Blessed Assurance:  WWJHMD (copy)

The Rev. Albrant is pastor of Mineral and Mount Pleasant United Methodist churches.


Odd name for a post, but it came up in conversation with one of my congregational elders a couple weeks ago.  We were chatting about the spring and how green it was, how many colors of green there are, and about the abundance of blooms.  At that point, everything seemed to be blooming or have bloomed.  It was amazing to look around and see all the lovely blossoms on trees and bushes.  She said to me, “You know that this time of year is called the ‘blackberry winter,’don’t you?!”  I said that I’d never heard of that and asked her to tell me more.  “Well,” she said, “every year at about this time the blackberries go into bloom and it looks like every fence row has been dusted with snow.”

It is a descriptive name for sure.  Everywhere I have looked over the last two weeks has shown me cascades of blossoming blackberry vines.  The honeysuckle has gotten into the act as well in the last week or so, but what a tremendous outpouring of blossoms on the blackberries.  If even 10 percent of those blossoms turn into berries it is going to be a banner year!  This got me thinking about God’s grace and the abundance that God has placed on the earth for us.

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