Board may raise court security fee

The Louisa County Board of Supervisors will consider doubling the fee collected from people who are found guilty in criminal and traffic cases to pay for security at the general district and circuit courthouses.

The Virginia General Assembly passed a law last winter allowing localities to raise the fee from $10 to $20. The supervisors will hold a public hearing on the proposed increase during their Aug. 3 meeting.

The county collected $45,966 in court security fees in fiscal year 2019, according to Wanda Colvin, finance director.

Louisa County also collects revenue from two other fees, including $25 from each person who goes to Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange to serve a sentence after conviction, and $2 for court maintenance.

The county collected $11,797 in fiscal year 2019 from the courthouse maintenance fee and $3,789 from the jail fee, Colvin said.

The court security fee is separate from the clerk’s fee of $51 paid by defendants who are found guilty of traffic offenses and $61 in cases of non-drug-related misdemeanors. Other fees may apply, depending on the offense.


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