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Second graders sweep the Class of the Month title

Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 9:36 am

Ms. Fleming’s second grade class received the title for October.

A new incentive program at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School continues to help motivate students to behave together as a group. Plastic, colorful keys have been distributed to resource teachers, office administration staff, teachers and staff on cafeteria duty and others. These staffers reward classes for showing Patriot Pride as a group.  All classroom/homeroom teachers receive a plastic jar to store the keys they earn. The class that earns the most keys is named the class of the month, marches around the campus with the school flag, and enjoys an ice cream treat.

In October, Ms. Fleming’s second-grade class claimed the title. In November, it was Ms. Smith’s second-grade class, which continued the second-grade sweep started by Mrs. Liddle’s second-grade class when the program kicked off in September.

Information submitted by Louisa County Public Schools.