Details for Agenda


Scheduled Meeting

Louisa Town Council

212 Fredericksburg Avenue

Louisa, Virginia 23093

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Please note that this Meeting and Public Hearing are being held by all-electronic means with no physical quorum of council members assembled together or members of the public assembled together.  This meeting is being conducted pursuant to Va. Code 2.2-3708(A)3 as authorized when the Governor has declared a state of emergency in accordance with Va. Code § 44-146.17, and in accordance with the Town’s Ordinance to Modify Public Meeting and Public Hearing Practices and Procedures to address Continuity of Operations Associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic Disaster adopted by Council on April 21, 2020 pursuant to Va. Code § 15.2-1413.

Citizens can join the Town Council Meeting and Public Hearing from their computer, tablet or smartphone at: using access code: 562-475-485

Download the app to be ready when the meeting starts at:

6:00 pm Convene Regular Session


Pledge to the Flag

Business from the Floor

This section of the Council meeting provides citizens the opportunity to discuss matters, which are not listed on the printed agenda. Any person wishing to bring a matter to the Council’s attention under this section of the agenda should: (1) State their name and address; (2) State the matter that they wish to discuss and what action they would like the Council to take. When appropriate or if requested, we will respond to direct questions in writing. Please limit comments to 3 minutes or less.

Consent Agenda

    Meeting Agenda Approval

    Consideration of Accounts and Appropriations

    Approval of Minutes: April 20, 2021

    Sale of Cemetery Lots

Public Hearing

    1.  Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget and Water/Sewer

         Rate Ordinance  

Old Business

New Business

    1.  Special Event Permits

    2.  Budget Appropriations

    3.  Employee Paid Time Off Carryover

    4. Town Signage

Standing Committee Reports

    1.  Streets and Sidewalks Committee

Reports from Staff

    Police Chief

    Legal Counsel



Closed Session

            Consider in closed session, in accordance with the

    Virginia Code & Freedom of Information Act.


Comments by Members of Town Council