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What would we do in a crisis?

Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 12:03 pm

You wonder how you’d react in the face of tragedy. We all wonder.

Would your Red Cross training kick in? (You have been Red Cross certified, right? Visit if not.) Would you run for help? Would you be that help? What if, instead of delivering CPR to someone on a sidewalk, you had a chance to help someone learn to read? A chance to feed a family for the weekend? A chance to help a family move in to their own home?

At the Chamber of Commerce event earlier this year, attendees were given information about a backpack program that the Louisa Resource Council handles. Some children in our county only receive meals through the free meals program at the public schools. Going hungry from Friday until Monday is nothing anyone wants a child to go through. So many of our Louisa County neighbors have been working, without much notice, to send these children home with backpacks filled with enough food for the weekend. And what about when the schools are closed for inclement weather? While some children cheer the lack of math tests that day, others sit home wondering where the next meal will come from, praying for school to reopen, for the only meal they’ll get.

Enter our local volunteers, our community heroes. You don’t have to pull 10 people from a burning building to be a hero in Louisa County.

Recently, the Volunteers of Louisa held its annual awards ceremony, honoring those locals who do all of the work most of us take for granted.

Youth football camp. Louisa Resource Council. Relay for Life. Crimesolvers. Louisa Reads. And more.

We all like to think that we’d race across the stands and deliver CPR to bombing victims, that we’d carry wounded children from house fires. And I imagine most of us would do so, would head into trouble without thinking.

But there’s trouble every day in Louisa County, trouble we can think about and do something about. Whether it’s hungry school children or parents wanting to learn to read or someone else’s grandparents wanting company, people in Louisa County need our help.

And we’re so thankful that there are many people in the county who help every single day.

Louisa County has many people who rush towards car accidents, race out of bed for house fires. And we are all so grateful for all they do.

But the county also has heroes who make sure that those houses are filled with enough food for a family of four, with enough books, with enough warmth. And we thank them, too.

–Steve Weddle, publisher