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Rescue dog rescues owner

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Heidi Parker feels she wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t rescued Chilly.

Heidi Parker feels she wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t rescued Chilly.

A little over three months after being rescued from the Fluvanna County SPCA, Chilly, a pit bull mix, saved her owner, Heidi Parker, from anaphylactic shock.

“I wouldn’t be alive if I hadn’t rescued Chilly,” Parker said.

The Mineral resident had returned home after a visit to her doctor’s office and laid down to take a nap. That’s when Chilly gave her owner a life-saving wake-up call.

“It’s not like her to bother you when you’re asleep. I was sleeping on the couch from all the medication I was given and she just started licking me in the face and jumping on my chest, making sure she woke me up,” Parker said.

Apparently, Chilly became alarmed when she sensed that something was wrong with Parker she did everything she could to wake her owner.

When Parker awoke, she realized that her throat was swollen and she couldn’t talk. Parker had gone into anaphylactic shock from a reaction to an allergy shot, which made her throat swell. She was almost unable to call 911.

Parker received treatment in time from Zion Crossroads  rescue squad responders, who immediately began emergency rescue when they arrived.

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