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November 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following November real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Evergreen Property Investments to Shannon Hull, Jackson, 1.615 acres, $143,000, DBS

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Acorn Community, Mineral, 3.37 acres, South Beach Hills SD, $100,000, DQC

Ronald P. Mickens to Justin K. Purgason, Jackson, 5.026 acres, $184,300, DBS

Kristen Leigh Custer to Norman O. Profitt, Cuckoo, 1.84 acres, Lot 15, Laurel Ridge Drive SD, $170,000, DBS

Heather S. Nelson to Family Dollar Store of Virginia, Town of Mineral, Lots 6-8, 22-24 and Block 78, $40,000, DBS

Martha W. High – Trustee to Family Dollar Store of VA, Inc., Town of Mineral, Lots 1-5, 17-21, Block 78, $50,000, DBS

WACF LLC to Stephen W. Comer, Mineral, 1.216 acres, Parcel A, $79,100, DBS

Lake Anna 522 LLC to Frederick W. Barlow, Town of Mineral, 0.184 acre, Lots 5A and 6A, $155,000. DBS

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited to Vacation Trust, Inc., Green Springs, Interest. in Units 513D, 517D, Week 36, 6, 7F, $52,300, DBS

Ginger Investments LLC to Mark E. Schneider, Louisa, Lot 6, Block A, Melton Manor SD, $124,900, DBS

JWH Lee LLC to Fans, Inc., Green Springs, 0.779 acres, Parcels 1 and 2, $450,000, DBS

Samuel I. White – Sub. Trustee to FFC Properties LLC, Jackson, 5.291 acres, Parcel A2B, $78,617, DTF

HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. to Andrew Slonopas, Green Springs, Lot 78, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $112,800, DBS

Michael Sobel to Andrew D. Fletcher, Green Springs, Lot 37, Section 2, Phase A, $325,000, DBS

Barbara Lee Cleveland to Laura J. Britts, Jackson, Lot L, Aldridge Farms SD, $165,000, DBS

James G. Hultgren to Michael A. Friedman, Cuckoo, 5.08, 11.3, 15.25, 22.25, 25.36 acres, $354,500, DBS

Paul E. Morris to Samuel A. Dean, Green Springs, 3.33 acres, $229,100, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, Lot 48, Section 2, Phase D, Block B, Spring Creek SD, $109,000, DBS

Surety Trustee LLC to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, Louisa, DB 1138, PG 339, $109,321.31, DTF

Michelle M. Kearney-Spratt to Richard V. Shiflett, Green Springs, 5 acres, $52,000, DBS

Mack R. Houston to James G. Hultren, Mineral, 1.869 acres, Lot 4A, $210,000, DBS

Nectar Projects, Inc. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Louisa, DB 1071, PG 200, $105,000, DTF

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, Mineral, 1.659 acres, Lot A1A, $114,900, DBS

Hillary Whitley – Trustee to Michael Wren Sigrest, Louisa, 3.529 acres, Lot 5, Lakeview Farms SD, $499,000, DBS

Estate of Ruby I. Seay to Veniamin B. Turlak, Jackson, Lot 1, West Chapel SD, $120,000, DBS

Annie Giles Smith to STM Investment LLC, Jackson, 20.2 acres, Parcel A, $210,000, DBS

James W. Whitaker to Kathryn A. Mihalich, Cuckoo, 1.934 acres, Lot 125, Freshwater Estate SD, $609,000, DBS

Estate of Ronald R. Brown to Chester A. Harvey Sr., Jackson, 5.03 acres, Lot 34, Louisa Farms SD, $55,000, DBS

Wells Fargo Financial System to Cynndara Morgan, Mineral, 4.06 acres, $83,500, DBS

Fulton Bank to Mid Point Industrial Park LLC, Louisa, Lots 10-14, Midpoint Industrial Park SD, $140,000, DBS

Rita E. Bagby to David Hicks, Jackson, 3.46 acres, Lot 1, Holly Grove, $35,000, DBS

Samuel I. White – PC to Quicken Loans, Inc., Louisa, DB 1276, PG 887, $345,782, DTF

Walker Title LLC to Michael Wehausen, Cuckoo, 0.94 acre, Lot 65, Oak Landing on Lake Anna SD, $255,000, DBS

Grady Chavis Jr. to Lindsey Stevenson, Mineral, 1.5 acres, $168,250, DBS

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Foundation Residential LLC, Louisa, DB 1049, PG 823, $62,600, DTF

Roy M. Terry Jr. to Ti Lea Ann Downing, Louisa, Lot 13, $142,600, DBS

Equity Trustee LLC to J.P. Morgan Chase National Bank, Louisa, DB 706, PG 894, $58,452.23, DTF

Equity Trustee LLC to J.P. Morgan Chase National Bank, Louisa, DB 1033, PG 226, $123,250, DTF

LB Associates LLC to Kenneth L. Currier, Cuckoo, 1.752 acres, $79,900, DBS

Equity Trustees LLC to J.P. Morgan Chase National Bank, Louisa, Lot 44, Phase 1A, Countryside SD, $165,900, DTF

Phillip H. Miller – PC to Countryside Land Company LC, Louisa, Lots 2-14, Boulder Springs SD, $560,600, DBS

Robbie M. Thomas to Charles D. McNutt, Mineral, 5 acres, $20,000, DBS

Wittstadt Title and Escrow Company to Citi Mortgage, Inc., Louisa, Instrument No. 130006052, $226,700, DTF

Tonna B. Buono -Trustee to Chun Xin Huang, Green Springs, Lot 7 and 8, Section 3, Phase A, Spring Creek Townhouses SD, $60,000, DBS

United Registrar of Systems, Inc. to Janine R. Barnes, Town of Mineral, Lots 4-7, Block 40, $179,700, DBS

Larry A. Foley to Daniel G. Thompson, Jackson, 2.5526 acres, $158,300, DBS

Richard W. Sponaugle to Alan Williams, Louisa, 5.05 acres, Lot 2, $44,100, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods LP to Bruce A. Morgan, Louisa, 0.355 acres, Lot 30, Section 1, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $408,783, DBS

Jesse R. Austin to Havens Starr, Louisa, 23.239 acres, Parcel 1, $156,517, DBS

Snyder & Schneider Property Development LLC to Jeffrey Van Penny, Mineral, Lot 150, Phase 1-A, Cutalong SD, $142,000, DBS

Brian Davis Woodward to Boyd Cash LLC, Louisa, 8.408, Parcel A, 8.406 acres, Parcel B, $99,000, DBS

Samer M. Atawheh to Gary Alan Murphy Jr., Jackson, 3 acres, $149,000, DBS

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Nathan Newcomb, Cuckoo, 3.03 acres, Lot 19, Laurel Ridge SD, $116,100, DBS

Donnie Lee Hill to Jonathan E. Haag, Green Springs, 15 acres, $180,300, DBS

Stapleton M. Lawrence to Charles S. Perkins, Louisa, 6.24 acres. Lot 3A, Parcel 1, 6.239 acres, Lot 3B, Parcel 2, $37,400, DBS

Stapleton M. Lawrence to Charles S. Perkins, Louisa, Interest In 12.479 acres, $37,400, DBS

Stapleton M. Lawrence to Charles S. Perkins, Louisa, Interest In 37.436 acres, $112,300, DBS

Stapleton M. Lawrence to Charles S. Perkins – Trustee, Louisa, Interest In 25 acres, $100,000, DBS

Stapleton M. Lawrence to Charles S. Perkins – Trustee, Louisa, Interest In 58.16 acres, $296,600, DBS

Sun LLC to Phillip A. Landfried, Jackson, 0.887 acres, Lot 30, Section B, Jerdone Island SD, $29,000, DBS

Sun LLC to Alan S. Cason, Jackson, 0.97 acre, Lot 30, Section A, Jerdone Island SD, $26,000, DBS

Ethan A. Stein to Daniel M. Brehm, Louisa, Lot 7, 50’ R/W, Jayln SD, $520,000, DBS

Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc. to Kenneth S. Buynak, Louisa, 2.876 acres, Lot 4, Bells Crossroads Farms SD, $162,750, DBS

James Kane to Kevin Weatherford, Jackson, 1.593 acres, Parcel B2, $150,000, DBS

Jennifer Carter to Brent B. Daughtrey, Green Springs, 1 acre, Lot A, $155,500, DBS

Paul J. Dierdorf to Ervin J. Blowe, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Lot 151, Section III, Phase 1, $278,000, DBS

Robert E. Pippin to James E. Fifer Jr., Louisa, 4.26 acres, $30,000. DBS

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Neal Stone, Cuckoo, 7.01 acres, $165,000, DBS

Larry E. Williams to Willie Joe Lau, Louisa, 5.148 acres, Lot 1, Thalia Shores SD, $635,000, DBS

Francis J. Collins to Arthur J. Depuy, Cuckoo, 0.918 acre, Lot 58, Section I, Edgewood Bay SD, $39,500, DBS

Beneficial Financial I, Inc. to Jesse Franklin Lowman, Cuckoo, 0.994 acre, $58,000, DBS

George Douglas Davis Jr. to Michael A. Weimer, Louisa, 3.12 acres, Lot 3 and 50’ R/W, $194,000, DBS

J.P. Morgan Chase National Bank to Richard Eugene Van Shiflett, Louisa, 0.689 acre, Lot B, $66,000, DBS

Branch Banking and Trust Company to James Scott Kane, Mineral, 3.07 acres, Lot 8, Section C, Ridgemont SD, $161,500, DBS

Fannie Mae to Christopher Jarvis, Mineral, 2.463 acres, Parcel A, $102,600, DBS