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Television show too graphic?

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 3:24 pm

To the Editor:

Enough is enough.

Our country’s fascination with entertainment violence is disturbing. Each new program, movie, or video game seems to try to be more horrifying and shocking than the last. I can’t believe that watching graphic depiction of torture and killing doesn’t, in the least, have an effect on a person’s tolerance for such acts, or, at the worst, provide an inducement to duplicate such acts.

Free speech is a right we all should defend, but, we also have the right to refuse to participate in, and even try to stop, actions we feel are harmful or destructive. By not speaking out against these programs, we are sanctioning them. We must speak out.

There is a new program on Fox network, “The Following.” It depicts graphic scenes of torture and killing of women by people who enjoy killing. Is this entertainment or a dose of “shocking” for people who need an adrenaline fix? Is this entertainment or insanity? When is enough, enough?

There are probably programs as horrific as this one on other networks, but this is the one I heard critiqued. We have the power to influence these programs. TV networks only air programs that people watch. The networks hear from the people who watch these programs, but I don’t think they hear from the people who refuse to watch them. If enough people call, write, or e-mail these networks or their sponsors and say they will not watch that network until a program is pulled, I believe the program will be pulled.

If we don’t stop the progression of increasingly violent entertainment, where will it lead? The Romans enjoyed watching people die. We can’t be silent.

Judy Wyatt