Driving across town the other day, I was nearly hit by four different vehicles. One ran a stop sign, another swerved in front of me and almost hit me and I’m sure the other two were on their cell phones. After a while, I begin to think my life was at risk here.

I decided to drop into a little coffee shop and cool my heels a little bit. I ordered some coffee, took a table in the corner and just reflected on my day.

I was thinking about this when an older couple came in and sat down across the room from me.

The thing that caught my eye about these people was the fact that they were crazy in love, or at least it looked that way.

He took her hand and they just smiled at one another. If that is not crazy love, I do not know what crazy love is. And, if that is crazy love, I want to buy into it with everything I got.

The waitress came back to them and took their order for coffee. Of course, who in love does not want to drink a cup of coffee?

The gentleman told the waitress that they needed some time to think about what they wanted to eat. It soon dawned on me that they were on a date. I did not know older people went on dates. If this was not a date, I do not know what in the world a date is.

To read the entire column by Dr. James L. Snyder, see the Nov. 2 edition of The Central Virginian.

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