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February 2014 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following February real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Kaja Holding, LLC to Danielle Carpenter, Mineral, 0.434 acres, Parcel A, $69,200, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to Guillaume A. Gasparini, Green Springs, Lot 13, Section 1, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $80,000, DBS

Virginia Community Bank to CMH Homes, Inc., Louisa, 2.26 acres, Lot 12, Double Spring Estates SD, $31,300, DBS

Dennis N. Doane to Daniel T. Doane – Trustee, Jackson, 1.467 acres, $285,000, DBS

Bruce Allen Ragland Jr. to Faulconder Construction Company, Green Springs, 1 acre, $26,500, DBS

Clayton A. Strother to Terry C. Larch Sr., Green Springs, 18 acres, Retriever Ridge SD, $275,400, DBS

D. Heath Gates – Jr. Sub. Trustee to Robert A. Mottley, Lot 4, Bear Castle SD, $301,800, DTF

Willie Woolridge – Trustee to Samer Atawneh, Louisa, Lot 8, $16,000, DBS

Commonwealth Trustees, LLC to Amerita Life Insurance Corp., Lot 21, Section I, Reedy Creek SD, $252,500, DTF

ALG Trustee, LLC to Bank of America National, Louisa, DB 1089, PG 515, $169,300, DTF

James Edward Clark to Michael A. Friedman, Cuckoo, 28.13 acres, $133,600, DBS

Citi Mortgage, Inc. to Barry W. Clark II, Green Springs, Lots 796 and 797, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $130,300, DBS

Ernestine Beverly -Admin. to St. Mark Baptist Church, Jackson, 1 acre, Parcel A, 2 acres, Parcel B, $10,400, DBS

Village Bank to James Scott Kane, Cuckoo, Lot 352, The Waters at Lake Anna, $76,000,  DBS

Dean F. Boutin to John Puckett, Town of Mineral, Lots 1-4, 17 and 18, $217,000, DBS

Alfredo Perez Jr. to Michael W. Lord Sr., Lot 210, Phase 2, Shenandoah Crossings SD, $195,000, DBS

Katherine F. Pieson -Trustee to Joel Christopher Pierson, Jackson, 1.9351 acres, $8,711, DBS

Stephen Hancock Hollins to Andrea Funkhouser Brockman, Town of Louisa, 1.234 acres with play, $97,500, DBS

Marshall R. Snead to David Lawrence Helson, Louisa, 67 acres, $266,500, DBS

Carl R. Sosna to Michael Kane, Cuckoo, Lot 2, Section VIII, Windwood Coves SD, $300,000, DBS

Clyde W. Herring to Frank J. Dannenmann, Louisa, 1.83 acres, Lot 42, Countryside SD, $232,300, DBS

Todd D. Wise to Allen Scott Goodson, Cuckoo, Lot 123, Section I, The Waters on Lake Anna, $42,600, DBS

Dooley Plumbing and Heating South to Kenneth R. Gause, Mineral, 3 acres, Lot 19, Bend of the River SD, $25,000. DBS

Ashley Davis to Thomas Franklin Young Jr., Cuckoo, 5 acres, 175,000, DBS

William K. Howe to Amy V. Knight, Cuckoo, Lot 68, Section I, Pine Harbor SD, $18,000, DBS

Richard N. Hajtun to Darien C. Donahue, Cuckoo, 1 acre, Lot 160, Section I, $230,000, DBS

Village Bank to Zackery Lee Lowe, Cuckoo, Lot 353, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $77,900, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Donald Duffy, Louisa, Section 2, Phase D, Block B, $359,864, DBS

Foundation Residential, LLC to Thomas W. Brady, Mineral, Lots 13 and 14, Block B, $124,900, DBS

Wesley T. Hubbert to Raymond E. Bourne,5.328 acres, Lot 3, Twin Lakes Estate SD, $ 467,000, DBS

John S. Koski to Blue Ridge Custom Homes, LLC, Lot 17, Long Shores SD, $79,000, DBS

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joe Funkhouser, 0.297 acres, $116,300, DBS

Amarildo Desouza to Costa Enterprises, LLC, Cuckoo, 0.918 acres, Lot 41,  Cuckoo Nest SD, $47,900, DBS

MGR Development Corp. to Donald Otto Nemec, Louisa, Lot 2, Mallory Glen SD, $241,357.23, DBS

Nichole L. Miller to Kelly J. Clark Jr., Lot 45, Phase 1A, Countryside SD, $194,100, DBS

Lyndon E. Crosby Sr. to Christopher A. Canty, 12.865 acres, Lot 2, $74,000, DBS

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. to Vacation Trust, Inc., Green Springs, Int. in unit 520D, 520D week 15 and 17, $28,240, DBS

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. to Vacation Trust, Inc., Green Springs, Int. in unit 505D, 707M, 514D, week 21, $46,950, DBS

Beth Ann Abramson to Christopher M. Rodriguez, Lot 117, Section IV, Windwood Coves SD, $249,400, DBS

Matthew Stuart Klamans to Jennifer Yetman, Lot 691, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $70,700, DBS

Valeria R. Shifflett to LFH Investment, LLC, Green Springs, 1.13 and 0.85 acres, $122,700, DBS

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. to Vacation Trust, Inc., Green Springs, Cabin and Yurt 502M, 514D, 514D, $61,350, DBS

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Sherria D. Woodson, Lot 6, $127,500, DBS

Ray W. Corbin Jr. to Matthew Cassell, 2 acres, Lot 4, Sugar Plum Hills SD, $130,000, DBS

Ethan A. Call to Daniel R. Davis, 1.51 acres, Lot 6, $173,450, DBS

K B Boyd Jr. to Boyd & Pleasants Land, LLC, Louisa, 0.94 acres, $100,000, DBS

David G. Melton to Michael E. Blank, Lot 12, Tara Woods SD, $392,700, DBS

John A. Romano to Douglas V. Ward, Cuckoo, Lot 1, $742,500, DBS

Lake Anna Development Corp. to John A. Romano, Jackson, 1.867 acres, Lot 88, Noahs Landing SD, $496,900, DBS