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December 2014 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following December real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

David S. Frost to Dan Richard Katnik – Trustee, 1.2 acres, Lot 56, Freshwater Estates SD, $672,800, DBS

Williams H. Shiflett to Civil War Preservation Trust, 55.122 acres, $150,000, DBS

David Michael Moore – Trustee to Winston C. Melson, Lot 116, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $179,500, DBS

Patricia C. Knight to Michael T. Ryan, 3.11 acres, $189,950, DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Lot 11B, Locust Hill SD, $142,800, DTF

David H. Muns to Robert L. Shaw, Lot 11, Block 1, McCoy  SD, $115,000, DBS

Marsha D. Butler to James D. Gough, $339,100, DBS

Commonwealth Property Investments to Harland E. Shifflett, 1.33 acres, $130,000, DBS

CMH Homes, Inc. to Richard Jenkins, 1.784 acres, Lot 5, Six Oaks SD, $165,000, DBS

Wittstadt Title & Escrow Company to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Plat Book 18, Page 45, $97,386.98, DTF

Fred N. Crouch to Benjamin K. Mullins, Jackson, 2.09 acres, Lot 2, $212,900, DBS

Kennth S. Buynak to Robert C. Simons, Louisa, 6.735 acres, $229,900, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Colony Homes, LLC, Louisa, Lot 1, Spring Creek SD, $90,000, DBS

W.W. Whitlock Agency, Inc. to Bethel Builders, LLC, Lot 9, Jacoby Junction SD, $29,000, DBS

Sally R. Taylor to Stephen J. Orford, 8 acres, Parcel 1, 42 acres, Parcel 2, $345,000, DBS

CMH Homes, Inc. to Norman H. Seitz III, Cuckoo, 18.15 acres, $334,212, DBS

Ima Jean Meyers to Jerrold A. Pearson, 11.72 acres, Parcel B, $42,400, DBS

Bruce E. Clark – Exec. to Dalt, LLC, 1.099 acres, Lot 37, Anna Coves SD, $438,900, DBS

R. Curtis Ward – Trustee to Timothy Russell Miller, 78.31 acres, $169,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Elizabeth B. Potter, Louisa, Section 2, Block A, Phase D, $315,110, DBS

The Bank of New York Mellon to Michael E. Sellers, Lot 2, $135,000, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Monarch Land, LLC, Lots 72 & 76-79, Reedy Creek SD, $303,400, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Monarch Land, LLC, Lots 2, 6, &8, Double L Acres SD, $114,800, DBS

Rosalie Dimartino to Sharon L. Hart, 2 acres, $109,000, DBS

Village Bank to River Breeze Properties, LLC, 2.84 acres, $156,400, DBS

Equity Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., 1.06 acres, $107,800, DTF

Steven W. Hurley to Robert B. Johnson, Jackson, 31.02 and 12.6 acres, $155,000, DBS

John H. Dowdy Jr. to David  R. James, Jackson, 3.4 acres, Lot 8, $43,200, DBS

Melinda C. Dawson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1.55 acres, $115,724, DBS

Shenandoah Investments IV, LLC to Christopher M. Andreno, 1.404 acres, Lot 39, Lighthouse Point SD, $24,900, DBS

Douglas C. Whitlock – Trustee to Broadwood, LLC, Mineral, 150.39 acres,$511,300, DBS

Alan W. Gallagher to Jason Michael Roden, 5.655 acres, Lot 19, Olde House Farm SD, $140,200, DBS

Shenandoah Investment IV, LLC to Barbara E. Thomasson, 1.301 acres, Lot 20, Lighthouse Point SD, $280,000, DBS

Professional Forclosure Corp. to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Lot 14, Block 131, $107,500, DTF

William M. Brown to Jennifer M. Munson, Lot 67, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $266,000, DBS

Habitat for Humanity Virginia, Inc. to Rebecca F. Bullock,1.584 acres, $150,000, DBS

Selina F. Mustafa to W.W. Whitlock Agency, Inc., 15.305 acres, $63,000, DBS

JMHC Holding, LLC to Joshua T. Mick, 0.9 acre, $109,900, DBS

Professional Forclosure Corp. to Bank of America, N.A., DB 1385, Page 236, $104,300, DTF

Juanita Harshman to John Austin, Lots 17 & 18, Block 119, $23,000, DBS

Mary C. Starkey to Ryan B. Hockett, DB 1385, Page 290 $162,000, DBS

Snyder Family Enterprises, LLC to Daniel O. Vanwormer, Mineral, DB 1385, Page 314, $372,100, DBS

Edmond J.A. Debary to Randall L. Tingler, Jackson, Parcel 1, Gum Spring Manor SD, $102,300, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Matthew E. Dowdy, Cuckoo, 25 acres, Parcel A, $107,000, DBS

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC to Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Lot 11, Section 11, $102,400, DQC

Lehman XS Trust to Joseph Aiken, Louisa, 2.3997 aces, Lot 4, $216,300, DBS

Brian D. Winslett to Robert P. Thompson, 1.169 acres, $80,000, DBS

William F. Shields to Thomas P. Mann – Trustee, Louisa, 0.92 acre, Section I, $525,000, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Howard Riner, Green Springs, 1.808 acres, $122,200, DBS

Chester R. Lane to Elizabeth A. Haupt, Green Springs, 1.894 acres, $207,800, DBS

John C. Topf to John C. Topf, Louisa, 9.076 acres, Parcels A & B, $62,230, DBS

The Bank of New York to CR Homes, LLC, Jackson, 1.985 acres, $62,600, DBS

Scott B. Howard to Richard Dale Woodward, Cuckoo, Section III, $205,000, DBS

Niels Peter Oster to Eric Wesselhoft, Cuckoo, 1.088 acres, $54,200, DBS

John E. Lones to Christine P. Ronsisvalle, Louisa, 15.12 acres, Section 2, $428,900, DBS

Pamela R. Michie to Bruce A. Crane Jr., Louisa, Lot 5A, Locust Hill II SD, $151,500, DBS

Bypass, LLC to TKC CLXV, LLC, Louisa, 4.531 acres, $508,600, DBS

Fannie Mae to John Kelly Tanner, Cuckoo, 5.29 acres, $124,700, DBS

Bonnie Zapf-Wotring to John M. Plunkett, Louisa, 0.307 acre, $30,000, DBS

Jean E. Lesperance to Katheryn A. Read, Lot 175, Phase 3, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $53,700, DBS

Jennifer Yetman to Kari Elsts, Green Springs, DB 1385, Page 894, $112,000, DBS

Derrick Mathew Holland to Dustin Taylor, Mineral, 4 and 7.65 acres, 50’ R/W, $45,000, DBS

Sloan W. Pleasants to Steven M. Whetzel, Green Springs, 10.019 acres, Lot 1, 13.72 acres, 50’ R/W, $60,000, DBS

Rand A. Wall – Jr. Exec. to Deborah Raffaelli, Mineral, Section II, $110,000, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Roy S. Cole, Lot 45, Section 2, Block B, Phase D, $455,747, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Cynthia L. San Nicolas, Lot 66A, Section 2, Block A, Phase D, $476,032, DBS

J. Addison Barnhardt – Spec. Comm. to Robbie R. Shilling, 2.48 acres, Lot 1, $92,900, DBS

Garaldine W. Shelton to Brittany Buckner-Jones, Mineral, 2.641 acres, $141,500, DBS

Elnor Vogt Whitlock to Matthew M. Byrd, Town of Mineral, 0.33 acre, Lot 2, $195,000, DBS

Grafton Thomas Biglow to Whitehouse Business Park, LLC, Louisa, 43.5 acres, $65,300, DBS

Cobham Park, LLC to Fairmount Capital Partners, LLC, Louisa, 277.57 acres, $1,500,000, DBS

Backus Home Investments, LLC, John Thomas Ellington, Town of Mineral, Lots 9-12, Block 137, $123,600, DBS

Shenandoah Investments IV, LLC to Francis B. Kapper Jr., Lot 19, Lighthouse Point SD, $214,900, DBS

Ronald Jenkins – Exec. to W. Lawrence  Athearn, 1.007 acres, Lot 26, Section III, Both Waters Edge SD, $686,300, DBS

Daniel Maize to Pavel Marko, Cuckoo, $334,900, DBS

Georgetown on Lake Anna, Inc. to George R. Tyler, 46.443 acres, Lots 1A and 1B, Parcel B, $239,300, DEX

James A. Fallabel to Keith M. Hamburg, Lot 18, Section 1, Lake Forest SD, $290,000, DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Lot 4, Louisa Farms SD, $134,500, DTF

Merlene J. Ising to Donald Joseph Baker, Louisa, 6.268 acres, Parcel A2, $65,000, DBS

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Cuckoo, 39.67 acres, $389,600, DBS

MGR Development Corp. to Jesse C. Evans, Lot 10, Mallory Glen SD,  $230,817, DBS

Mary Virginia Lipsomb to Clarence Lee Lipscomb,  DB 1387, Page 382, $45,900, DBS

J & N Associates to Johnson Construction Co., Lot 10, Shelton SD, $42,600, DBS

Glawson Investments Corp. to MGK Enterprises, LLC, Mineral, 25 acres, $250,000, DBS

Richard Kendrick to Quaker Hill Farm, LLC, Green Springs, 3.3 acres, $19,000, DBS

Terrance L. Putnam Sr. to Robert F. Macfarland, Louisa, 1 acre, $148,000, DBS

Shenandoah Investments IV, LLC to Christopher L. Vance, Cuckoo, 1.456 acres, $149,900, DBS

Cynthia Gentry to Amber Lynn Stocks, Louisa, 5.603 acres, $25,500, DBS

N. Marie Clowater, Ruth Anne Clowater, Green Springs, 1.823 acres, $121,900, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Randall L. Tingler, Lot 8, Section 1, Tanyard SD, $485,600, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cynthia L. Draves, Lot 4, $42,300, DBS

Blue Ridge Property Owners Assoc. to Ron Burr, Lot 1038, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $12,000, DBS

Susan A. Bankauf to Nicholas Hairston, Lot 15B1, Bent Creek SD, $170,000, DBS

Blue Ridge Property Owner’s Assoc. to Eric Deglau, Lot 1037, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $12,000, DBS