Blessed Assurance:  WWJHMD

Rev. Dan Albrant is pastor for Mount Pleasant and Mineral United Methodist churches.


We are coming to the end of a season… Fall is turning to Winter (as it should) and the growing season is past.  Leaves are just about all off the trees (except for the stubborn oaks) and have been piled up, mulched or otherwise removed.  The colors of Fall have given way to the drabness of Winter, and everything seems to be moving towards hibernation and waiting for Spring.  Skim ice has formed in the backwaters of the Lake and bird migrations have begun.  We often consider this time of year to be unimportant and uninspiring, and that is a valid viewpoint, but it is also necessary for without the pause of Winter there could be no promise of Spring.  In fact, without endings there could be no beginnings.  

The life cycles of earthly plants and animals follow a similar pattern of birth, life, aging and death.  During those cycles, one life is created through the formation of seeds and the germination of new plants and animals.  Businesses come and go and work lives do as well, as many of you know who have reached full retirement age.  You know for a fact that each time you left a job for a new one that your life didn’t end…in fact you went on to have new experiences that enriched your skills and helped you progress to other new and better opportunities.  Many of you who have retired have found yourselves now busier than you were when you were active in the workaday world!  You would not have discovered this unless your work life had ended.

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