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September 2013 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following September real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Sandra G. Wright to Bradley Wren Williams, Jackson, Lot 3, Section A, Block A, Holly Ridge SD, $50,000, DBS

Calvin G. Perkins to Davil Scott Haney, Louisa, 3.343 acres, Parcel 2B, $50,000, DBS

Bernice L. Martin to Gloria M. Reyes, Town of Louisa, 2.809 acres, Lot 1, $192,500, DBS

Paul R. Hawes to Lynda D. McInnis, Green Springs, Lot 256, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $340,000, DBS

Brian L. Bantz to Jennifer Ruth Garrett, Louisa, Lot 134, Bien Venue Plantation SD, $215,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Christine Burke, Louisa, Lot 32, Section 2, Block B, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $303,090, DBS

Jack D. Matthews to Patrick M. Dunn, Cuckoo, 1.332 acres, Lot 4, $356,000, DBS

Purcell Rentals & Investments LLC to Charles F. Purcell – Trustee, Town of Louisa, 0.674 acres, $302,900, DBS

Kimberly L. Cromwell to Owen Ragland, Louisa, 1 acre, $81,300, DBS

Samuel I. White to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Louisa, DB 1038, PG 33, $136,000, DTF

Home for Our Troops to Matthew R. Pennington, Jackson, 2 acres, $183,100, DBS

Veniamin B. Turlak to Lisa M. Haigler, Jackson, 2 acres, Lot 1, Cumber Estates SD, $96,900, DBS

Surety Trustee LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, DB 1164, PG 740, $119,000, DTF

Spring Creek Land Development to George A. Kingston Jr., Louisa, Lot 38, Section 2, Phase D, Block B, Spring Creek SD, $125,000, DBS

Dawn Nichole Dearden to Thomas R. Pitcher, Cuckoo, 1.033 acres, Lot 8, Section 1, $212,000, DBS

Samuek I. White, PC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, DB 997, PG 261, $154,067, DTF

Nancy V. D. Somoza to Kevin E. Hall, Jackson, 133.75 acres, $277,050, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to Dan F. Griffin, Green Springs, 0.2891 acre, Lot 9, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $154,000, DBS

Jimmie Hoytt Carroll to Lee D. Ford, Louisa, 2.92 acres, Parcel A, $150,000, DBS

Donald R. Jones to Brandon Jerry Benson, Louisa, 1.5 acres, Lot 216, Section III, Phase III, Mountain View Estate SD, $270,000, DBS

Snyder & Schneider Property Development to David H. Terharr, Mineral, Lot 140, $70,000, DBS

Richard C. Morrow to Kevin D. Sumida, Cuckoo, 1.108 acres, Lot 2, Ruth Estate SD, $640,800, DBS

Mary A. Bagby to Thomas W. Nicholas Sr., Jackson, 6.089 acres, $25,000, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Stacy Horn, Mineral, 2.59 acres, Lot 3, Double L Acres SD, $249,000, DBS

Dorothy Mitchell to Chad D. Hensley, Green Springs, 33.514 acres, Parcel D, $145,000, DBS

Snyder & Scheinder Property Development to Richard R. Wax, Mineral, 0.47 acre, Lot 155, Phase 1-A, Cutalong SD, $110,000, DBS

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited to Vacation Trust, Inc., Green Springs, Int. in unit 509D, 754D, 754D, Week 30, 21, 22F, $65,300 DBS

Nathan M. Dishman to Valarie D. Brown, Louisa, Lot 7, Section 1, Reedy Creek SD, $274,100, DBS

Darin T. Dunham to Judith M. Ricci, Louisa, 2.94 acres, Lot U, $117,000, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Branch Banking & Trust Company, Mineral, 3.07 acres, Lot 8, Section C, $242,400, DQC

Fox Branch LLC to Andre Galitsky, Jackson, 4 acres, $18,000, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Jessica K. Barnett, Green Springs, 1.502 acres, Lot 2A1, $ 157,870, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Erik C. Duke, Mineral, 2.8 acres, Lot 9, Double L Acres SD, $225,795, DBS

Cavalier Custom Homes LLC to Charles R. Stigberg II, Louisa, 2.22 acres, Lot 7, $169,950, DBS

Jeffrey B. Briner to Kelly S. Frame, Green Springs, Lot 197, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $128,000, DBS

Johnson Construction Company, Inc. to Stacy A. Reeser, Jackson, 2.45 acres, Lot 14, $208,340, DBS

William R. Shiflet Jr. to William Henry Randolph II, Green Springs, 4.232 acres, Lot 1, $250,000, DBS

Edward H. Richardson to Craig R. Trautman, Cuckoo, 4.06 acres, $148,400, DBS

Bear Investment Company LP to Sunset Cove Lake Anna LLC, Mineral, 57 acres, $2,350,000, DBS

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Timothy C. Thompson, Cuckoo, 24.098 acres, $179,400, DBS

Janet V. Nuckolls to Louis Gaginis, Jackson, 1.02 acres, Lot 10, Section I, Clear Water SD, $99,800, DBS

Sandy William Mitchell Jr. to Spencer Torrey Hill, Mineral, 7 acres, Lot 22, $49,400, DBS

Virginia Community Bank to Kris Dorsey, Cuckoo, 4.075 acres, Lot 4, $43,400, DBS

Brian S. Gunn to Kayla L. M. Worrell, Louisa, 1.502 acres, Lot 4, Jumping Branch SD, $200,500, DBS

Robert M. Propst to Russell J. Burney, Cuckoo, 1.027 acres, Lot 42, Section 1, Cuckoos Nest SD, $339,800, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to David J. H. Eames, Green Springs, 0.368 acre, Lot 20, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $112,520, DBS

C. Lynn Turner to Kathleen R. Witmer, Cuckoo, 2.323 acres, Lot 4, $157,500, DBS

Gregory A. Seay to Matthew A. Clark, Mineral, Lot 8, Squires Corner SD, $133,900, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Patrick N. Collins, Green Springs, Parcel A1C, $96,000, DBS

John R. Davis to Jimmie A. Mangum, Jackson, 1.91 acres, Lot 4, Locust Hill SD, $141,000, DBS

Jose M. Bouza II to Gracia W. Bahng, Cuckoo, 10.058 acres, Lot 429, Phase 3, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $82,000, DBS

Surety Trustee LLC to M&T Bank, Louisa, DB 1314, PG 664, $149,800, DTF

Steven C. Epps to Christopher Patrick Kendrick, Jackson, 1.69 acres, $157,900, DBS

Commonwealth Asset Service LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1028, PG 787, $204,753.74, DTF

Thomas F. McKone to Piedmont Neighborhoods LP, Louisa, 0.355 acre, Section 1, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $82,000, DBS

Nathan L. Newcomb to John D. Robbins IV, Green Springs, 9.052 acres, Lot 4, Section I, Tisdale SD, $208,000, DBS

Mark G. Wirth to Regina Elizabeth Myers, Green Springs, Lot 312, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $46,300, DBS

Mark G. Wirth to Regina Elizabeth Myers, Green Springs, Lot 311, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $290,000, DBS

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Suntrust Mortgage, Inc., Jackson, Lot 33, $126,300, DTF

Evans & Bryant PLC to University of Virginia Community Credit Union, Louisa, DB 1167, PG 740, $18,666.09, DTF

John E. Thomasson – Trustee to Pamela L. Thompson, Cuckoo, 1.717 acres, Lot 8, Thomasson’s 775 SD, $29,400, DBS

Joesph E. Gallagher to Christopher F. Maxwell, Louisa, 1.97 & 0.03 acres, $219,000, DBS

Christopher Brandon Noell to T&T Residential Development LLC, Green Springs, Lot 1193, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $12,000, DBS

Joan D. Coney to Ginger M. Happe, Cuckoo, 5.929 acres, $168,000, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods LP to Margaret H. Munley, Louisa, Lot 22A, Section 3, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $277,110, DBS

Patrick J. Dolan to Anita L. David, Cuckoo, 0.919 acre, Lot 102, Edgewood Bay SD, $70,400, DBS

HSBC Bank USA to Richard Hicks, Jackson, 2.898 acres, 4.19 acres, $140,299, DBS

Joseph T. Arrell to Thomas Robert Bowman Jr., Green Springs, Lot 824, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $118,000, DBS

Equity Trustees LLC to Federal Home loan Mortgage, Louisa, DB 801, PG 726, $127,654.83, DTF

Surety Trustees LLC to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National, Louisa, DB 1123, PG 969, $81,847.18, DTF

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal National Morgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1036, PG 998, $134,543.91, DTF

Daniel Ricker to JZNMK Lake LLC, Cuckoo, Lot 336, Phase 3, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $313,200, DBS

James Patras to Miguel A. Rodriguez Sr., Green Springs, 8 acres, $152,700, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Tommy L. Moore, Louisa, Lot 1, Section 2, Block B, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $329,640, DBS

Timothy J. McDonald to Delmer L. Ratliff, Cuckoo, Lot 1, Millpond Coves SD, $20,000 DBS

Virginia Community Bank to Yvonne Burgess, Louisa, 6.13 acres, Parcel B, $20,000, DBS

Richard E. McCoy Jr. to David Lee Chistenson, Jackson, Lot 5, 10’ R/W, Hickory Landing SD, $130,000, DBS

Elizabeth Wengert Phillips to John E. Jewell, Jackson, 5.75 acres, Parcel A, $293,700, DBS

Sheryl M. Bach, Louisa, DB 1055, PG 324, $224,636.53, DLF