26, Section 2, Rock Creek Estates SD, $141,100 (DBS)

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale

DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure

DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner

DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

DG- Deed of Gift

DP- Deed of Partition

DQC- Deed of Quit Claim

DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce

DIT- Deed In Trust

DISC- Disclaimer

DBSLE- Deed of Bargain and Sale with Life Estate