Supervisor Duane Adams (Mineral District) was elected vice-chairman of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors on Jan. 4, replacing Eric Purcell (Louisa).

Bob Babyok (Green Springs) retained his role as chairman by a 4-3 vote with support from Adams, Toni Williams (Jackson) and Willie Gentry (Cuckoo).

The vote for Adams was 4-2-1, with Fitzgerald Barnes (Patrick Henry) and Gentry abstaining and Purcell voting against.

Prior to the vote for Babyok, Barnes had nominated Purcell for chairman, and Tommy Barlow (Mountain Road) nominated Adams to lead the board. Gentry nominated Purcell for vice-chairman.

Babyok said he looks forward to working more closely with Adams, who identifies as a Republican and a fiscal conservative. Babyok's voting record and public statements have been more toward the center of the political spectrum.

"Adams is a doer, a worker, and I respect his opinions," Babyok said. "We have our differences, but we don't think differently all the time. Having diverse opinions helps with checks and balances."

The chairman said that in his first year in that role, he tried to serve as a moderator between the liberal-leaning and conservative factions on the board.

"I take representing all of the county, not just my district, very seriously," he said. "Part of that role is to try to achieve consensus."

Babyok wants the board to work more in 2021 on what he called "quality of life" issues such as housing and to return to discussion on a possible enclosure for the pool at the Betty J. Queen Intergenerational Center. Barnes said recently he is working on an affordable housing concept, which he intends to present to his colleagues. Gentry said last month he wants the pool enclosure back in the capital improvement budget.

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