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Out of the mouth of a Louisa babe

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Grace Miller, 3, placed her concerns right into Sheriff Ashland Fortune’s lap when she visited him last week in his office.

Three-year-old Grace Miller of Louisa made quite an impression on Sheriff Ashland Fortune when she had her mother request a meeting to talk with him about her concerns.

When she arrived at his office the morning of Aug. 3, friends and family in tow, she confidently went up to his desk and handed him a sheet of paper containing her first written words, “Do not kill black people.”

It wasn’t long before Grace, dressed in her yellow princess dress, had fearlessly hopped up into his lap and the two began a deep discussion about the right way to treat others.

“Someday, I might be a teenager,” she told him. “Everybody should be nice to each other.”

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