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March 2014 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following March real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office.

Paul F. Dendor – Trustee to Catherine Davis Rawls, Louisa, 0.037 acres, Lot 4, $477,300, DBS

Chadwick L. Tudor to Stephen Sloss, Cuckoo, Lot 49, Section I, Windwood Coves SD, $205,000, DBS

Robert S. Scheffee to Grant David Ostvig Jr., Lot 135, Section I, Lake Forest SD, $24,500, DBS

Carolyn S. Glascock – Co-Trustee to David W. Kent, 1 acre, 6 acres, 8.25 acres, $74,000, DBS

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mineral, 2.58 acres, $117,800, DTF

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Timothy Fortney, Green Springs, $144,000, DBS

Liberty Homes Inc. to Robert L. Pace Jr., Green Springs, 2.6209 acres, Lot 7, Bunch Creek SD, $207,608, DBS

Francis Lamonica to Harlan A. Mullins, Jackson, 2.314 acres, Rock Creek Estate SD, $219,000, DBS

Richard H. Dekeyser to Stephen W. Lawson, Cuckoo, Lot 6, 10.68 acres, $228,900, DBS

John Thomas Fitch – Trustee to Paul M. Schmidt, Cuckoo, 3.035 acres, $825,000, DBS

James L. Nuckols to Michael R. Gardener, Cuckoo, 44.899 and 7.24 acres, $400,000, DBS

Cardinal Point LLC to Stuart Vincent Fielding, Louisa, 2.83 acres, Parcel A1A, $277,600, DBS

Arthur D. Petrini to Randy A. Jones, 31.12 acres, Lot 3, $638,000, DBS

David A. Randall to Krissy L. Shealy, Mineral & Cuckoo, Section 1, $287,000 DBS

W. W. Whitlock Agency, Inc. James S. Wilson, Lot 13, Jacoby Junction, $73,500, DBS

Nathan Newcomb to Lisa Stone, 3.03 acres, Lot 19, Larel Ridge SD, $165,000, DBS

Virginia Community Bank to James Scott Kane, 0.925 and 1.806 acres, Lot 12 and 13, $12,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development to James E. Pedersen, Lot 25, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $116,000, DBS

Kristine Marion Harter to Mary Cecelia Kranz – Trustee, 25.354 acres, Lot 2, $260,000, DBS

Maxwella Cumbia to Warren S. Henley, Jackson, 3.88 acres, Lot 14, $58,000, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Thomas K. Haycraft, Lot 47, Mill Run SD, $225,000, DBS

Brian M. Veno to Kimberly M. Belcher, 2.24 acres, Lot 10A, Locust Hill SD, $140,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to Joshua Grimsley, 10 acres, Lot 7B, Longwood Drive SD, $249,600, DBS

William A. Cooke Trust to Samuel Bazzanella, Mineral, 1.261 acres, $5,044, DBS

Wilmington Trust National – Trustee to Matthew Worrick, Cuckoo, Lot 212, Section VII, Windwood Coves SD, $196,900, DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC to Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Louisa, DB 1152, PG 527, $110,200, DTF

F&M Services LC – Sub. Trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Assoc., Louisa, 2.724 acres, $112,751.84, DTF

ALG Trustee, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Louisa, DB 930, PG 396, $123,300, DTF

Beth Magda to Rachel E. Maines, Louisa, 1.713 acres, Lot 2, $117,000, DBS

Kay White Jefferies – Executive to Autozone Development Corp., Town of Louisa, 1.5696 acres, $471,800, DBS

Kenneth S. Buynak to Richard Layne, Louisa, 2.876 acres, $246,600, DBS

Fannie Mae to Karl Hartenstine, Green Springs, $72,300, DBS

Douglas M. Evans to Randy Lee Brogan Sr., 0.947 acres, $330,000, DBS

Michele L. King to Joseph A. King, Louisa, 1.5 and 0.72 acres, $29,700. DBS

Brenda Sue Knowles Dabney to Timothy W. Brumfield, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, $78,500, DBS

Jeanette B. Shepherd to Cava Capital, LLC, Kents Store Road, $131,800, DBS

Jeffrey A. Scharf – Esq. to Harold Plasterer, Louisa, $33,000, DSC

Derek J. Dequaine – Trustee to Thomas N. Dupree, Mineral, 2.7505 acres, $36,800, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael W. S. Lockaby, Green Springs, Lots 1028, 1029, and 1100, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $189,000, DBS

Anthony Voccia to Frank Reaves Jr., 1.5 acres, Lot 129, Bien Venue SD, $42,100, DBS

Harris Land Corp. to Paul W. Sudol, Spring Valley,  $45,400, DBS

Thomas P. Moloney to Jordon J. BeardsleeLot 13, River Run SD, $255,000, DBS

Wells Fargo Bank National to Myria G. Rolan, Mineral, 10 acres, $54,500, DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC -Sub. Trustee to Household Realty Corp., Louisa, DB 904, PG 1005, $144,500, DBS

Butler & Butler Enterprises, Inc. to Traditional Homes of Albemarle, LT, Lot 2, Harris Creek Estates, $26,500, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Monelle Huffman Holshey, Lot 41, Section 1, Phase 1, $497,300, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to David O. Reynolds, Green Springs, Lots 2-4, 7, 9, 11 & 12, Bowlers Mill, $162,300, DBS

John J. Rady to Chad W. Juhl, Lot 32, Section 1, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $156,000, DBS

Commonwealth Trustees, LLC to Sunningdale Ventures, Inc. – Sub. Trustee, Green Springs, $119,900, DTF

Fred M. Banks to Ravi Prasad, Jackson, 2 acres, $50,000, DSC

Ronald K. Heuer to Horace H. Houston, Lot 4, Brandywood Estates SD, $544,900, DBS

Elizabeth Childs to Allen J. Poore, Cuckoo, 12.17 acres, $24,300, DSC

Thornton Green to Earl V. Dickinson Jr., Jackson, 2.741 acres, $34,600, DSC

William Hackett to Spring Creek Land Development, LLC, Louisa, $71,000, DSC

Linwood Harris to Ravi Prasad, Jackson, 2 acres, $33,000, DSC

Woodson Johnson to Robert L. Johnson, Louisa, 8.75 acres, $20,600, DSC

Stewart David Mason to Terry L. Pownall, Cuckoo, Lot 170, Section III, $33,300, DSC

Emerald Acres, LLC to Virginia Dirt Holdings, LLC,Town of Louisa, 2.46 acres, $500,400, DBS

Alexander Monroe to Allen J. Poore, Louisa, 3 acres, $6,000, DBS

Equity Trustees, LLC -Sub. Trustee to Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, Louisa, DB 1167, PG 516, $175,800, DTF

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Charlene M. Easter, Lot 24, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $112,250, DBS

ALG Trustee, LLC to Bank of America National, Louisa, DB 1136, PG 239, $182,203.67, DTF

Jacqueline L. Parrish to Carl E. Grooms, Louisa, 4.977 acres, $120,600, DBS

Arthur Davis Sr. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Mineral, 5.75 acres, Lot 6, 50’ r/w, $240,5–, DLF

Charles Mitchell et al to Clark Country, LC, Louisa, 20 acres, $60,000, DCS

Bryan A. McClure to Ronald E. Langberg, 3.93 acres, Lot 11, Wildwood, $280,000, DBS

Lois G. Ward-Wilson to Eugence C. Fellin, Green Springs,  Lot 44, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $335,000, DBS

ALG Trustee, LLC to Federal  National Mortgage, Louisa, 4.86 acres, $83,300, DTF

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James Scott Kane, Cuckoo, Lot 34, Bear Castle SD, $149,400, DBS

Jacqueline S. Atkins to Deborah Collins Wilson, 2.961 acres, Lot 1, $232,500, DBS

Kenneth P. Kaplan to Norman G. Dellinger, Cuckoo, 1.167 acres, $565,00, DBS

Lisa Lynn Zeb Williamson to Green Spring Timber, LLC, Green Springs and Fluvanna County, 25.3 and 29.3 acres, Lot 5, $465,000, DBS

WACF, LLC to Camdynne M. Amick, Louisa, 1.01 acres, Lot 8, $135,000, DBS

Leila Leigh to Frederick A. Hilder Jr., 23.36 acres, Parcel 4, Anna Coves Estates SD, $113,500, DBS

Marc Smith to Christopher J. Signore, Green Springs, Lot 58, Section 2, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $364,900, DBS

Vincent Oliveri to John H. Hull III, 1 acre, Parcel A, $119,900, DBS

Mark Properties, LLC to Michael R. Goodwin, Lot 63, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $242,000, DBS

Kenneth L. Spaulding to S. B. Cox Jr., Jackson, Lot 26, Deerwood Subdivision, $172,200, DBS