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Second graders pick kale for chips

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 5:00 am

Mrs. Dana Nemec’s 2nd grade classroom harvested kale at Moss Nuckols Elementary School and made kale chips.

One second grade class at Moss-Nuckols Elementary School was more eager than normal to get to the lunchroom on Friday.

On the menu that day: Kale chips grown and harvested in the school’s Student Gardens program. The program allows students to plant, maintain and harvest their own vegetables. The Student Gardens Program started six years ago with a few small beds at MNES. By this winter, the program will be in five of the district’s six schools.

Randy Herman, Louisa County Public Schools supervisor of school nutrition, who played an integral role in the program’s creation and development, was with students Friday when they harvested dozens of kale plants.

Kale isn’t normally known to generate enthusiasm among youngsters, but that wasn’t the case recently, with most of the students rushing to help with each and every task.

“The Student Gardens give kids the opportunity to know where their food comes from,” Herman said. “When they are invested in the process of planting and harvesting, it makes them much more enthusiastic about trying new foods!”

A large majority of the time, food raised in the Student Gardens is then used in recipes at the respective school’s cafeteria. On Friday, students helped wash, mix and cook the kale.

Submitted by Louisa County Public Schools