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Nobody “wined”

Posted on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 10:49 am

Despite the rainy and cool weather, several hundred people came to the 3rd annual Louisa Wine Festival on Saturday at Walton Park.

In addition to rain coats and umbrellas, there was an interesting assortment of rubber boots that people wore, ranging from the plain and nondescript to the cute and downright fun.

Those who attended were determined to have a good time.  They spent their time browsing the crafters booths and admiring the vendors’ products and took their time sampling the wines. Nobody was in a hurry.

Already soggy, people sat down at the picnic tables and enjoyed a meal bought from one of five food vendors and others danced to the music of The VIPs and Southern Velocity.

Folks said that the rain did not wash away the fun of this year’s wine festival—it is already being described as the best attended rain event in Louisa County.

As for the volunteers, they were awesome! They worked for several days in the monsoon setting up tents, decorations, banners and signs.  They set up tables, picket fences and hauled supplies back and forth.

At the end of the event and after it was all cleaned up, volunteers could breath a deep sigh of relief.  It was over, but now their focus is on to next year’s event.

Kudos to all those who worked so hard to make sure that guests, vendors and wineries all had a good time.  Several local businesses pitched in at the last minute to make sure there were adequate tents for the rain-flooded festival.

The Louisa County Chamber of Commerce established the event in 2011 in an effort to draw tourists to the area and showcase the community.

Despite the dreary weather, guests came from all over the state to participate in the festival. Upon leaving, many of them pledged to return next year, asking that the committee order some sunshine from Mother Nature.