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The original recycling–fix versus replace

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 10:50 am

Norman Rose of Bumpass replaced the chimney of this Aladin’s Lamp, one of the many things he does to bring old items back to usefulness.

“Learning is a lifetime experience and this has been an experience,” Norman Rose said, of his antique restoration business in Bumpass.

Since he was a child, Rose has been fixing things or tearing them apart, even blowing a few fuses that scared his parents. A neighbor who lived down the street from where Rose grew up worked for Sears and would sometimes give Rose and his younger brother something to tear apart.

His business started out with friends and neighbors asking him to fix things for them and it mushroomed into the small business, Holly Grove Repair and Restoration.

Rose does restoration work for antique dealers and designers in the area, along with continuing work for individuals.

While fixing an antique floor lamp from the 1900s, Rose found that the interior socket was larger than the sockets found in lamps today.  The lamp originally used a three-way mogul bulb, which would use from 100 to 300 watts.

Rose began searching for adaptors that could screw into the mogul base to adjust the socket to accept today’s smaller light bulbs bases.

When Rose was unable to locate the adaptors, he started hand-making them in his shop and to date has sold about 100 socket adaptors on online.

“There is a need for it, but not enough for a big company to get into it,” he said.

The biggest demand for repair work is lamps and fixtures, reflecting the vintage-style lamps from Tiffany, Victorian and Hurricane.

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