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Sophomore standout Jeffrey Sisk leads the way for Louisa wrestling

Posted on Friday, January 24, 2014 at 9:00 am



It all started in the family room, with the chairs and sofas serving as ringside seats and the cushions serving as the makeshift-wrestling ring. This is where Jeffrey Sisk – pretending to be his idol, the flamboyant World Wrestling Entertainment legend Ric Flair – honed his grappling skills, unleashing a barrage of drops, leglocks and chops on his father, Josh.

It was a rudimentary setup that fostered a real passion. Now a 15-year-old sophomore at Louisa County High School, Sisk fondly remembers when he traded in the makeshift mats for the real deal.

“I always liked watching WWE on TV,” Sisk said. “I was with my dad in the living room pretending to wrestle like they did, and he asked me if I wanted to try wrestling out, and I said ‘sure!’”

Call it love at first fight.

“I came out, started practicing, and I liked it,” Sisk said. “I’m pretty good at it.”

The humble assessment shows that Sisk didn’t pick up one of Flair’s traits: bragging.

Sisk has matured into one of the best fighters in the state. As a 113-pounder this season, he has a record of 38-1, with his only defeat being a 6-3 loss to Joey Prata of St. Christopher’s, who was a junior national champion last year. As a 106-pounder last year, Sisk went 45-12.

“That’s Jeffrey. I expect it out of him,” Lions head coach Dean Hall said of Sisk’s growth. “He’s right where I expected him to be.”

Hall got his first glimpse of Sisk back when Hall assisted with various youth teams in the Louisa area and Sisk was just a five-year-old tagging along to practices with his father. While the older wrestlers practiced, Sisk would shadow their every move, mimicking details such as hand positioning and footwork. When practices ended, Sisk would fire off questions about technique and strategy.

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