Blessed Assurance:  WWJHMD

Rev. Dan Albrant is pastor for Mount Pleasant and Mineral United Methodist churches.


Being a responsible adult meant that I needed to learn how to manage my time in order to get everything done that was on my “to-do” list.  I wasn’t always good at it.  In fact, I found that the more deadlines I had in front of me, the better I was able to concentrate and not fritter away my time.  Once I got into pharmacy school, the need to hunker down and study and get all the assignments done for all the classes, helped me to quickly change my daily routine.  Once that routine was established and found to be working, then life just settled into its normal frenetic pace.  Once I graduated and began working as a healthcare professional, I discovered that I had to readjust based on the new expectations for each position that I occupied.

When I realized that I was being called to lead people in the church setting, first through Stephen Ministry and then as a religious professional, I needed to rearrange my time so that I could focus more on developing my spiritual self.  Like everything that is new, it took some time and a few missteps until I found that new norm.  When I added a spiritual director to my list of things to do each month, again I evaluated how I needed to adjust my life to make room for that blessing.  Afte rall, I still just had 24 hours in every day, and an unknown number of days to engage in servant-hood to God and to my neighbors.

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