Equine supply shop opens doors in Louisa

Samantha Martynowski runs the show at Mad Tack Equine Supply’s new location in Louisa, which opened on Sept. 5. She and her husband Daniel founded the business in 2012, selling new and used riding equipment.

Mad Tack Equine Supply rose from humble beginnings in 2012, starting as a home-based business to help Daniel and Samantha Martynowski supplement their income. They started by buying used tack, fixing it up and selling it on Ebay. Then they took their business on the road, traveling to horse shows to sell their products.

Within a year, the business had grown to the point where the Martynowskis were opening a store in Madison, where they live. On Sept. 5, they opened a shop on Loudin Lane in Louisa. Daniel will continue to oversee things in Madison, while Samantha will run the Louisa store.

“We had talked for several years about opening a second location,” Samantha said. “We had a general idea of where we wanted it to be in order to be closer to our Richmond clientele.

“There’s been a lot of excitement around the new location,” she said. “It’s been a positive experience for us, for them, for everyone.”

Mad Tack sells both new and used riding tack, including saddles, bridles, bits and cinches. They also sell health and grooming supplies for horses and riding clothes. Gently used riding clothes are popular items among customers, especially parents with children who ride.

“Riding apparel can be expensive and kids grow quickly,” Samantha said. “Here parents can buy what they need at a lower price and they can give it back at the end of the season or when their child grows out of it.”

While the pandemic has resulted in struggles for many businesses, sales at both locations have been high throughout the year.

“People are either out of work and on unemployment and making more money than they were beforehand, or they’re working from home so they are spending a lot more time in their barn, with their horses and they’re riding more,” Samantha said.

Which isn’t to say that there haven’t been struggles for the business. They haven’t been able to get some items in their inventory imported into the country. Some of their products that are made in the United States contain ingredients that are imported, so they aren’t available either. They’ve also had issues with shipping delays. 

The Martynowskis’ main goal is to look out for their customers, providing what they need and what they can afford.

“That’s a big thing for us, making sure that we have what our customers need and treating all of our customers respectfully and fairly, no matter what their financial status is, or their riding ability or horsemanship knowledge,” Samantha said. “I feel that as long as people are willing to learn, I’m willing to share with them what I know. People can come in here and feel comfortable asking questions. We’re not going to make them feel stupid or poor because they can’t afford a $500 bridle and have to buy a $20 used one. We’re here to cater to everybody, no matter who they are and what style of riding they prefer.”

Last updated 9:47 a.m. on Oct. 2.

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