Wine or beer? Why not both?

Jason Grime and his wife Sheridan toast with their drinks of choice – beer and wine, respectively. Lovers of either beverage can find something to enjoy at Southern Revere Cellars, the winery and brewery they opened on East Jack Jouett Road earlier this month.


Are you a beer person or a wine person?

Whatever the answer, Southern Revere Cellars has you covered.

“We wanted to be a place that both [wine and beer] people could hang out and you could satisfy everyone in your group,” said Sheridan Grime, one of Southern Revere’s owners. 

The family-owned winery and brewery on East Jack Jouett Road, which opened its doors earlier this month, offers a selection of wines and beers, making it a central location for lovers of both. Sheridan and her husband Jason, along with Jason’s sister and brother-in-law Paula and David Spencer, run the show. 

Southern Revere gets its name from local hero Jack Jouett, who has been called the “Southern Paul Revere” for his 1781 nighttime ride from Cuckoo to Monticello to warn then-Governor Thomas Jefferson that British soldiers were coming to capture him and other members of the state government.

“There are a lot of breweries and wineries in America now, so finding a name that wasn’t taken was a bit of a challenge,” Sheridan said. “We did a lot of research trying to get inspired by something local.”

The process of starting Southern Revere began several years ago when Jason and Sheridan, who were living in Nashville but have family in Virginia, began looking for land to open the business. Once they found it, they knew the West Jack Jouett Road location was the right place for them.

“We’re pretty much exactly between Richmond and Charlottesville,” Sheridan said. “You’re less than five minutes off of I-64, but you feel like you’re miles away. You feel like you’re getting out of your daily grind and have all of this beautiful scenery around you.”

Work began on turning the property into the brewery and winery in 2018, with the planting of the 1.5-acre vineyard. The land yielded its first harvest earlier this year and Southern Revere’s first house wines should be ready for customers in May 2022. They will offer two house wines initially, a red wine made from chambourcin grapes and a white made with chardonel grapes. They are partnering with 53rd Winery in Louisa to help with production. The plan is to grow the vineyard to five to 10 acres and produce more varieties.  

Until the house wines are ready, Southern Revere offers a selection of wines chosen from different vineyards around Virginia, including a peach wine. 

“Our goal is to make wine to enjoy now, to enjoy for the everyday or dinner with pizza,” Sheridan said. “We want it to be well-made and high-quality while still be approachable – a bottle of wine you’d open while sitting in your rocking chair on your porch.”

For beer drinkers, Southern Revere offers a wide range of options from light beers to IPAs to stouts, all created in-house by Jason, who worked as a brewer in Nashville before opening Southern Revere. There are currently a dozen options on the menu, which Jason plans to rotate regularly to keep things fresh.

“You’ve got to have your light beers and you have your IPA drinkers so you’ve always got to have something hoppy on there, but I like rotating those because you can play with all sorts of different hops and bring all sorts of different flavors out in them,” he said. “It’s just me kind of having fun.”

Among the options currently available is a Rosé Saison, which Jason made by running beer over more than 100 pounds of grape skins left over from a gentle Rosé press done at 53rd Winery. The end result creates a beer that “is sure to please both beer and wine aficionados,” according to their website.

Other selections include a s’more-flavored stout, a sea salt tangerine sour beer that tastes like a mimosa and a pair of holiday-inspired offerings: a porter whose flavors are modeled after chocolate cherry cordials and a cranberry lime ale.

“We want to have enough variety that there’s something for everybody,” Sheridan said. “I want our neighbor down the street to come in on his day off and have that go-to blonde ale, and at the same time, cater to the craft beer enthusiasts.”

Southern Revere is currently open Friday to Sunday from 12 to 6 on Fridays and 11 to 6 on Saturdays and Sundays. They plan to add more weekday hours as the weather warms heading into the spring. They offer discounts for first responders, members of the military, educators and people who work in the brewery/winery industry. 

There are a variety of plans in the works to expand the business, including adding walking trails to the property and an on-site food truck.

To learn more about Southern Revere Cellars, visit their website at

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