Blessed Assurance:  WWJHMD (copy)

The Rev. Albrant is pastor of Mineral and Mount Pleasant United Methodist churches.


I have been thinking deeply (pun intended) about wells this past week.  There is a well that provides water to my home and each of the houses in my neighborhood also rely on well water.  This is not a unique situation as more than a million households in Virginia rely on wells to provide water, according to the Virginia Department of Health website.  Wells are also mentioned quite frequently in the Bible as places of communal gathering, of God’s blessing and as places where critical characters meet their spouses (e.g., Jacob and Rebecca).

Wells also came up over the weekend when I attended a “Breakthrough Prayer” event in Culpeper, led by the Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey.  Rev. Sue led us in a series of stories that highlighted what she had come to know as God’s ability to breakthrough and do wonderful and marvelous works.  She told us that when we begin to pray as though God were really Almighty–and like God was already at work in whatever situation for which we were praying, then we would find that God had made a way where there seemed to be no way.

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