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Water leak shuts down Unit 2 at nuclear station

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 5:00 am

*Story has been updated in the second paragraph to reflect that the plant was at 97 percent operating capacity as of Dec. 14.

One of two units at North Anna Power Station was shut down for repairs on Sunday after workers discovered a small leak in the reactor’s cooling system.

The leak, estimated to be about two gallons of water per hour, was located in the containment building at Unit 2. The plant was removed from service after the problem was identified. As of the morning of Dec. 14 the unit is at 97 percent operating capacity.

“We didn’t know exactly where it was coming from,” Richard Zuercher, a Dominion Energy spokesman, said. “Personnel went into the building and found that it involved an instrument used to tell the control room the water level in the reactor.”

To read the entire story, see the Dec. 14 edition of The Central Virginian.

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