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CASE NO. PUR-2021-00016

On February 3, 2021, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (“CVEC” or “Cooperative”) filed with the State Corporation Commission (“Commission”) an application for approval and certification of electric transmission facilities in Nelson and Appomattox Counties, Virginia (“Application”).  CVEC filed the Application pursuant to § 56-46.1 of the Code of Virginia (“Code”) and the Utility Facilities Act, Code § 56-265.1 et seq.

CVEC states that its existing transmission system in the project area receives service by a 46 kilovolt (“kV”) transmission line from Appalachian Power Company (“APCo”), an affiliate of American Electric Power (“AEP”).  According to the Cooperative, as part of PJM Interconnection, LLC’s ongoing Regional Transmission Expansion Plan study process, AEP identified thermal and voltage violations of AEP transmission reliability criteria on several 46 kV sub-transmission facilities.  To address the thermal and voltage violations, AEP proposes transmission improvement projects, which include the retiring of the existing 46 kV transmission line currently serving CVEC, and construction of a new 138 kV transmission line to the Cooperative’s Gladstone substation delivery point.  APCo filed a separate application with the Commission seeking approval of these improvement projects in Case No. PUR-2021- 00001.   

Through its Application, CVEC seeks to make certain upgrades to its transmission system to take delivery from AEP’s upgraded 138 kV line.  CVEC also seeks to rebuild the Gladstone to Tower Hill transmission line, which is at the end of its service life, and upgrade it from 46 kV to 138 kV.  In addition, CVEC seeks perform minor upgrades to its Gladstone and Tower Hill substations (collectively, the “Rebuild Project”).

The Cooperative states that the proposed in-service date for the Rebuild Project is no later than December 2025, because the Rebuild Project must accept delivery from the 138 kV line when the proposed AEP transmission line upgrade is complete and energized.  The Cooperative represents that the estimated conceptual cost of the Rebuild Project (in 2021 dollars) is approximately $8,790,000, which includes approximately $5,170,000 for transmission-related work and $3,620,000 million for substation-related work.  

According to CVEC, given that the existing right-of-way (“ROW”) is adequate to construct the Rebuild Project, the Cooperative considered no alternate routes requiring new ROW for the Rebuild Project.

Description of the Project

The proposed work on the transmission line begins at Gladstone substation, near the intersection of Spring Lane (Hwy 622) and Hwy 60.  The line runs generally southeast, crossing the James River, to Tower Hill substation, near the intersection of Hwy 60 and Watt Abbitt Road (Hwy 654), approximately 6.33 miles.  

The Rebuild Project includes the replacement of existing wood single pole structures, currently ranging in height from 25’ 0” to 56’-6,” with an average height of 44’-6”. As proposed, the new steel or ductile iron single pole structures for the Rebuild Project would range from 52’-0” to 101’-6,” with an average height of 70’-11.”

All distances, heights, and directions are approximate.  A sketch map of the proposal accompanies this notice.  A more detailed map may be viewed on the Commission’s website:

The Commission may consider a route not significantly different from the routes described in this notice without additional notice to the public.

A more complete description of the Rebuild Project may be found in the Cooperative’s Application.  

The Commission has taken judicial notice of the ongoing public health emergency related to the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and the declarations of emergency issued at both the state and federal levels.  In accordance therewith, all pleadings, briefs, or other documents required to be served in this matter shall be submitted electronically to the extent authorized by 5 VAC 5-20-150, Copies and format, of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure (“Rules of Practice”).  Confidential and Extraordinarily Sensitive Information shall not be submitted electronically and should comply with 5 VAC 5-20-170, Confidential information, of the Rules of Practice.  For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, any person seeking to hand deliver and physically file or submit any pleading or other document shall contact the Clerk’s Office Document Control Center at (804) 371-9838 to arrange the delivery.  Please note that submissions to the Commission’s Clerk’s Office via U.S. Mail or commercial mail equivalents may not be processed for an indefinite period of time due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Pursuant to 5 VAC 5-20-140, Filing and service, of the Commission’s Rules of Practice, the Commission has directed that service on parties and the Commission’s Staff in this matter shall be accomplished by electronic means.  Please refer to the Commission’s Order for Notice and Hearing or subsequent Hearing Examiner’s Ruling for further instructions concerning Confidential or Extraordinarily Sensitive Information.

The Commission entered an Order for Notice and Hearing in this proceeding that, among other things, scheduled public hearings on CVEC’s Application.  On July 26, 2021, at 10 a.m., the Commission will hold a telephonic hearing, with no witness present in the Commission’s courtroom, for the sole purpose of receiving the testimony of public witnesses.  On July 22, 2021, any person desiring to offer testimony as a public witness shall provide to the Commission (a) your name, and (b) the telephone number that you wish the Commission to call during the hearing to receive your testimony.  This information may be provided to the Commission in three ways: (i) by filling out a form on the Commission’s website at; (ii) by email to; or (iii) by calling 804 371-9141.  This public witness hearing will be webcast at

On July 27, 2021, at 10 a.m., either in the Commission’s second floor courtroom located in the Tyler Building, 1300 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, or by electronic means, the Commission will convene a hearing to receive testimony and evidence related to the Application from the Cooperative, any respondents, and the Commission’s Staff.  Further details on this hearing will be provided by subsequent Commission Order or Hearing Examiner’s Ruling.

Copies of the Application and other supporting materials also may be inspected at:  An electronic copy of the Cooperative’s Application also may be obtained by submitting a written request to counsel for the Cooperative, Andrea D. Gardner, Esquire, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, 951 East Byrd Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, or  

On or before July 22, 2021, any interested person may file comments on the Application electronically by following the instructions on the Commission’s website:  All comments shall refer to Case No. PUR 2021-00016.


Any person or entity may participate as a respondent in this proceeding by filing, on or before June 1, 2021, a notice of participation.  Notices of participation shall include the email addresses of the party or its counsel.  The respondent simultaneously shall serve a copy of the notice of participation on counsel to the Cooperative.  Pursuant to 5 VAC 5-20-80 B, Participation as a respondent, of the Commission’s Rules of Practice, any notice of participation shall set forth:  (i) a precise statement of the interest of the respondent; (ii) a statement of the specific action sought to the extent then known; and (iii) the factual and legal basis for the action.  Any organization, corporation, or government body participating as a respondent must be represented by counsel as required by 5 VAC 5-20-30, Counsel, of the Rules of Practice.  All filings shall refer to Case No. PUR-2021-00016.  For additional information about participation as a respondent, any person or entity should obtain a copy of the Commission’s Order for Notice and Hearing.

Any documents filed in paper form with the Office of the Clerk of the Commission in this docket may use both sides of the paper.  In all other respects, except as modified by the Commission’s Order for Notice and Hearing, all filings shall comply fully with the requirements of 5 VAC 5-20-150, Copies and format, of the Commission’s Rules of Practice.

The Cooperative’s Application, the Commission’s Rules of Practice, the Commission’s Order for Notice and Hearing, and other documents filed in the case may be viewed on the Commission’s website at:

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