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May 2014 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following May real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

John W. Ellison Jr. to Sirva Relocation Credit, LLC, Lot 4, Cedar Hill SD, $155,000, DBS

Sirva Relocation Credit, LLC to Orlando Q. Moss Jr., Lot 4, Cedar Hill SD, $155,000, DBS

David P. Dutile to James T. Biche – Trustee, Boat Slip 50, Pier 2, Lot 113, Section I, $59,300, DBS

Jewell P. Burns to Gary F. McKay, Lot 167, Section III, Bluewater SD, $150,000, DBS

Mary R. Urias, Lot 3, Section A, Jerdone Island, $140,800, DBS

Gloria A. Sample to Robert R. Light – Co-Trustee, Lot 19, Section 1, Shorewood SD, $210,000, DBS

Bethel Builders, LLC to Nicholas A. Sadowski, Lot 6, Jacoby Junction SD, $214,482, DBS

Charmeka Stewart to University of Virginia Community Bank, 0.654 and 0.652 acres, Parcel 3A, $39,450, DTF

Clyde M. B. Harkrader – Spe Comm. to Jevers, LLC, 168.29 acres, $310,000, DBS

Judy Lynn Johnson to Sandra L. Deisterhoft, Lot 46, Sunning Hills SD, $363,400, DBS

Christopher M. Dillon to Fairview, LLC, Lot 196, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $113,000, DBS

Gerard Joseph Hierholzer to John A. Hawley Jr., 19.09 acres comprised of 2 tracts, $325,000, DBS

William G. Mitchell to Robert C. York, 2.077 acres, Lot 13, Mystic Point SD, $258,300, DBS

Burdette R. Hammitt to Robert D. Taylor, Green Springs, Lot 9, $125,000, DBS

Nectar Projects, Inc. to Bank of New York Mellon, Louisa, DB 559, PG 125, $62,600, DTF

Wilmer L. Odom to Salta Lake, LLC, 1.345 acres, Lot 2, Holly Hill SD, $580,000, DBS

Mary Cecelia Kranz – Trustee to William Newton Hale, 15.667 with plat attached, $50,000, DBS

Vincent Amoroso to Clyde W. Goldbach Jr., Lot 30, Section I, Edgewood Bay SD, $852,000, DBS

Sunningdale Ventures, Inc. to Commonwealth Property Investments, 3 acres, $75,000, DBS

J.P. Morgan Chase National Assoc. to Joshua Houston, 1.74 acres, Lot 4, Laurel Ridge SD, $146,800, DBS

Cutalong, LLC to Alan/Duncan Properties, LLC, 46.877 acres, $331,500, DBS

Wendell T. Pugh to Richard Warren Beall, Lot 5, Oakleigh II SD, $295,000, DBS

Thomas Page Nelson to John L. Branch, 5 acres, Lot 3, $44,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, 0.1791 acres, $75,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Brandon C. Patterson, Lot 25, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $77,500, DBS

R. L. Beckley Sawmill, Inc. to Robert L. Beckley Sr., 8.05 acres, $140,000, DBS

Gregory Devenport to Kelsey H. Kirschnick, 5 acres, Lot 11, $110,000, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Thomas W. Nicholas Sr., Louisa, 1.5 acres, $49,900, DBS

Gloria Dean Coulter to R. D. Knighton Sr., Jackson, 4 acres, Parcel B, $41,000, DBS

GWG, LLC to CLTP, LLC, Lot 8, Block D, Orchid Lake Estates SD, $75,000, DBS

Vicke Lynn Nester to Laduke Land Investments, LLC, Lot 4, Section II, South Ridge SD, $10,000, DBS

CMH Homes, Inc. to Victor A. Fortier II, Cuckoo, 2 acres, $221,416, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Matthew Grubbs, 1.5 acres, Parcel C, $229,600, DBS

Gloria Dale White Shiflett to John Belverio, 5.774 acres, Lot 5, $47,700, DBS

Raymond N. Ickes to Zayd Sarraj, 4.82 acres, Lot A, $39,100, DBS

Charlie Franklin Layne – Sr. Trustee to Starr Renee Havens, 137.018 acres, Parcel I, Parcel II, $600,000, DBS

Sandra L. Amato to Stephen M. Foster, Green Springs, 158.13 acres, $661,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to Jason Bashaw, 107 Fox Creek Rd., $207,900, DBS

David M. Bateman to Paul Pratt, 21.773 and 12.2 acres, $50,000, DBS

Linda C. Osborne to James Owen Myers, Mineral, 60.787 acres, 220,000, DBS

Phillip D. Hale to Jane K. Petro, 2.56 acres, Lot 3, White Walnut Woods SD, $170,000, DBS

Lois Noel Nelson to Andrew R. Barnes, 310 Noel Rd, $118,800, DBS

Samuel I. White PC – Sub. Trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Green Springs, 5.013 acres, Lot 6, $196,700, DTF

Carolyn M. Dixon to Jay Russell, Lot 4, Bear Castle SD, $295,500, DBS

Charles R. Owens III to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Louisa, DB 1096, PG 310, $196,600, DLF

Johnny Ghattas to Gladys C. Hoff, 1 acre, Lot A, Route 250, $279,000, DBS

William G. Robertson to Craig M. Miller, Lot 235, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $368,500, DBS

Wittstadt Title & Escrow Company to FFC Properties, LLC, 19 acres, Lot 165, Phase 1A, $179,700, DTF

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, 0.1791 acres, Lot 31, Section 2, Phase D, $75,000, DBS

Natalie A. Gerbracht to Maurice Dean Johnston Sr.,Lot 104, Section II, Windwood Coves SD, $184,900, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP, Lot 60, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $617,000, DBS

Christopher Anthony Canty to Joseph Q. Ryan, Lot 23, Block V, Aspen Hill SD, $413,000, DBS

Thomas R. Ringer to Jeffrey A. Peterson, 0.918 acres, Lot 45, Tall Pines SD, $260,000, DBS

Butler & Butler Enterprises, Inc. to Traditional Homes of Albermarle, LT, Lot 1, Harris Creek Estates SD, $26,900, DBS

Martin R. Stephens to Rober T. Bell, 2.12 acres, Lot 1, DB 986, PG 166, $213,300, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to John P. Rindge, $116,000, DBS

Daryl R. Perkins to Branch E. Carpenter, Lot 1, Maidens Forrest SD, $199,900, DBS

Borden Estates, LLC to GK Structures, LLC, Lot 16, Winding Ridge SD, $30,000, DBS

Borden Estates, LLC to GK Structures, LLC, Lot 23, Winding Ridge SD, $25,000, DBS

E. Patrick Garrigan to Kevin McGowan, Jackson, 28.492 acres, $59,200, DBS

Hardware River Properties, LLC to Jamie Powell, Louisa, 5 acres, Lot 9, $48,000, DBS

Hardware River Properties, LLC to Wayne McDaniel, Louisa, Lot 10, $52,500, DBS

Royce Woodson Woolfolk – Jr. Trustee to Bryan Neal Synder, 34.793 acres, Parcel A, $118,300, DBS

Paul M. Schmidt to Billy M. Connor, Lot 50, Hickory Landing SD, $460,000, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Cheryl E. Nadell, Lot 42, Phase D, Section 2, Block B, $461,321, DBS

Seretary of Veterans Affairs to Leanne Nicole Colvin, Lot 6, Mallory Glen SD, $136,000, DBS

Eugene R. Shelton to Christopher Monroe Gibson,49.28 acres, $137,500, DBS

Jean Ann Ferguson to Justin W. Coleman, 5.503 acres, $78,000, DBS

David L. Alvino to Thomad A. Haire, Lot 4, Section 1, Lakeshore Woods SD, $260,000, DBS

Clive H. Walker to Elizabeth Lynn Locke, 0.994 acre, Lot 85, Jerdone Island SD, $56,700, DBS

Roland H. Worley to Jennifer E. McKinney, Lot 38, Section I, The Waters at Lake Anna, $178,500, DBS

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Dick Purcell Land, Cattle and Timber, Mineral, 9.97 acres, Lot 8, $56,400, DBS

Leo A. Hooben to Christopher D. Waldrop Sr., 71 acres, $322,400, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Meade Construction, LLC, Lot 30, Section 1, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $96,900, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Xue Feng, Louisa, Lot 60R, Phase D, Section 1, $380,219, DBS

Robert Kling Jr. to Patrick A. Konka, Lot 13, Locust Hill SD, $165,800, DBS

Franklin Corker – Exe. to Matthew N. Felts, 3.13 acres, Lot 2, Little River Farms SD, $34,700, DBS

Betty Lee Canter to Gary Lynn Hayes, Lot 60, Section II, Both Waters Estates SD, $175,000, DBS

Nelson Thelma to Caroline Mallory, 15.16 and 1.55 acres, $33,200, DBS

Bordon Estates, LLC to GK Structures, LLC, Lot 26, Winding Ridge SD, $25,000, DBS

Louis E. Clements to Kaythurn M. Kelley, 3.8 acres w/ 50’ r/w, $84,000, DBS

David McKay Blank to Martha Frances Richardson, Lot 12, Section 2, Spring Creek SD, $263,000, DBS