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November 2014 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following November real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Winston Hall, L.C. to John J. Purcell III – Trustee, 15.04 acres, Parcel B2, $52,500, DBS

Joel Christopher Pierson to Paul J. Greco, 1.5 acres, $160,100, DBS

Harold F. Otis to Paul A. Werries, 5.106 acres, Lot 270, Phase III, $62,900, DBS

Shenandoah Investments IV, LLC to Phu Huu Dang, 1.071 acres, Lot 1, Lighthouse Point SD, $89,900, DBS

Shenandoah Investments IV, LLC to Phuoc V. Nguyen, Lot 3, 1.256 acres, Lot 33, 1.124 acres,  $349,800, DBS

John W. Rhoades to John David Schaefer, 0.993 acre, Lot 59, Section C, Jerdone Island SD, $375,000, DBS

Middleburg Bank to David W. Critics, Louisa, 11 acres, $60,000, DBS

Joseph B. Woolridge to Joseph F. Mustra, Lot 41, Section II, Lakeshore Woods SD, $255,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Milton S. Steppe, Lot 3, Phase D, Section 2, Block B, Spring Creek SD, $423,688, DBS

Jo Ann Koval to Carolyn Stachitas, Lot 31, Section 1, Tall Pines SD, $652,700, DBS

Carl Neil Richardson to Jessica Bach, Lot 8, Deer Run SD, $220,000, DBS

Jamie H. Talley to Adam Scott Seay, Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, Block 128, $210,000, DBS

Lynn A. H. Lewandowski to Robert Soderholm, Louisa, Lot 8, Eagles Cove SD, $194,900, DBS

W.W. Whitlock Agency, Inc. to Timothy P. Missigman, Louisa, $50,200, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Duane M. Traver, Lot 10, Phase D, Section 2, Block B, Spring Creek SD, $344,697, DBS

Lisa Lynn Zeb Williamson – Co-Executive to Crossroads Community Church, Green Springs, 8.582 acres, $56,900, DBS

Samuel I. White, P.C. – Sub. Trustee to Bank of New York Mellon, 15.028 acres, Parcel A, $492,200, DTF

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., Louisa, Lot 9, Section 2, Block B, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $181,700, DBS

Fannie Mae to Christopher Martyn, 1.42 acres, $84,000, DBS

Owen K. Rankin to John Hajduk Jr., Lots 4 and 8, River Ridge SD, $88,000, DBS

Barbara P. Deck to Victoria Ann Swearengin, Jackson, 1.5 acres, $68,100, DBS

Freddye G. Wanning to Alison A. Amerman, Lot 170, Section V., Windwood Coves SD, $220,000, DBS

Elise Ober Poole to LL Castle, LLC, Louisa, 45.93 acres, Parcel 2, $173,000, DBS

Secretary of the US Department of Urban Development to Melisa S. Chishom, Green Springs, 1.501 acres, $52,800, DBS

Robert Alan Thomas to Ronald L. Mason, 0.2683 acre, Lot 37, $430,000, DBS

Connie Lester to David S. Malyevac Jr., Lots 9 and 10, Block B, Longway SD, $876,800, DBS

Charles Allen Morris to Ophelia M. Payne, 1.5 acres, $10,000, DBS

Equity Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to NationStar Mortgage, LLC, 1.131 acres, Lot 14, $547,400, DTF

Standard C. Parcell – Trustee to Henry D. Honer Jr. 2.49 acres, $169,000, DBS

Robert A. Miller to John M. Nuemann, Lot 56, Section 1, Contrary Forest SD, $849,000, DBS

Ann Black Davis to James Allen Bott – Co-Trustee, Lot 7, High Bank SD, $522,100, DBS

Warren F. Muse to James E. Patterson III, Louisa, 4.06 acres, Lot 36, $70,000, DBS

Gordon A. Brooks to Peter B. Smith, 0.73 acre, $70,000, DBS

ALG Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Mineral, 10 acres, $158,600, DTF

Todd M. Olson to James D. Rogers, Parcel B-4, $244,500, DBS

Fannie Mae to Timothy Kingrea, 3.51 acres, Lot 8, $149,700, DBS

ALG Trustee, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Bank of America, N.A., 3.07 acres, Parcel A, $63,600, DTF

Michael B. Bowles to Zachary H. Fowler, Mineral, 0.8 acre, $86,900, DBS

Dorothy M. Cole to Krystal M. Yonts, Lot 1054, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $155,000, DBS

Beverly H. Coleman to Cameron E. Courtney, 2.497 acres, $212,500, DBS

Charlotte M. Hodges – Trustee to Frederick Fischer, $353,200, DBS

Bank of America, N.A. to Milissa J. Gates – Trustee, Lot 114, Phase 1A, Countryside SD, $129,900, DBS

Carolyn J. Fisher to Emil Paul Denk, 1.921 acres, Lot 65-A, Anna Coves SD, $581,300, DBS

William M. Callery to Joshua Gerald Aldrich, Cuckoo, 0.929 acre, $56,100, DBS

Dwayne Lloyd to Patricia E. Leavell, 2.149 acres, $175,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Southern Property, LLC, Lot 70A, Section 2, Phase D, Block A, Spring Creek SD, $85,500, DBS

Matthew Dowdy to Grief Packaging, LLC, $28,500, DLT

Travis L. Brigham to Katheryn Simunich,Lot 1A, Locust Hill II SD, $172,000, DBS

Thomas Griffin to Majed M. Atawneh, 3.29 acres, Lot 7, $15,000, DBS

Gregory H. Jameson to Dwayne Lloyd, 10.606 acres, Parcel 3, $425,000, DBS

Liberty Homes, Inc. to Shana N. McLamb, Lot 45, Section 1, Reedy Creek SD, $280,930, DBS

Steven Brandt to Angela K. Clebak, Louisa, Section III, $411,300, DBS

Betty E. Shiflett to Civil War Preservation Trust, $350,000, DBS

Virginia Housing Development Authority to GW1 Properties, LLC, Lots 1A, 2A, 3A,4A,and 5A, Block 80, $102,100, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John H. Grose, 1 acre, $52,700, DBS

Donald S. Rhodes to Denver S. Rhodes, Lot 66, Section II, Both Waters Edge SD, $41,400, DBS

April Lohr to Steven M. Whetzel, 2.55 acres, $32,800, DBS

John K. Busada to Geneva M. Anderson, 2.99 acres, $235,000, DBS

David A. Breitenbach to Teddy Pagan, Lot 10, Section 2, Willow Brook Estates SD, $158,000, DBS

Roy S. Waters Jr. to Thomas L. Payette, Lot 5, Rapidan Forest SD, $309,300, DBS

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Gregory P. Haskins, Lot 7, Phase B, Section 1, Spring Creek SD, $353,200, DBS

Benjamin C. Davis to Sharon A. MacDonald, Cuckoo, 1.965 acres, Parcel B1, $115,000, DLF

Gerald V. Mikula – Trustee to Steven L. Phelps, Lot 21, Stonewall Estates SD, $765,000, DBS

Larry A. Foley to Patricia Witzky-Lambert, Louisa, 1.457 acres, Lot 102, Overton Fork SD, $595,000, DBS

Janet Ruth Greenspan Alvis to Eric Gallighugh, Lots 1318, 1319 and 1320, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $45,000, DBS

Eula Mae Hayden Waddy to Christine Marie Browning, Jackson, 4.48 acres, $5,000, DBS

Dick Purcell Land, Cattle and Timber to Kingdom Builders Church of God, Inc., Louisa,8.443 acres, Parcel E, $53,600, DBS

Flatdog Properties, LLC to Sylvia M. Lewis, 3 acres, $223,700, DBS

Nhieu Thi Ho to Oscar Plant, Lot 66, Section I, Edgewood Bay SD, $60,800, DBS

Eric W. Judy to Chris D. Thompson, Lot 10, Section 2, Overton Fork SD, $206,000, DBS

NationStar Mortgage, LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1 acre, Parcel C, $289,900, DBS

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Lot 44, Countryside SD, $217,900, DBS

Shenandoah Investments IV, LLC to Felipe Turriago-Borrero, 1.262 acres, Lot 16, Lighthouse Point SD, $323,000, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jessica Bostock, 5.013 acres, Lot 6, $196,700, DBS

John P. Mack to Richard T. Yezzi, Jackson, 1,025,000,DBS

Harry C. Spicer III to Daniel McEwen, Lot 86, Section I, Pine Harbour SD, $190,000, DBS

Cooke Rental Properties, LLC to Steven D. Campbell, Louisa, Lots 393 and 394, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $110,000, DBS

Patricia Cunningham to Deborah H. Tisdale, 27.33 acres, $295,000, DBS

Elizabeth S. Tyrell to Gerald M. Paine, 1.14 acres, $785,000, DBS

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Eduardo E. Espinoza, 1.837 acres, Lot 6, Zion Acres SD, $132,700, DBS

OWB REO, LLC to Matthew J. Parker, 5.29 acres, Lot 5, Section G, $190,100, DBS