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Pedaling for better health turns into a competition

Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 11:01 am

Craig and Cheryl Holland will compete in the first Martin’s tour. The couple has spent the past several months training for the upcoming event.

Lake Anna Winery will host the eighth annual Louisa Habit for Humanity Oktoberfest on Saturday, Oct. 6.  The event will feature German food, a silent auction and music by Michael Wheelehan.

“This is our main fundraiser other than private donations,” said Jean Martin, “We don’t have time to do fundraisers.  We’re too busy building!”

Habitat took a new twist this year by purchasing foreclosed homes and renovating them.  In the past, Habitat built new homes.  The volunteer organization placed two families in renovated homes this year.

Since the earthquake, Habitat has also worked with the Louisa Housing Authority to repair earthquake-damaged homes.

The families who are placed in Habitat Homes contribute at least 500 hours labor, either on their house or another Habitat home.  They buy the home with a no-interest mortgage from Habitat.

“We have a problem in getting people to apply for a Habitat home,” remarked Martin.

She suggested that concern about the application process might deter some who are qualified from completing the paperwork.

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