Flowers and More opens in Mineral

Ronald and Miranda Clements are the owners of Flowers and More in Mineral. The shop, which they opened recently, sells locally grown flowers and produce and local crafts.


Ronald Clements first had the idea of opening his own flower shop years ago, and after many years of laying flooring for a living, he’s finally making that dream a reality.

“I’m at a time in my life where I can do it,” he said. “I want to do something a bit more soothing.”

Clements, along with his wife Miranda, recently opened Flowers and More in Mineral with the goal of providing not just flowers, but also fresh produce and local crafts to customers. Their goal, he says, is “to brighten Mineral up.”

“We’re going to start with this, build the business and we’re going to work with the community,” he said.

The couple began selling produce from local farmers a few months ago, but it’s in the last few weeks that they have been operating in earnest with the business. They’re still opening the shop and putting up shelves, but they are open for business. 

The work of caring for the flowers they have on-site, making arrangements and selling them to customers is something that Ronald finds relaxing. Just last week, he sold an arrangement to a customer for his wife’s birthday.

“I was able to sit back there and do an arrangement for someone that I knew was going to make the other person happy,” he said. “I didn’t know the person personally, but I knew who it was going to and I knew why it was going there, and that the husband was buying it for somebody he really loved, and that was soothing to me.”

The Clements sell locally grown flowers from American Color Inc. in Gordonsville and produce from local farmers at their store. They hope in the future to build a greenhouse on the lot next to the shop to grow some of their own flowers, and gardens for some of their own produce, including tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.

Part of the drive behind their ambitions for the business is that the Clements hope to leave the business to their now five-year-old son William one day, to “give him a good start in life.” 

For now, though, the business is just laying down roots in the community, and the Clements are confident that it will be able to grow.

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