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Virginia State Police watch for drunk drivers this evening

Posted on Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 3:04 pm

This weekend fans across Virginia will gather with family and friends to cheer on their favorite team on Super Bowl Sunday.  As fans celebrate, Virginia State Police Troopers will be patrolling the roadways detecting, deterring and arresting impaired and drunk drivers.  Motorists can expectto see troopers on routine patrol or conducting a checkpoint along Virginia’s roadways.

So what is the price you pay for being arrested for driving under the influence?  Well, the costs add up the moment you are stopped.  Once you are arrested, your vehicle will be towed before you are taken to jail.  Once you arrive at jail you have to post bond after being booked.  Then there is the arraignment and then the trial and the lawyer fees.  After the judge finds you guilty and you pay the costs and fines of court, your license is restricted and there are Department of Motor Vehicle fees and the required ignition interlock you must have installed.

“It is just not worth the price to drink and drive,” said Capt Steven Chumley, Virginia State Police Richmond Division Commander.  “Taking the chance to drive under the influence could cost you more than money; it could cost you or someone else their life.”

During the entire year of 2012, troopers statewide arrested 5,295 drunk drivers. Preliminary figures for the State Police Richmond Division indicate that in 2012, 10 of the 68 fatal motor vehicle crashes were alcohol related compared to 17 of the 94 fatal crashes investigated in 2011.

Motorists are encouraged to report suspected drunk drivers by calling Virginia State Police on their cellular phones by dialing #77.  Driving under the influence is considered a class I misdemeanor and if convicted, a person is subject to up to one year in jail, a $2,500 fine and a license suspension.