Blessed Assurance:  WWJHMD

Rev. Dan Albrant is pastor for Mount Pleasant and Mineral United Methodist churches.


I get little missives in my Facebook feed – spiritual musings and pithy sayings.  They come unbidden and usually a few each day.  Often, they will bring a smile to my face or a nod to the truth to what they have to share.  Sometimes, one will stick in my brain and cause me to ponder it more – opening up something in me that I need to consider at a deeper level.  One such posting, in the last week, had this to say, “…Be a good human being.  There’s a lot of opportunity in this area, and very little competition!”  I invite you to read that last sentence a few times and then sit with it.  I wonder what your reaction will be…

As a pastor of two local congregations, I spend a lot of my time interacting with people who are beset by problems caused by other human beings.  These can be the everyday problems with communication, relationship issues, controlling behaviors, poor boundaries, etc..., or they can be the kinds of problems that beset us from a systemic or institutional perspective like social injustices, poverty, imbedded racism, marginalization and oppression, lack of mercy and kindness, greed.  Thankfully, there are not that many interactions of that latter type – though one is brewing in our community at a  local trailer park.

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