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April 2014 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following April real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Cava Capital, LLC to Liberty Homes, Inc., 1.5 acres, Lot 4, $26,000, DBS

Traditional Homes of Albermarle, LTD to Melissa S. Lonce, 1.71 acres, Lot 5, Harris Creek Estates SD, $199,900, DBS

Fannie Mae to Faye E. Charles, Lot 6, Gun Barrel Ridge SD, $238,300, DBS

Erin Dawn Abercrombie Ryan – Executive to Galen L. Strong, Lots 1-16, Block 84, $275,000, DBS

Crystal Gayle Chaffin Woods to Gary L. Hess, 3.96 acres, Lot 3, $97,000, DBS

MDG Contracting & Design, LLC to Christopher K. Sullivan, Jackson, 9.744 acres, $260,000, DBS

Allen Page Kemp to Lloyds Investments, Inc., Louisa, Phase 1A, $175,600, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Sharon G. Brandenburer-Shasby, Lot 32, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $104,000, DBS

Jeffrey A. Scharf to Jacouty Corp., 4 acres, West Old Mountian Rd., $41,000, DSC

Jeffrey A. Scharf to Specialty Supportive Housing Corp., 3.29 acres, $9,900, DCS

Jeffrey A. Scharf to Michael H. Riner, 8 acres, $20,000, DCS

Maple Springs Investments, LLC to Michael A. Cleaves, 1.122 acres, Lot 39, Maple Springs SD, $320,000, DBS

Eric E. Pritchett to Anita M. Thompson, Lot 6, Halwick Estates SD, $125,300, DBS

EWP Regions Investment Company, LLC to Castleberry Homes, Inc., Lot 15, Section 1, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $69,400, DBS

Sun, LLC to Hilda Drazdowsky, 1.07 acres, Parcel E1, $184,800, DBS

William F. Martin to Theresa M. Perala, 1.18 acres, Lot 8, $434,000, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mark Douglas Baldwin, Lot 20, Mountian View Estates SD, $159,800, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Roy R. Davinson, 1.01 acres, Lot A2, $123,300, DBS

Timothy E. Duncan to Richard E. Eckert, 2 acres, Lot A, $9,000, DBS

Warren L. Sutherland to Warren L. Sutherland, Mineral, 5.6 and 5.795 acres, Lot 10, $294,300, DEX

Central Virginia Investments, LC to Dickinson’s Store General Merchant, 1.63 acres, $15,000, DBS

Village Bank to New Venture Real Estate, LLC, Lots 7, 10 and 11, Meadow Forest SD, $82,400, DBS

Christine M. Coquery to Nancy K. Kay, Lot 67, Section I, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $391,000, DBS

Crossroads Land and Development to SCPB Properties, LC, 1 acre, $400,000, DBS

Commonwealth Property Investments, LLC to Carolyn Hairston, Lot 3C, $119,000, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Chadwick L. Tudor, Lot 98, Mill Run SD, $80,000, DBS

Dameron Investments, LLC to Timothy R. Bugas Jr., 3.168 acres, Lot 4, $263,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to William B. Mathis Jr., Lot 31, Shannon Glen SD, $199,900, DBS

Old Dominion Trustees, Inc. to Fidelity Bank, Lot 2, Winding Ridge SD, $164,215.09, DTF

Tyree, LLC to Gill M. Taylor-Tyree, 2.9 acres, Lot 2, $20,059, DBS

Jeffrey S. Newkirk to Raymond M. Powers, 5.169 acres, Lot 16, $207,000, DBS

Jack L. Grubbs Jr. to Virginia Housing Development Authority, 4.977 acres, Parcel 6, $153,000, DTF

W. W. Whitlock Agency, Inc. to Commonwealth Property Investments, Lots 1, 2, 7, 17, 18, $141,500, DBS

Monarch Land, LLC to Patrick Christopher Headley, Lot 16, Andrew’s Crossing SD, $230,000, DBS

Marshall R. Snead to Bollocks International, LLC, 195.74 acres, $485,000, DBS

Borden Estates, LLC to Ronald Brian LeCarpentier, Lot 5, Winding Ridge SD, $154,000, DBS

Stellarone Bank to Fox Branch, LLC, 1.285 acres, $47,900, DBS

Kai Hui to Sean M. Robinson, 2.96 acres, Lot 16, $128,900, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Earl V. Jorgensen, Lot 15, Section 1, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $135,000, DBS

James Monroe Martin Jr. – Executive to Salvatore Anile, Louisa, 5.9 acres, $113,400, DBS

Fannie Mae to Bharat Deore, $111,700, DBS

Lidia M. Garner to Franklin Oscar Rose III, Lot 109, Section III, Windwood Coves SD, $380,000, DBS

Anita Clements Frazier to George A. Kail, 8.358 acres, Louisa County, $50,000, DBS

Robert Downing – Trustee to Alexis Lester Zeigler, Town of Louisa, 3.93 acres, $125,300, DBS

CMH Homes, Inc. to Steven J. Osgood, Lot 12, Double Springs Estate SD, $185,100, DBS

NVR, Inc. to John H. Mikalchus, Lot 30, Phase D, Section 2, Block B, $314,139, DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC to JP Morgan Chase National Bank Assoc., Lot 2, $136,100, DTF

Ashley R. Shumaker to Deborah Faye Johnson, 2 acres, Lot 8, $150,000, DBS

Deidra Buchanan to Wallace L. Tingler – Trustee, Mineral, 5.001 acres, Lot 2, $124,800, DBS

Quicken Loans, Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Developmennt, Lot 64, Section I, Shorewood SD, $350,800, DBS

Commonwealth Property Investments to Darrick L. Burley, Lot 3, Clearview Farms SD, $159,00, DBS

Ivey O. Huff to Beverly R. Prather, Lot 2, $194,900, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Erika Johnson, Jackson, 3.39 acres, $223,200, DBS

Michele S. Greep to Kenneth L. Fowlkes, 5.42 acres, Parcel A, $46,100, DBS

David Abarca to Calab A. Lovelace, Lot 16, Section 2, Phase D, Block B, Spring Creek SD, $241,100, DBS

Edward L. Moore to John K. Tanner, Lots 3-5, Windy Hills SD, $376,100, DBS

OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC to Secretary of the United States Department of Housing, Lot 41, $110,200, DQC

Trevor Casey Nardone to Jennifer B. Myer, Louisa, Lot 116, Section III, Reedy Creek SD, $278,000, DBS

Arc Enterprises, LLC to Mike Altarace, Lots 1-3, Halwick Estates, $103,100, DBS

Richmond Postal Credit Union to Timothy Gillespie, 5.875 acres, $35,000, DBS

Alexander H. Burruss to Jefferson M. Catlett, 7.578 acres, $50,400, DBS

Edward L. Moore Sr. to Matthew P. Miller, 1.882 acres, Lot 6, Windy Acres SD, $105,000, DBS

Guy R. Middleton to Jesus R. Escobedo, 16.12 acres, Tract III, $55,500, DBS

Equity Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Assets Recovery 23, LLC, 5 acres, Lot 42, $149,800, DTF

Daniel H. Redfearn Jr. to Patricia A. Martin, Cuckoo, 0.75 acre, Parcel A, $136,500, DBS

Myron P. Cohen – Trustee to James B. Baugh Jr., Lot 6, Zion Springs SD, $285,200, DBS

Charles V. Hartz to Glenda E. Bradley, Louisa, 0.209 acre, Section 2, Phase A, $280,000, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Pamela M. Black-Lemon, 2.58 acres, Deed of Quitclaim, $120,300, DBS

James L. Stocks to James A. Treakle, Lot 523, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $128,250, DBS

McClung Family Trust to Danzil R. Kitzmiller, Lots 947 and 948, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $154,900, DBS