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Serving more than mochas

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 3:29 pm

Not Just Mochas store owners Linda and Mike Varmette will be hosting a grand opening for the cafe Saturday, Oct. 20.

Not Just Mochas, as it’s name implies, is more than just a new coffee shop at Lake Anna Island.

Owners Mike and Linda Varmette see their new business, which opened Sept. 1, as a relaxing, social gathering spot, which happens, but not by chance, to serve the best coffee, sandwiches and desserts in the area.

The cafe offers a convenient lake location where patrons can visit with friends, shop for gifts, work on the community puzzle, or simply enjoy some of the shop’s specialty menu items. Free wireless internet access for patrons is an added bonus.

The cafe offers locally-roasted, organic and personally-blended coffees and espressos.

Linda said the coffee beans are ground when the order is placed and they are happy to make special order drinks.

“We don’t put a lid on it until we’re sure that you’re satisfied with your order,” she added.

For the couple, which moved to Bumpass in 2006, owning a cafe was just a dream until Linda met a friend for lunch at Lake Anna Island.

Linda said that for the first time she can remember, she was actually early for a lunch appointment.

“That gave me time to look around at the community postings,” she said. “That’s when I saw the space was available.”

She called Lake Anna Island Realty and put a deposit down that afternoon.

“When I got home, I told my husband that I bought some equipment,” Linda said.

Mike didn’t think anything of it at first, because the couple had been shopping for a new refrigerator.

“Then, I told him I also bought an espresso machine and some other things that went along with it,” Linda said with a smile. “That’s how he found out.”

To celebrate their grand opening on Saturday, Oct. 20, the Varmettes are unveiling their dessert night from 6 to 8 p.m. with a menu ranging from delicious carrot cake to decadent chocolate.

Not Just Mochas also offers dessert items for those on a diabetic or vegan diet, including but not limited to, all-fruit smoothies and non-dairy sorbets.
For dairy lovers, do not miss out on the delicious homemade ice cream.

“We’re not a fast food chain. Everything is handmade,” Mike said, adding that all of the ingredients that go into the cafe’s products are carefully sourced by both owners.

For more information about Not Just Mochas, call (540) 223-7285, or visit