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Kevin and Danielle Jonas always make time for a "date night".

The 33-year-old pop star and Danielle, 35, have been married since 2009, but their relationship remains as romantic as ever.

Discussing his current Remember This tour with brothers Nick and Joe Jonas, Kevin shared: "She'll come out and spend one special night in one city with me on tour.

"We'll have dinner before the show, either just us or with some friends we haven't seen. It's just a way for us to connect even though I'm away, and then we're back into our regular rhythm."

The loved-up couple - who have Valentina, four, and Alena, seven - love spending quality time together away from the spotlight.

Kevin told People: "We really try to even just sit down on the couch together. Honestly, some of our favourite times are when we sit on the couch and watch a show that we haven't watched in a while together."

Similarly, Kevin and Danielle are determined to ensure that their children grow up in a normal environment.

He said: "I do the best I can to always include them in everything we do and make them understand that what we get to do is very special.

"At the same time, life at home is just as special. It's a hard balance to find, but they know that when I'm home, I'm home with them. It's about putting the phone down. It's about taking that time and taking the moments."

In the short-term, however, Kevin is focused on the Remember This tour.

He explained: "We've gone through quite the journey as the Jonas Brothers and the Jonas family, but it has been so rewarding, and I don't think I would change it for the world. I think it's really only just the beginning, and we are ready for whatever's next."

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