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There is real hunger locally

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 1:57 pm


Most families in Louisa County make the weekly trip to the grocery store and stock up for the week ahead.  Groceries take a large bite out of any family’s weekly budget, but for some here in Louisa County, the cost is insurmountable.

Bare refrigerators, pantries and cupboards is a way of life for a small number of families in our community.  The food that they are able to buy is often not as nutritious, because they need to buy less expensive processed foods.

Instead of a pricey bag of fresh apples, many of these families find that it’s cheaper to buy two bags of potato chips if they have any money set aside for snack foods.

After paying the mortgage or rent, utilities and other necessities, there just isn’t enough left in the budget to buy an adequate amount of groceries—particularly the more expensive healthy foods like fresh fruit and produce.

The Louisa Community Cupboard currently assists 967 income-eligible families who pick up food once per month at the cupboard’s warehouse.  The nonperishable items are supplemented with fresh foods when they are made available to the organization.

During the school year, many of the children from these families benefit from federally funded free or reduced breakfast and lunch at their schools. That helps out quite a bit.

But during the summer months, or over extended holidays when school is not in session, these children have to get by with little to no food at all.

Thanks to the community cupboard and the businesses and individuals who support the non-profit organization, a backpack feeding program was implemented at Moss Nuckols and Thomas Jefferson Elementary Schools to make sure those kids have enough food.

The Louisa Resource Council hopes to eventually expand this program to other schools.

In addition, a summer feeding program has been established which helps 115 area children during the summer months, when they don’t have access to these federally funded school meals.

The dedication and caring of the staff who work there each day is amazing.  They see first-hand the disappointment and deprivation of these children.

Their mission is to make sure that no family, particularly the children, goes hungry in Louisa County—ever.  Their goal is to feed every child the nutritious meals they need to grow and learn properly.

The Louisa Community Cupboard relies on caring individuals and businesses within the community to help them meet these goals.

If everyone helps out just a little bit, the staff at the organization are confident that they can reach their goal to feed every single child that needs their help.

If you would like to help stamp out hunger in your own backyard and make a difference in these children’s lives, write a check and mail it to Louisa County Resource Council, P.O. Box 52, Louisa, VA 23093.  For more information, visit or call (540) 967-1510.